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  1. lol weird place to get it. I got drill demon whilst passing through rails in desert tresure at the troll bit. :lol:
  2. the events called drill demon.
  3. 1. More Bank Space 2. Slayer 3. Dragon 4. Sharks 5. Seers
  4. Diagos X (or something like that) Level 3 with red PHat and Mask. 99 in most skills. Lowest level player with highest total level.
  5. Ethier Legends Quest or 76 fishing... Great great moments... :mrgreen:
  6. You shouldn't quit for nearly being hacked, but if its your choice go ahead.
  7. Yankyank1 was 99 smithing for the longest :mrgreen:
  8. 1st: England 2nd: Brazil 3rd: Germany (there hosting it so there bound to get far) 4th: Argy Bargys (they won 6-0 against serbia n montenegro so...) EDIT: What does FTW mean? I been seeing it around alot?
  9. This isn't locked yet. Please lock this, people are Spaming #-o
  10. I got bottoms whilst doing desert treasure. I passde thru some rails at the Icy bit where trolls are. :lol:
  11. 1 (mime got this week!)- Boots n Top- Fishing 7 Froggys- Prince Robes n Mask +7 Tokens- Most Fishing 1 Drill Demon- Bottoms- Going thru the rail in desert tresure at the trolls lol. 3 Freaky Foresters (1st 1 was as soon as it came out, i didn't know what to do. Picked wrong phesant...)- Hat n Top- You guessed it... Fishing 2 Grave Diggers (all in 1 morning at fires)- Boots n legs 1st time. Gloves n Body 2nd.- All ready said, buring bones at fire giants.
  12. I'm sure you'll get 1. I thought I would never get 1. I was particully anoyed when my friend who just started got 1 at level 21!
  13. good attempt. Tho I have never been Mime, Maze, Freaky Forester or grave digger with other it seens other people have.
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