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  1. I hope i make it. Though i doubt it as I'm kind of a lurker. But i do read most posts. \
  2. I really like the music. And recently the music has been masterfully done in my opinion. The problem with mp3s are that they can be a few megabytes. With almost 600 songs that is way too much to download. And the creation for new quests/areas coul;d be pushed back months. midi files can be created without an orchestra. A midi file is like a formula to re create a song where as an mp3 is an actual recording.
  3. So i just had a realization. It came from the jagex tipit interveiw. Question 15 How do Quest NPC's die such as Duradell, but we always respawn? An interesting question. From a story point of view, it may be that the Gods smile upon the player. From making cakes in Cooks Assistant to defeating Tormented Demons in While Guthix Sleeps, our protagonist plays a big part in the affairs of Runescape. Perhaps some deity is protecting our player for some greater purpose as yet unknown. As for a gameplay point of view: Perma-death is not to be taken lightly. The time put into raising skill levels and acquiring items is so enormous that wiping the slate clean, youll be glad to hear, is just not an option. -- Mod Trick The other person we know that this has happened to was Zannik, who was being used by Bandos and he would revive her upon death and whatnot. Maybe the person who wants us alive is Zaros. We have helped his followers out quite a bit. I would say it was Guthix but he is asleep right now... So, just some ideas.
  4. useless you say? lets just say you are in some new quest dungeon with no access to the surface. and you have run out of energy potions, the quickening spring has already worn off and the dungeon doesn't allow familiars or you have an npc following you? What then? What if Just because you have another way to do something doesn't make it useless. So by your logic the quick run and quick prayer buttons are not needed because you still have a prayer or options tab?
  5. The logs are nothing special now, but i imagine that they will be in the future. Unless they just wanted to add some varity other than just "Oh lets put a dead tree here. And another over there".
  6. lol rpg? You just won, imo. If you want a mindless game where you can just killthing, go play WoW or halo or something. I personally really really enjoyed this quest and can't wait for part 2, and 3 and 4 and 5.... It also had a decent puzzle. Also, the dead tree covered in snow. Do they apear anywhere else than just at the entrance to the new jelly cave?
  7. Delurking: In the chaos elemental letter thing it mentions a syzygy. A syzygy is the alignment of 3 orbiting bodies, thus emphasizing the alignment.
  8. Yes i know, but you can burn them in the realm.
  9. Um yeah...the new logs are burnable. The require lvl 75 FM to do it, they just aren't in the guide. See for yourself, just drop some cursed logs on the ground, they have a light option. Just so you know.
  10. Maybe the halo could be like a reverse-skull, meaning that if you died you would protect 1 more item, to a total of 5 items. and i would always repair someones grave.
  11. Although this update doesn't really mean anything for me(I became a member like a year ago) I am still happy for the update. F2p really needed that little boost. I remember how hard it was to throw out stuff I didn't have room for(I was f2p for like 2 years.). so.... Good job guys! Persistence pays off(at least i like to think it did in this situation). ~Genoraven
  12. I really think that it will come out this week. For one thing, they said it would be released in early January. So in all probability you guys/gals are right about them beefing up the login servers. (While on the subject of beef, my friend once got an error in Firefox at address 0Xdeadbeef).... anyways.... ~genoraven
  13. sweet. just signed up and what not. I'll try it out. Hope my family dosn't think I'm crazy =P.
  14. Great article. Very well done. I think this argument could also be applied to the new "Fair trade" restrictions .
  15. I saw this one person the other day who had a great name. it was S E E nile also one of my accounts name is "meh im only" I love it because when a person puts their cursor over my character it will say "meh im only (level 3)" another account i have is "bloodlustbro" thats all i have for right now....wait i also saw this dude whos name was "hyt"...kind of ironic because he did not use tip it....i'm done now
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