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  1. And keeping more players FTP, negating the advantages and resources used for the update; hence why it should be, at most, very minorly updated. I'm afraid you misinterpreted my post and drew the erroneous conclusion that I agreed with you; it would be advisable to go back and read my replies again, or ask me to clarify on areas you are uncertain. It's a nice fictional animation, thankfully we have some intelligent programmers at Jagex that will ensure the current triangle would never become that unbalanced :P
  2. Yeah...totally makes sense why there's an entire sticky on it above me that I didn't see before :roll: Good, you saw it. Post it there and request a lock. I'll get right on it, sir! :thumbsup: \ wow..lol What? #-o
  3. Why are you continuing to flame me instead of attempting to respond and understand my post? I'm well aware that individual players may vary, but the ONLY universal factor is time. Yes, some players will have more money then they will ever need from rares and cost\profit doesn't matter, but it's the only logical way to standardize it. See my previous posts, where I prove cannon inefficient. If you don't understand my posts, I suggest you ask for clarification instead of flaming. Gee, that's nice. Your training some of the combat skills. Now explain how you plan to train melee and magic at ape atoll? Please review the difference between "opinion" and "fact" before posting. You may think slayer is better, or even 'believe' it like other posters do, but unless you start posting some facts your opinion is irrelevant. And by facts I mean XP rates and calculations, not "well obviously cannon is faster". Again, you seem to have forgotten how we discussed cannon efficiency and other variables. Reading back through the thread might be a good idea. No, it means you have no proof to back up what your posting, and no differing rates from my numbers to compare. So you ignore the main section of my post and bring up something I already know? I'm well aware of summoning XP, and I'm awaiting your rates and calculations for slayer. Oh, that was sarcasm? Golly gee, however could I have overlooked such a thing! Thanks for letting me know, I certainly wasn't aware of that! I mean, there's no possible way my post could be interpreted as sarcasm also, right? [hide=]Yeah, that was sarcasm. At 23% att\str boost, piety has a maximum effect of 12% in constant combat. Math doesn't lie; your rates, however, might. Thankfully, I've already discussed piety back in this thread.
  4. Yeah...totally makes sense why there's an entire sticky on it above me that I didn't see before :roll: Good, you saw it. Post it there and request a lock.
  5. Until then, this is spam. When all those in recent memory have been proven guilty, statistically speaking he's lying or simply not understanding. All they see is the evidence in the chatbox. I don't ever recall an unfair mute being posted despite dozens, if not hundreds labeled "unfair" have been posted. Given that CR's over half the company, it's pretty dang impressive.
  6. Read my replies. How the hell am I supposed to find them? -.- Click on the various page numbers near the top and bottom of the page to move around in the thread :P
  7. Yup. Then again, given the number of people posting here who don't even understand why they were banned (see the thread a couple of days ago), it's pretty likely he misinterpreted the evidence.
  8. Interesting, it appears we really do have a weapon that cannot be used on jad. Nice videos, by the way :P I kept putting off the easter event until it was over, so I don't have a carrot or the emote :wall:
  9. What? 4/150 attack bonus = 2.6% / 2 = 1.3% + prayers\super sets = ~1% Defender would have 5 times the advantage for ~2 extra seconds of clicking and 10% extra profit. Don't act like a moron. See above. Just because I haven't posted the details behind it doesn't mean it's not true, I was assuming all posters would be capable of basic addition and division. Apparently I was wrong -.-
  10. PVP trick. 3a or sigil will take years, shards are basically impossible to sell. No other options.
  11. Exactly my point, and I've restated that many times. Therefore, updates that do not convince people to buy members are a waste of time. Then why don't you leave and go to them? Your costing Jagex money and playing the game on my dime. You don't "deserve" anything, your playing by choice. What you deserve is to have every single player with no intentions of getting members\convincing friends to get permanently IP banned to force them to stop freeloading and taking updates from the people who DO pay their own way. Only the fact that they can't do that stops them from it.
  12. Not obvious at all, what if they have firefox set to use a proxy in Colorado and IE set not to? And for some reason the person decides to switch which browser he/she is using to play the game? Just because an IP shows up as being from one location, doesn't mean the player is actually anywhere near there. Exactly. Hell, I have a SOCKS proxy I keep for emergency purposes. I could email you a 400k KB file, tell you to run the .bat file and the next time you logged into RS it would be under my home's IP. It also works for getting around corporate firewalls and forum bans (Not TIF, of course).
  13. But what does that have to do with anything? We're talking about the people that ARE simply standing and watching. Sooo, how do you know? Like I said, they could simply be watching and learning - just as I do. That's the point of my argument against his rant.
  14. Proof or it didn't happen. Since you can't post proof, your not supposed to post rants like this. Since Jagex doesn't get any more specific then the rules broken, your obviously assuming it was the American comment; without a copy of your report details, which you cannot provide, we can only assume your misinterpreting the report or flat-out lying.
  15. Then why are you posting on this thread if you believe that experience and profit rates only apply to an individual and cannot be valued? [qutoe] That has to be one of the most pointless things you have said thus far. Nothing happens instantly (as in no time - 0 time), which means time is a variable for everything in existence. So it isn't an assumption, it is a fact. Your idea of value is still flawed. You are comparing an item to experience gained (apples and oranges). If it was a comparison of experience to experience, then that argument could apply. Meaning if someone valued Construction experience to be very high and combat experience to be very little or worthless to them, then yes, training Construction can be considered superior to Armoured Zombies. That isn't what we are discussing though and you have purposely ignored the basis of my post. I showed that you are being inefficient when it comes to training Slayer, that is all. It is quite simple. For you personally, it is more efficient to use a cannon than to not use one. Since you do not use one, you are being as efficient as you can be. See above. That is the ONLY way to quantitatively compare results. I used numbers to prove that - if I include a cannon in calculations, the overall efficiency of slayer goes down. Gee, that's odd. Perhaps you should look into my original post to see where I specifically stated "saying slayer is the best way to train combat is a horribly wrong statement". OK, but don't come back asking for methods after I send them. You'll get a list of rates, which I'm currently looking through the thread for. It may take a couple more days, I've been very busy in RL (hence the slow responses) and it takes time to verify what my final rates were. Welcome to the wonderful world of sarcasm, where one can refer to another post under the generic title of "people who do X" Gee, you still haven't detailed how you plan to train melee with chinchompas; after all, I do recall melee as being listed as a part of overall combat training. See quite a few posts where I was giving you the benefit of the doubt and assuming you were telling the truth but were using the wrong methods or incorrect testing methodology to obtain them. Now I'm not so sure. I did, apparently you missed that part. I didn't make up random rates, unlike certain other people, but I tried to back them up with others rates as well. See a few dozen pages back where I assign real numerical values, not made up generalizations. XP per time is all that matters. Kills and tasks are irrelevant outside of the slayer dart profit which is calculated independently. But not the goal of this thread, which is combat training. Read my replies. A link to the thread would suffice. I'll be eagerly awaiting it. But it's not opinion, and +10% is more efficient then piety (Plus, even piety doesn't boost your XP 20k per hour ;) See my posts for more details; your using made up numbers and assumptions instead of real testing results. Read my replies.
  16. It' s not the why, it just is - she simply has no other options. No int string, 3-4 year old modem (Supports v.92, no problem there) with XP. The line in her area is just plain terrible - there's audible static and static [bleep]es when she uses the phone. It's possibly due to the very old neighborhood\house she lives in. And yes, this is a real situation. But I've also serviced people out in the country who can never break 30 KB\s. Yes, but she's certainly not alone. There's no sign of a quick fix for this, and she's stuck paying the $50 a month. Not that she minds - it's worth it to her. That is true. I'm quite aware that only peak hours count for total bandwidth consumed, but Grandma (She's not actually mine, but she is a grandma; just using it for the "elderly woman" example :P ) rarely uses it during peak hours while the move streaming family uses it the most then. No, but neither of those cost the providing companies a penny more if I use it or don't. It doesn't clog up infrastructure or force then to increase available bandwidth. If, however, I don't use water in a day, I don't get charged for it.
  17. Because you went through the trouble to post it here.
  18. You don't think there's a dozen other people in the world that learn by watching? He's complaining about the ones standing around. What if just those are on HD?
  19. Once in lowercase would do, but I appreciate the effort.
  20. Same here, but I know I went through all of the available tutorials and was dumped into a game without really knowing what to do. I don't blame a newb one bit for feeling lost on his first game, 'cause that's exactly how I was, and I'm not that far down on the intelligence scale. It certainly doesn't nowdays, mention it before the game and you'll be out in a few seconds or flamed into oblivion if it does start. Can they all be playing SD? maybe, but extremely unlikely. Having been there, I sympathize 100% with the "clueless" people.
  21. No cutscene, but there could be a blackboard thing (it's been a while). I remember whatever it was was VERY lacking and I was incredibly confused my first few games. Never worked for me, you'll get flamed to no end by the current teams. Run around or try and act like you know what your doing and you'll pick up on it soon enough. There's no benefit whatsoever to telling them you don't know what your doing. And you can't be 100% sure he wasn't just lagging when he was standing around, and normally would be running around asking what to do #-o
  22. That was my argument. Haven't you learned not to argue with me before reading my posts yet? -.- I was summarizing it for quel. :wall: Himm, I think I see what your saying now, but I misinterpreted "proving your argument, wrong". Next time clarify :P
  23. Except there's nothing to try. You literally don't know what to do - the instruction booklet is basically worthless. In my experience they'll flame you like crazy or try to leave. Telling them your clueless before the game means you'll never play, and after the game starts there's no way it will benefit you. Been a while for me too, but I'm pretty sure you can see almost all of it from near the center. And who's to say he didn't have HD?
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