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  1. I'm not doing 0+1 on ssds, but I do nightly backups to the hdds and online, so I've got double and off site backup for everything important. Plus, OCZ ssds have thusfar proven themselves very, very reliable - I've hung around their forum for months, and NEVER heard of one flat-out dying. I read reviews on the flex, and they live up to their claims. The moniter worried me too, but every review I could find gave glowing reccommendations.
  2. http://www.amazon.com/Cooler-Master-120 ... 347&sr=8-1 4 pack for 18$, 9 5 star reviews. I love Amazon reviews. But honestly, 19 DB\45 CFM name brand fans seem like what I want. That radiator is almost overkill for a 2 component system, although I'll probably end up buying a north\south bridge cooler until I get SLI. Even then, quiet works. Not when properly ventilated. And running cabling, fitting the PSU, and fitting 2 of the largest graphics cards on the market inside anything but a horribly ugly\huge case is impossible. Besides, the bare motherboard looks cooler with liquid cooling :lol: I usually reinstall windows every month on my main PC, some small issues always pop up or it just slows down overall. I've gotten fast at it, I just use a windows AIK disk and I spend ~10 minutes at the most. I have 11.5 tb of music, videos, and photos on my file server. I've peaked at over 14 tb when doing serious video editing. I want to store my video editing locally. Video files for my last RS pking vid were just under 1.8 gb. And Usenet + 50gb blueray files + fast fiber connection with NO bandwidth limit (I set a new personal record of 7.2 tb downloaded last month - certainly not all of them movies, but I have 2 2 TB drives designated specifically for holding my rainbow tables) = epic storage usage. And I'm not a packrat - I clean out everything I can. I tend to fall into the latter camp. Let me put it this way . I get a new personal PC every 1 year. My business, of which the majority hinges on my personal PC, brings in 50-80k+ a year depending on how well I do. No, it's not huge, but when compaing the cost of the machine to it it's plenty. Spending 2.5k on a good system that will give me reliable, trouble free operation isn't a big deal. Plus, I'm a gadget freak. I'm in 7th heaven when designing, building, troubleshooting, overclocking and tweaking systems like this. It's what I do :P
  3. Enterprise server penetration testing. All white hat stuff. But the GTX 295 absolutely rips through hashes with Elcomsoft's distributed agent. I can easily break the 1 billion\sec mark on NTLM hashes, and I'm sure a SLI\dual computer setup can double that. Update on the build: I found out I can get a high quality water cooling system for fairly cheap, something that'll be literally noiseless (19 db fans, 31db pump). I might wait and get the Radeon HD 5870 x2. If I can get a quality liquid block in it for 150-200 extra it would only up my total cost by 100-150$ and it appears to be significantly faster then the GTX 295, and who knows what it'll look like in SLI. Bleeding edge FTW (can you see why I wanted to oversize my PSU? Once I get started down the slippery upgrade slope I always end up at the high-end bleeding-edge jump at the bottom :-# ). So anyway, I edited my 1st post with my current build + cooling system. Comment\question\advise\voice concerns \
  4. Couldn't find my original one, it's hard to pin down reviews with that many coolers. But it illustrates my point. And that's not OCed - I plan to push temps considerably higher then that. Better fans and cooling paste might increase the difference further. Radeons have no problem running hot, but I do. I'll be doing hash cracking on the GPU, and a 100w difference 24\7 adds up to a fairly large electric bill over the course of the years, and more heat = more AC required. Assume 200w total extra, and I could be paying 100$\yr extra for those radeons, doubling the cost over the expected lifespan. That's also the reason I'm not using a Peltier cooler. Believe me, it was a hard call :( As for the Corsair, virtually all reviews I've found put it at the absolute best for voltage fluctuation under heavy load - with microstsutter complaints about GTX 295 SLI and crappy PSUs, I don't want to see my voltages fluctuate. Take a look at this graph: It's the best I'm going to get for the price. Plus, the coloring goes nice with my room layout. I like blue. I quote the review: It made me laugh :lol: How old are you? I hate being a minority demographic :-# Luckily I picked the right field, computer consulting has been doing well lately.
  5. Not a huge Radeon fan, they run too hot and power hungry, so I'm not bothering waiting for their launch later this month The NVIDIA set of cards won't come out for several months or more, and I need this build fairly soon. Besides, once they come out the GTX295 will drop like a rock, and I can pick up SLI for cheap. It's really a beast of a graphics card. As for the CPU cooler, the Megalahins has 4-5c colder temps for the same fans\thermal compound as the Noctua, and another 1-2 more over the Thermaltake. Besides, the thermaltake has slight curvature that doesn't match the 920 well, meaning I'd have to spend $19 extra for a custom lapping job. The Megahalins is currently supposed to be the absolute coolest running air cooler on the market. As I mentioned before, CPU temps are important to me, I'd like to make it last as long as I can. When I get tired of it in a year or so, I can throw it in the server rack and have another system in my rendering farm
  6. The bug was corrected in the 7200.12 (which I'm getting). They can easily hit 115 MB\s throguhput non-raid, which is very impressive for a 76$ 1TB drive. The WD Green drives are considerably slower as well as more expensive, and the Black editions are almost identical but 30$ more expensive. Since it's just data storage, I don't really see a reason to spend the extra money for no real benefit. I'd rather spend that 60 on another SSD. I'm a big fan of the Vertexes
  7. Update: OK, so after having spent several weeks researching and posting on this and other forums, I think I've decided on a final build (coincidentally, it's now more then 1,000$ above what I was originally planning to spend. Ahh, the downsides of posting on computer forums :XD: I decided against getting a HD5890; it'll still be considerably slower then a GTX 295 WC Overclocked and won't have the water cooler for months. Plus, there are far more applications that take advantage of nVidia GPU processing vs. ATI\AMD, and since I'll be doing a lot of hash cracking\video rendering I'll want the 100x speedup of the GTX 295 vs. quad-core i7. So, without further ado, here's the setup: And details on the cooling build: Again, advice\comments\better bargains\deal breaking things I overlooked etc. etc. is appreciated. I've researched everything VERY extensively, so if anyone has questions about why I picked something feel free to ask :)
  8. Goodbye, mysterious person...
  9. Your making it sound as if avoiding PJs is difficult. Any player with reasonably fast reflexes can learn to avoid them. Skilled PKers will virtually never die to PJs, indicating that it is almost entirely skill based - one of the few elements of the game left that way.
  10. Yes, it is but they seem to be intent on leaving it as a balancer. That being said, the argument can be made (as before) that it's changing the game from skill to automated.
  11. Don't count on it :lol: I started early, tried to control my eating in my 20s so I wouldn't have to change much if I did start gaining weight. And yes, it has happened despite that. The same thing happened to my father, so I guess I should have expected it :cry: Then again, with a BMI that hovers around 22, I'm certainly not overweight yet. But the spare tire cometh, and stress from the hard economic times isn't making me put in more hours at the gym :oops: How does clean & jerk compare to deadlift? Here in the US we don't do much cleaning or jerking. I'm working at triple plates for deadlift, but it's becoming a struggle to even maintain my current weight. Middle age is a killer...
  12. Both of those are fairly easy. More skill generally isn't a bad thing. Be. Aware. Of. Your. Surroundings. So would you rather Jagex had a "enter PVP combat" option that ate, switched prayers, specced when your opponent dropped below 50 HP, and teled when you were out? I'm arguing against what I believe in to judge and hone my debating skills. http://xkcd.com/106/
  13. Look, do we need to go through this again? I'm not counting "fun" in this equation, it's a mathmatical calculation to determine which gives a specific result in the shortest amount of time. I can say with unquestionable certainty that the most efficient method to train firemaking takes X amount of time vs. Y amount of time for herblore when the GP and other skill XP effects are standardized. But that is luck based, and as mentioned earlier, very few people can go to bandos GWD any time they want - near peak times, there are far more teams and profit rates drop; plus, few people have the luxery of being able to go to GWD and spend 4-5 hours without a break. 825k is possible, but not for the average player. Because your only training a portion of combat. As mentioned earlier, ALL combat skills must be taken into account. I'm referring to every rate argument we had leading up to where you left for a month and returned with your new rates. I have given my rates and the formulas proving slayer inefficient. Quite simple; it's the 16-32-64 max hit of 0-65-175 strength bonus proving the 50\50 split. This isn't rocket science. Continuing the analogy, we see the 3 elements before it with atomic weights of 275.4, 276.4 and 277.4, with the 3 above it at 279.4, 280.4, and 281.4. Yeah, it could be totally different, but it's likely 278.4 and at most varying between 276.5-277.3. Referring to the slayer->summoning XP rate listed in each task's details. I have proven them mathematically; opinionated arguments like you "know" it isn't going to help anything unless you post numerical proof. Other then that they differ from mine in some cases, and in others are using different rates (and are therefore irrelevant). I also thought you might find this quote from him interesting: You will notice that I gave my XP rate for Spectres. It could be assumed that from such it would be possible to calculate average task time. It may have come across to you differently, but that's how I interpreted it. What "evidence" can be given besides rates, which I have already given? So far, you still have not provided any mathematical evidence of a cannon being superior. It most certainly is; the pages of me and you listing calculations and arguing about methods are enormous. There really isn't much else in those pages. I've had 1 hour long sessions that vary 10%. I've gotten 25% variance in a 10 minute test at armored zombies. Taking a 6 minute example and trying to extrapolate it is laughably inaccurate; for all I know, you hand picked the best session. Heck, I could make armored zombies out to be 130 or 140k XP\h if I recorded a few minutes of my best rate. No, it does not. Those were not specifically my rates - they were my rates, taking into account Qeltar, Zarfot (and occasionally) your rates to see where mine differed greatly, possibly due to inefficiency of mine. Isn't it quite simple? Those are ALL the tasks I do. I did not include a cannon in results; calculations proved a cannon inefficient or having a statistically insignificant effect. As I mentioned earlier, profit rates and summoning XP can be found in my thread. I've spoon fed you enough; go back and look if you want the details. Slayer XP, for the most part, is melee XP / 4.
  14. Ok :P I'm just saying that it's not a viable method for the average player. That's around 150k of it :lol:
  15. No, because if they were no one would be getting 825k per hour. You do realize that there's no way addy bars can go under 1900 or so gp each? Only 20% less then they are now, and of course there's the rune daggers and other stuff that aviansies drop. But the location itself can't support many 825kers. 825k counts leeching off newbs and attacking twi specific avansies - a few more high levels doing what I'm doing would drop profit drastically.
  16. It's part of being a skilled PKer. I'd rather some elements of the game were left to skill rather then eliminated by design, thank you very much.
  17. [ Dark bow has a huge hit delay. You can tele long before the arrows even leave his bow. G maul has no long range attack; don't PK when there's someone standing next to you with a maul #-o
  18. If your a pure\low level, you don't have nearly as much to be worried about PJing. Keep an eye on your surroundings and be quick with the tele and you'll never have a problem.
  19. Because all experience value is NOT the same. Do you view herblore cape just as hard to obtain as, say, cooking cape? No, the herblore cape takes longer to obtain and earn the money for, and therefore the value of the XP is greater. Nowdays the average is roughly half that, but it's luck based and more competitive. Few people have time to drop everything in RL and go bandos for 4-5 hours. No, because if they were no one would be getting 825k per hour. No, you are training a portion of combat. There's a very large difference. No, I would not have. You stated your rates as if they were what you obtained, not what you "assumed" you could obtain. And I am just as adamant that you are wrong and are unwilling to admit it despite considerable evidence to the contrary. That's frequently known as a "debate". Further points to this nature will be ignored, as it's nothing but spam and is contributing zero to deciding with is superior. As stated before, my evidence is in the form of backing up the 50\50 split; if there were stronger evidence to the contrary it could be overturned, but as there is not it remains the most accurate conclusion at the moment. I have already gone over this several times. My main concerns lie in the large margin of error he gives himself - a variability of 30% makes calculations of this nature impossible. Additionally, as he is not separating his profit rates, it's impossible for us to adjust for the falling prices (Dark bow is a good example; what would be earned now is a fraction of what would be earned a few months ago), and in many cases his methods differ substantially from the ones we are debating. Someone your level could also have higher slaye rlevel then low. Averages must be worked for everyone, not a specific person. I posted discussing flame wars vs. actual debates. Pick which one you want to talk about. I posted my rates long before he posted that, as well as saying that I had read Zarfot's guide many times - further proof he never bothered to read my replies. Additionally, it's quite obvious I wasn't quoting him word for word; I was using exaggeration of his posting mannerisms to illustrate my point. Then read the earlier replies more carefully; I conclusively proved cannon to be inefficient at 400k\h, and no further evidence to the contrary has been presented. May I ask what purpose would be served by coping the first 40 pages of this thread into several posts again? Ah yes, that 6 minutes video of your rates. How could I ever dispute it :roll: Covered in the PM. Those rates were not my numbers alone; I took into account Qeltar and Zarfot's rates (and in two cases, yours) on tasks that they used similar methods to try and obtain the most acurate picture of what can be expected from those tasks.
  20. Close your eyes, or don't right click on them...
  21. Way, way too many of us in the USA pay by credit card with no other good option. Cheap for Jagex, too - credit card fees are low. Don't PK in crowded areas, or simply be aware of your surroundings and fast on the teletab. As a skilled PJer\Rusher, I can tell you that an experienced PKer has little to fear from us. We're pretty easy to escape.
  22. But since we are referring to almost-solely Slayer training via summoning, we can accurately establish what level and pouches will be used. You agree not to post them or discuss methods without referring to my prior calculations?
  23. PM sent to dfchester and ydrasil with task rates. If anyone else would like a copy, get in touch with me. Understand that methods will NOT be discussed. I've done enough spoon feeding as it is; if you wish to obtain further details, read my thread.
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