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  1. You have to be VERY careful at the slayer tower, PKers are thick there. Why would you fight someone? Standing in the wild or skilling is your best option.
  2. Inasmuch that you never responded to the 'old post', clarification was not necessary. No, I'm saying posting pictures of your clue drops is meaningless. Soo, are you going to argue clues or not? Oh noes! That being said, I"ll try to hide new pictures - you do have a point, but being a jerk about it isn't going to fix it any faster.
  3. [/hide] read above post....thats what. and if you don't read this REVISE YOUR SENTENCES TO MAKE SENSE. and hide that huge pic(s) Also please stay on topic.The thread is about improving drops of the dark beast, the title is a throw off to get people to read the big idea.This thread is not about how to make a clue drop twice but how to make dark beast better. Then see the second part of my response at viewtopic.php?f=37&t=791950#p6608752; you seem to have overlooked it.
  4. Do you recall where I said FTP was losing them money? Good, 'cause neither was I. I think you missed my entire point, as I will address shortly: Yeah, I don't recall saying that either. Could you explain how it relates my point, namely Jagex, as a business, not releasing an update because it doesn't generate money for them? Oh, I dunno... Perhaps something called "financial records" might help you understand? They've already done quite a bit, all carefully designed to lure in members. The forum update is questionable, as I mentioned in one of my posts, but it certainly doesn't indicate they will start releasing updates willy-nilly that they know will lose them money. Lamenting the inferirority of melee isn't really something you need to post. Or he could just leave protect item on the whole time like everyone else who PKs and realizes that the chances of him missing the prayer due to a lucky KO are far too large. No, he'll use magic because he will have 25 attack and the mithril scimitar is woefully underpowered compared to fire blast.
  5. That's some wonderful drops. Say, did I ever show you the whip I got off abyssal demons? Since I can kill 150 of them an hour, it means I make around 200m\h and I wouldn't want to waste my time with scrolls. Also, while I was typing this (roughly 20 seconds ago), I got my 4th in under an hour:
  6. No, because better training programs (like I suggested earlier) would help fix the problem.
  7. Yep, so I'm just going off the fact that the 50 or so "rants" I've seen about "unfair" banning\muteing have ALL been proven to be fair. See the thread a few days ago about this to see another example.
  8. So because you haven't heard it, it has never happened? Sorry if I seem patronizing, I'm just trying to figure out what your trying to say :P Not everything someone says is to spark discussion, there's no real reason why I said that. It's just a remark I'd like to make, there's nothing more to it. I'm simply saying that I'm surprised Jagex would even take this seriously since I've never heard anything about racisms againt americans. I can see what your trying to get at, it's a thought. Then again, we don't know that that's what he was banned for - it could easily have been another more offensive comment in the evidence that he missed.
  9. It's not my thread. I posted to respond to your post. Locked either way though, it seems. Invalid doesn't mean it's locked, it just means it'll either be locked due to a flame war or sink into oblivion like every other locked thread...
  10. So because you haven't heard it, it has never happened? Sorry if I seem patronizing, I'm just trying to figure out what your trying to say :P
  11. But both can also apply to legit newbs. It's either an invalid rant or a locked one, take your pick :P
  12. :roll: It's not worth the time to kill the KBD. It's not worth the time to kill the Zamorak GWD boss. It's not worth the time to kill the KQ. Sorry, but I'm afraid that not all of your favorite monsters will generate the best possible profit.
  13. Both indicating he doesn't know what to do. Both of the situations you describe apply to learning players. You do'nt know who is and isn't there to learn; if the OP is talking about people who ARE learning, as the symptoms he describe all point to, then his rant is invalid. If he's talking about freeloaders, it's against the rules and should be locked.
  14. But there are so many influences that result in a cost for Jagex and a complete lack of evidence that an update like this would in any way boost their bottom line that a blanket statement saying it's worth doing without any facts is both short sighted and ignorant. Since when do you think it's a worthy cause? And I mean real proof, not "a mod said so to make a company look good". News flash: No, the company isn't going to say "we don't give a rats *** about the freeloaders". Anything to make them more money. You will, of course, notice that the point of a for-profit business is to generate profit. If Jagex wanted to make people feel good, they'd offer to donate a percentage of members incomes to a charity of choice. It also means your melee player will lose over 300k every time he dies to the mage, and quite frequently his scimitar also - mage can drain his prayer and keep him from teleing or running while the mage would lose at most 30 to 40k upon death. Not at all, especally given that magic is far superior for its level. Your trying to pretend that a level 59 spell is going to compare to maxed melee, but balking at the prospect of a maxed mage competing against a level 59 meleer. Sorry, but people use whatever combat style is superior for their stats. You won't see a maxed meleer trying to complain that range is inferior because his 59 range doesn't compared to maxed melee :roll:
  15. I just got 3 clues in 5 minutes at demons, including 2 in a row. Clues provide a bad overall profit, it would do you good to do some reading: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Average Also, why would I do dark beasts instead? I get far more profit at demons #-o Oh, and up the average. Just got a whip ~10 minutes ago.
  16. Why would someone who is intentionally sitting around not trying to learn or lagging ask what to do and leave? I'm talking specifically about learning, as that's what I believe the OP is referring to :)
  17. On the internet, no one knows what color your skin is.
  18. But we're talking about the people who DO learn - the ones who watch to see what is done. Nothing, that's why rants of the kind (think "FTPers are immature") are against the forum rules. You were inexperienced for 15+ games, and stood around doing nothing? You must have gotten awfully lucky or went when it first opened and everyone was new, because for quite obvious reasons no established team wants a clueless idiot dragging them down.
  19. See above, I responded to all of your points in previous replies including advertising and upgrading.. Please stop repeating your arguments over and over. I hate to break it to you, but both the fact that FTP players cost Jagex money the fact that ANY update that does not increase PTP membership proportionately to FTP is spending members money on freeloaders. No amount of opinions or biased argument can overcome facts from financial records - FTP costs Jagex money, and lots of it. So which of those have to do with active PKing power instead of a single, expensive KO shot? And how does being 8 times the cost of Zuriel's staff for 1 2.2 second hit instead of a 48 second effect not relate to this argument. And a meleer who happened to have 99 magic with 3 attack and 5 strength would be at a disadvantage against a 99 mage. So by you logic, melee has a max hit of 3 while mage hits 16s #-o
  20. Or they just knew they would be mercilessly flamed for joining as a complete newb. I generally had to leave when a team found out I didn't know what I was doing; I'd be flamed instead of instructed, and ended up either turning my private chat off (learning nothing) or leaving.
  21. It also does not mean they are not. They could be lagging or simply freeloading, but the "I don't know what I'm doing" gives a clear indication that he's referring to those who truly don't know how to play yet.
  22. Why should they drop them? Jagex never said every high level monster will drop clues, and indeed, given how bad the average profit from clues are, you should be glad your not wasting real drops with them. As for the rest of your post, the drops have been decided. Why should they be boosted?
  23. Given that he's much better and more accurately then the meleer's inaccurate 20s without special effects, it's quite similar to PTP combat where magic overpowers all. I'd say the idea is not "questionable at best" at all. There are over 135 Million runescape account, and 15 million active accounts. 1-2 million of those are members and the rest are F2P. 14 Million F2Pers is NOT a questionable advertisement. That's odd, according to http://www.developmag.com/interviews/20 ... -RuneScape there's only 6.5m active FTP. Where's your source? I'll examine it and see if it's as reliable as you seem to think it is. Also note that I was referring specifically to playing time; as evidenced by the fact that in the past year, overall PTP play time exceeded FTP play time 57%-42% I wasn't aware that 70 strength allowed for 27s with a scimitar, nor did 40 attack allow for accurate hits. And at a cost of only several million GP per hour. Very practical, I'm sure PKers make a fortune.
  24. But he's not going to be better then any other PTP player; FTP players don't stick around anywhere near as long as PTPers (look at the average combat levels), and are much less likely to referr people who would upgrade; most wholehearted, enthusiastic advertisements are going to come from paying members, so FTP advertising isn't as big of an issue as your making it out to be. Additionally, every player who remains on FTP or stays there because of the update is more cost to Jagex with no reward; the addition of players who will remain FTP because they enjoy PKing with high level magic and see members as geared more towards mages. All in all, the idea that it will generate more profit for Jagex is very questionable at best. Given that he's much better and more accurately then the meleer's inaccurate 20s without special effects, it's quite similar to PTP combat where magic overpowers all.
  25. Thanks for responding quickly to my PMs and being helpful Das, kudos to you :) Now, to help keep this post on topic, I'll re-iterate the previous points that were brought up before the officiousness that occurred later on in the thread: There are only three universal ways to determine the value of an item in game: Alch value, GE price, and Personal Value. Alch value, the current system, occasionally results in loss of more market value - dragon battle axe vs. whip. I believe that it is the best system for the following reasons: GE price does not apply to non-tradable items like defenders, fire capes, and quest items, as well as all degraded barrows items, and personal value is very hard to establish with a constantly changing inventory. More details are available throughout the thread, but I thought I'd outline the main points thus far to help facilitate discussion :P
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