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  1. http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Glorious_memories http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Defender_Of_Varrock http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Ratcatchers http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/My%20Arm's%20Big%20Adventure Did you just copy and paste all of those or what? #-o
  2. Not when the link is relevant and backs up your point; otherwise your simply throwing out opinions as "facts". And what exactly is your point? That you're trying to get into an arguement that has nothing to do with you or this thread? No, but you certainly seem to be. The post where YOU started it is located at viewtopic.php?f=66&t=785300&start=120#p6609160. I'll re state my point, as you seem to be hopelessly confused: Providing a respectable source that back up your fact and proves it to be accurate will beef up your argument, shorten the total argument time, and eliminate petty personal argument that detract from the main debate.
  3. Did you really just skip the past 2 pages of discussion? Please go back and read viewtopic.php?f=66&t=784101&start=320, you might find it very enlightening. At the end of the day, a company is designed to make money. If they produce a large profit, they can reinvest it in members to make the game even better, snowballing into an immense, awesome game. Pouring money into a large hole labeled "FTP" isn't a part of that plan.
  4. Because it is impossible. We can't have every single person who's ever played RS come in and tell us how much they value XP, then average it to get a number. It can ONLY be calculated using time. No, I "admit" that bandos hilts were 43m when this post was typed and are currently hovering at approx. 18m. Stop acting like a flaming idiot. No they can't - if even 1/3rd the people at Avansies used my methods, everyones profit rates would drop BELOW 450k\h. That alone proves that few can do it - aside from the fact that in over 60 hours there I've never seen anyone else attempting anything resembling my methods. But it doesn't train combat, as combat encompasses melee, range, and magic. Could you point out where I said that? I'm really curious. Perhaps you have a rebuttal via your admittedly "made up" rates? I was trying to accommodate for them to pacify you, as I had no idea you were simply throwing out random numbers. Again, you most certainly do not. As illustrated by the value of experience, you continue to completely ignore many variables that I've pointed out for pages in favor of your own biased ideas. Because there is no other evidence with which to work. Previous testing of the combat system have indicated these calculations to be fairly accurate; in lack of any other evidence, they present a compelling argument. Again, he does NOT provide details. Not only are many of the methods he discusses completely separate from the ones we are using, his cost and charm estimates have a giant margin of error - his summoning XP rates frequently range from 30-40% low or high. Not very helpful in a mathematical comparison. Because summoning XP varies as levels are gained, which must be accounted for. You can't use, say, a level 90 summon for all of your crimsons starting at level 1. But that has nothing to do with the topic of moderators and flame wars - those were over a single task, not complete rates. The complete rates were earlier, and therefore have nothing whatsoever with what you are discussing. Then explain why the flaming began over "LULZ I DO TASKS IN 20 MINTUES AND W|O CANNON ITS 2 HOURS), even though I clearly stated my rates of 47 minutes along with numbers proving cannon inefficient? What with how he completely ignores any calculations I've performed, it's quite obvious he skimmed through much of the thread. No, it was for proving cannon inefficient, indirectly leading to unicornn. Hundreds of pages of text. And yes, there's a limit on forum pages, but it's immense - I've only hit it once. Not going to take part in this discussion, but I'd like to add that 100k xp/hour at dusties seems pretty possible. I myself get 83k xp/hour with 10% str pray and 86/86/88 stats. Ydraisel claimed he was getting 112k melee XP with +10% strength and 95 melee stats. I somehow doubt that his 9 higher combat stats would result in a 30k XP boost.
  5. Genius! +1 *sigh* Read the replies Last time we tried that, a mod had to come with a rather large fire extinguisher to take care of the epic flame war it spawned. I'm PMing rates to those who need them, but I'm not posting them publicly - people who don't have a clue what they are talking about will mindlessly flame methods without understanding the logic behind them, something that is gained if you have to read through all the replies to obtain the rates. PM me the rates please. : Will do. Having a lot of fun assembling them at the moment :-# :lol: I've realized that we never agreed on rates for dust devils, gargoyles, and two or three other tasks so I'm trying to verify my rates before finishing the table. It's taking me longer then I expected with the limited time I have, but I'm trying to hurry. Sorry about the delay :wall:
  6. Yeah, I'm surprised this thread hasn't seemed to have many liars. Pure's pretty ripped from his RL pic, so I'm reasonably impressed :lol: Yeah, back in high school I was what they call lanky. Freshman year was 5' 10" & 125, 6' 0" & 130 after sophomore. Kept growing even into collage though to round out my 6' 4"\190. But lately I've noticed a bit of a spare tire, so I guess I gotta start working out more and working on the computer less. Sigh. Note to all you "lanky" people: your metabolism will likely hit a brick wall around 28-30... Enjoy the time of stuffing your face to try and beef up while you can...
  7. woo-hoo About time for me to do a reformatting of my ubuntu machine anyway. I'll be torrenting this shortly. Seed generously \ EDIT: YES! THEY HAVE A MUCH BETTER MONITOR DRIVER SYSTEM! NO MORE TINY DISPLAY IN THE CENTER OF MY LAPTOP! I spent way to many hours with xorg.conf trying to fix that -.- EDIT2: If anyone's still having problems downloading, http://ubuntu.cs.utah.edu/releases/ is giving me a steady 180 KB\s.
  8. Except that the rules stated that you NEED to provide a valid argument. Coming in and whining "i wish there was no RS instead of RS with pking like this!" isn't a valid rant on these forums. You should thank me for at least giving this thread a semblance of a discussion.
  9. I gave detailed methods, and what did he do? Flamed about how inefficient it was. Never mind that there was 12 pages of numbers and calculations leading up to the conclusion that he never disputed (or even read). That's ALL my posts in that range were about! To post my methods is simple; to post the logic behind them is hundreds of pages, and I don't see the point in copying and pasting massive hunks of text and calculations from what is essentially 30 pages of debate.
  10. Except that uninformed idiots who haven't bothered to read the details behind my methods respond with moronic posts filled with flaming and personal opinions and lacking any substance or numerical evidence whatsoever. *ahem*http://forum.tip.it/viewtopic.php?f=66&t=765267&start=1360#p6597080*ahem* While they do make for humorous reading, they clog up the thread and obscure real posts, so I try to avoid situations like that. It's simple enough: If you want to debate my methods, read up on them first.
  11. So read, say, one page a day. I don't. Just those who want to argue my numbers and methods, because the entire thread is ABOUT my numbers and methods (and the various ways to prove them efficient). And I expect the same out of those who wish to debate with me regarding numbers.
  12. *whew* FINALLY busted the dry streak: [hide=#24][/hide] And of course.. [hide=MOTS][/hide]
  13. I did it. Why should I bother responding to them if they can't bother reading my responses? You did what? Went through your entire post? You were able to as you were here when it was made and were able to keep track of it. The ones that want the stats have not been here the entire time. If you mean that you went and read through 75 pages on someone else thread, and arrived at the 60th page whereabouts, I have to say, you have much to much time on your hands. I was indeed referring to this thread. Why would it be any more difficult to do it now rather then a month ago, assuming the length was the same?
  14. Which no one will notice, because that's how they always are. And since they provide no revenue, Jagex could care less how many quit :lol:
  15. Members won't switch because Jagex says that sometime off in the future they intend to update FTP; they'll switch if Jagex DOES update FTP - which they, quite obviously, won't.
  16. I'm not sure it's sarcasm, but I'm sure as heck hoping it is. You agreed to read the rules, don't be a moron and ignore them. Yeah, I'm REALLY hoping that was sarcasm. It was, right?
  17. No, we did not. What we DID say (or at least I did) that experience value may vary, but the most accurate way to standardize it is by controlling all variables but time. #1: GWD is luck based, and all of the easy monsters have dropped in profit; we are sticking to non-dangerous monsters that can be easily accessed with fairly reliable drops #2: I've only seen a couple of other maxed players that can make more then 450k at Avansies; everyone uses the standard tank with broad bolts outfit. Chinchompas train a portion of combat, not all of it Glad you finally see that. I don't remember which section of which page the rates ofr each monster are; I'm simply going through the thread backwards page by page to determine where the final value of each task is. I don't have a lot of time and I'm trying to ensure accuracy, so it's taking quite a bit of time. But yes, I do expect that reading through this whole thread for the first time should take a considerable amount of time. Why should anyone take your rates as factual? It's a "you vs. me" argument now; once we figure out exactly where the differences are, we'll settle it in RS in a few days\however long it takes of side by side slaying. Rough as in there's no guarantee that XP is split exactly 50\50; it's the best possible result with the given information Again, with nothing resembling details and no way of contacting him, I can't take his rates at face value - given that I'm not seeing them and his numbers are wildly incomplete (All he provides is a very rough slayer\melee XP estimate, using inefficient methods). And no, just because people agree with him doesn't make him right or his information detailed. It most certainly has not been, and information like charms for summoning XP have not been consistent or forthcoming. You don't think so? Gee, apparently you missed it. Then again, you weren't around, so it's no big surprise. The flaming resulted from my methods used (blah blah piety is better blah blah use a super set idiot blah blah use a black mask). Odd how you didn't quite manage to see where I was wrong the first time. The rates for tasks are spread out over long series of posts, and, quite literally, through 7 to 36. There's simply that much information; how easy Morning's rates are has nothing to do with that. It's all relevant.
  18. Like I said, all I need is a link to the thread. Simple enough. I'm not giving you any shortcuts. The threads aren't as long as this one, so it should be about the same difficulty level. Let me know when you've found it. Until then, you can consider the case closed. Slayer is far better in every aspect based on my testing. This isn't based on difficulty level, it's based on links to relevant material - there isn't a single part of the area I linked too that DOESN'T apply, whereas I'm fairly confident that the are you referred me to contains sections other then your rates.
  19. By portraying Jagex in a good light. Good PR is an essential part of every company.
  20. Quite obviously, I was referring to other, non-java servers :P I haven't seen anyone post that on here yet :? It's still going to take a high end server, as mentioned earlier.
  21. Use kyatt in a pvp world; no one goes there, it's a nice 100-200k potential on top of the ores mined. And yes, that's the best spot for anything but granite XP AND profitwise.
  22. i do see your point. what if it was a spell, that only lasted a set amount of time? So long as it's unbalanced enough to make AFK training impossible. It'd have to cost at least 500k per hour, or 40-50k per spell.
  23. True but I'm sure they get discounts since they always have 4 or more in one locations. Probably, but this isn't a website server - this is a game server, undoubtedly requiring top end power to manage 2,000 clients simultaneously. All drop\hit generation as well as running\movement AI for NPCs and players is handled by the server; it's far more then "run this ASP page".
  24. Then detail how it doesn't and respond to the points, or I'll be forced to assume that you have no logical response to back up your opinion and have simply given up.how about i annoy you and say no i have read alot of your posts atleast 200+ and i know alot about you just from the way you talk youll most likely shove some facts in my face and say im wrong and guess what I USUALLY AM look take your two sense and just leave me alone i do not need to argue with someone about this i wanted to know what people thought about pvp not you and guess what i DO NOT argue with people LIKE YOU and guess what i bolded those SO you AND YOU only would know this not any other reason so really talk about pvp NOT old past wild and saying all that (if you say i didnt put in facts look what i just said again AND READ IT)Soo, your not arguing with me because "you think your wrong"? Then why not edit out the first post and ask for a lock? #-o look don't you get it this was supposed to be used for those angered by pvp not people like you who put so much in and argue with the link creatorshttp://forum.tip.it/viewtopic.php?f=66&t=783809"You need to present a valid argument for your rant and back it up".So your saying you'd rather have no RS at all then RS without pking exactly how you want it? Just making sure I know your viewpoint before I begin the debate.HAHAHAHAHA you know what im gonna ignore anything you say from now on go ahead say something you always do say look i get what you mean but i dont want too simple as that oh yeah your next quote will be ignored :D a futher add on this is where you blow off steam and rant not argue Sorry, but the big bad moderators disagree with you.
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