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  1. 21521 Well, nuts! I guess you'll have to find the personification of time itself, and ring its' scrawny neck. :p I just took a second look at that... It took me a moment, but I finally realized what @Arceus was saying. It was actually a "This number's mine... Hands off!", and it's perfectly executed too. :) BTW, I hope you enjoyed Pirate Day. I totally forgot it existed, thanks to the 15th "9/11" Anniversary that happened just 8 days before. Guess I'll have to make sure the Pirates don't turn into Zombies that come hunting for me on Halloween now. :? ~D. V. "Now... where did I put that electrified, anti-apocalypse fence..." Devnull
  2. Uhm... what? <*isn't getting it*> :blink: 21528 ~D. V. "thoroughly confused" Devnull (p.s.: Is that even directed at me?)
  3. 21537 Damn... pain got to me... I'm back in BattleMechs @ MWO, because it's my only fallback option. I'm alive, but I hate me. -.- ~D. V. "Driven to insanity again..." Devnull
  4. 21539 Well, things got less crazy a few hours ago, and I finally ran into my limits on staying awake with a scattered mind. Fell asleep for a few hours, but my body rolled me over the wrong way, so I ended up with waking up in pain. Looks like my mind won't be running around wastefully while I've got that to deal with. Owwwwww... :( ~D. V. "One problem solved in a wrong way, but now I've got a different one to deal with... Yeowch!" Devnull
  5. 21541 Still hectic here... still feeling unstable as well... :? ~D. V. "Currently 'hands full' at the moment..." Devnull
  6. 21543 You can trust me when I tell you it is not. I can't sleep when I need to, my mind is rambling off the hook with worthless & useless junk, and I'm having to distract myself with random video watching & music listening... all just to keep myself from going off the deep end. Worse, in about an hour and a half, I'll have my hands so full it won't be funny. I guess I'll just have to look forward to potentially being so tired in about 16.5 hours that my body will finally give in to the idea of actually sleeping. Until then, I hope I don't totally self-destruct. It almost feels like my brain is pulling a "Halo 4" Cortana, and trying to think itself to death. Makes me want to smack my head off a wall, but I know that probably won't do any good. *facewall* :wall: ~D. V. "Yeah, I'm currently in 'Panic Mode', with my mind unusually hard to keep in check..." Devnull
  7. 21545 About 3:50 AM (Pacific Daylight Time ) here, and I'm half out of my mind... I wish I knew what to do about it... Feels like someone turned my brain into a car engine, fused the ignition in the "on & running" position, fused the gear setting in "Reverse", pushed the accelerator to the floor and fused it there, and fused the battery terminals... Then they hiked the whole thing up on a lift to make sure it could go nowhere useful. :sad: ~D. V. "Unable to figure out why it took about 5 minutes to type this out as well... I usually type faster, right?" Devnull
  8. 21547 I'm sooooooooo confused. :unsure: ~D. V. "And probably too verbose..." Devnull
  9. 21550 Seems like this thread was more lively without me around... Whatcha all trying to do, cause me to disappear again? :( ~D. V. "Maybe I'm getting the wrong impressions?" Devnull (p.s.: Or am I just too active?)
  10. 21556 What do you do when you realize that you could be wiped from existence, but it could just keep moving unhindered without you? :unsure: ~D. V. "Getting a tad existential..." Devnull
  11. 21560 Guess I'm starting the new page? :blink: ~D. V. "Who'd have thought?" Devnull
  12. 21562 BTW, nice catch on that bumped forum thread, over in T&C. I totally missed the dates. :oops: ~D. V. "I gotta do better at checking that..." Devnull
  13. 21564 Whoa, dude. Keep the occasional suggestions coming. Keep chatting. I'm sure you'll eventually find something that connects with me. That one up there just didn't happen to connect, this time. :D ~D. V. "Something's gotta catch my eye..." Devnull
  14. 21566 <*checks Google & Wikipedia regarding 'explosm.net', gets very disturbed by the word "cyanide"...*> Eh... I might have to give that a pass, sorry... Things like "Gunnerkrigg Court", "Misfile", and "Order of the Stick" are my usual fare. I'm usually never one for sadistically dark comics, and the kind of mood I'm in today doesn't blend well with such. :( ~D. V. "finding that a little scary..." Devnull
  15. 21568 Anybody hear a good joke, or read a funny comic page lately? I need something new to think about. :o ~D. V. "My brain's running all over the place, without anything to think about." Devnull
  16. @kobbo, could you please post what it took to fix your problem, and exactly what it was that happened to be causing it? This information would be useful for anyone in the future who came across your issues. You might be able to save them a lot of trouble! :huh: ~Mr. D. V. "Seriously, not sharing what it took to fix the problem is just as bad as getting infected!" Devnull
  17. 21571 Hopefully you saw the half of my post that got added in the last 7 minutes? You happened to be right about needing to re-direct the counter. :huh: ~D. V. "You almost caused me to miss it, though..." Devnull
  18. 21573 I almost got distracted out of handling you... :huh: <*throws a Wooden Scarecrow at Gandalf, smacking them hard in the face and back onto their rear*> Going up? We'll have to knock that down! :P Don't make me have to backtrack a few pages. I remember promising that I wouldn't let anything cause me to become so distant from these forums ever again. At least I managed to keep to that, give or take about 2 weeks on my intent. Heck, I backtracked this thread anyway... 'Post #8171 @ Page 409' contains the proof, as well as multiple posts after contain the events that happened since. This time around, however, even a family member bothering me won't cause me to touch that bloody MWO. If you had seen the chaos that ensued, you would understand why I became so sickly angry this time, such that I can't even get myself near there anymore this time around. <_< ~Mr. D. V. "Dudes... you can't twist my words against me... I can ALWAYS find them on a forum!" Devnull [Edit by author for missed thoughts.]
  19. Banned because I wish you the best of luck, wherever you may go. Sorry to see, however, that you won't be stopping by with irregular posts anymore. :( ~Mr. D. V. "Understanding that people must move on eventually..." Devnull
  20. We wish... :roll: But while we're on that note... how about @Andrew instead??? :) ~D. V. "if it ain't one brother..." Devnull
  21. 21578 [spoiler=rant of a person who feels shredded... click to view, if you dare...]Thanks to some recent stupidity by 'Piranha Games, Inc.', namely their "2016 August, 'MechWarrior Things' Event", I have finally been broken of any feeling like I could go near that awful "MechWarrior Online" game. I can't even touch the MWO icons on my desktop (or even go near the MWO website now) without feeling some semblance of pain, a pain I just landed up feeling again one last time in order to retrieve that link for reference. It hurts even trying to think about it long enough to vent my upset and frustration, which I know to be an unusually new issue for me. However, if I try to bottle and ignore the upset that MWO brought to me, it could turn into something far worse down deep inside. I just hope I never lose too much of my remaining sanity, because I don't want go near MWO again now. :( ~D. V. "currently feeling as if I had been shredded to bits" Devnull
  22. Granted... none of us met each other... I end up losing my mind years ago from living under a proverbial mental rock for too long... Maybe I even succeeded in committing suicide? :( I'll wi...sh fo...r... <*finds their transmission cut short, because the internet disappears suddenly*> :blink: ~D. V. "No way to find out what that wish was now?" Devnull
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