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  1. Hey all. Just looking around to see if any skilling clans interest me, and vice versa. I've looked around a bit, and the few I've looked at didn't interest me much. My stats are: Combat: 74 Mining: 66 Woodcutting: 64 Smithing: 60 Thieving: 54 Fishing:58 Cooking: 56 Crafting: 50 Those are the only skills I use often, though by joining this clan, I look forward to leveling up some of my lower leveled skills. The only things I'm looking for is a clan that is active, not only in events, but also in that members are online and are friendly enough to get together outside of events and skill with other clan members. Also, I'd prefer if there wasn't a requirement that I attend x number of events a month, as I'm in school and I work two jobs, so my schedule can be rather odd sometimes, so this means I probably won't be at many events. I will attend them whenever possible though, so don't think I'll only be a member by name! Something else I'd like to see is a clan whose members are willing to help each other out material wise, such as miners sell their ores cheap to smithers, or woodcutters sell wood cheap to fletchers, etc. Thanks all. :) Jace RS name- Dr.Eggman789
  2. Where do I get bags to hold more items in?
  3. on the Wanted! quest, I talked to the BK lord but I can't find the Zammy monk.. he's not at the temple... Any help is appreciated.
  4. Banned for not having numbers in your name. GoingUnder: Bring it. I'll p00n you with the billion steel bars I've been making.
  5. You get one in the mail and play around with it, but it turns out it was sent from Al Quada and it blows up.
  6. Banned cause you're both wrong, it's my board!!!! MUAHAHAHAHA!!!!
  7. lol had? well I have had bfs and gfs lol. If you mean has, yes, gf. TPUM is a Monty Python fan (I am!)
  8. Erm... *cough cough* TPUM has a secret that not many know.
  9. False. TPUM has been to realultimatepower.net
  10. brown recluse bite day10 (word for word... no corrections... it's gross.)
  11. Oh so hot i'm sweating... *cough cough* Yawns.
  12. Because I, the real ruler of the universe, want it to. Why am I going to Virginia tomorrow?
  13. Banned cause pyromanic means you're obsessed with fire, not you burn thing for money. That's an arsonist for hire lol.
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