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  1. Cool! Wish ya good luck :P This does, however, belong at viewforum.php?f=98. I'll report so it can be moved :
  2. When it's 70 pages of insanity with rates mixed in with all sorts of side comments and arguments that completely detract from the discussion and serve no purpose but to frustrate the reader, yes. It would be a hell of a lot easier if the information was in one place. But really, it's your call -- if you don't want anyone to understand what the hell you're talking about because all the relevant information is lost in a sea of irrelevancy, go right ahead. Apparently you haven't bothered to read the first 40 pages. Really, just read my or ydraisel's posts - we both quote each other. There was a lot less flaming then is going on now, possibly because people were actually reading the whole thing. It seems to come in cycles, there's waves of stuipd posts that taper off to a relevant discussion, then reemerge later on. I think they feed off each other - if they see someone else posting their incorrect opinion, it encourages them to follow up on it and argue it without bothering to read the relevant posts.
  3. And yet again, you completely overlook the point. Look, you want intelligent, informed debate? Make the information easy to find. You'll be doing the people here a favor and doing yourself a favor as well, since you'll have less drivel to read and a higher chance of someone actually reading the information you want discussed. Kind of a win-win, unless you like things being difficult for everyone (which I'm beginning to think is the case). You. Have. To. Read. The. Replies. To. Obtain. Details. Of. My. Rates. And. Methods. Along. With. Calculations. To. Prove. Those. Methods. The. Most. Efficient. What's so hard about that? Is it really that unreasonably to ask people to read responses to my thread before posting?
  4. Its like this if you'resaying it like that, What's the advantage of being muted pernamently? There is no advantage, that's the whole point of a punishment. How does that answer my question? so we are being punished by jagex for something and thus not being able to sit in chairs is the punishment? :wall: Could you point out where I said that it had anything whatsoever to do with your suggestion? He made a post that didn't have anything at all to do with it, and I was simply asking why. I also have no idea and im trying to find out :D Then ask him, not me. I have no idea why. Could you outline why you want sitting, though?
  5. Its like this if you'resaying it like that, What's the advantage of being muted pernamently? There is no advantage, that's the whole point of a punishment. How does that answer my question? so we are being punished by jagex for something and thus not being able to sit in chairs is the punishment? :wall: Could you point out where I said that it had anything whatsoever to do with your suggestion? He made a post that didn't have anything at all to do with it, and I was simply asking why.
  6. Those aren't the rates being discussed, and they certainly aren't my rates as pertaining to this argument. The first 40-50 pages are dedicated to the rates in question, you should check it out.
  7. Then PM an admin where it might do something instead of randomly posting it on this thread. I'd like to solve world hunger, but I don't post about it here.
  8. *sigh* It's my idea of Tiptopia... Not to say younger users cant' contribute, that's why we have the forums open to all. But conversing with those younger then your children does get tiresome sometimes :lol:
  9. Its like this if you'resaying it like that, What's the advantage of being muted pernamently? There is no advantage, that's the whole point of a punishment. How does that answer my question?
  10. What's the advantage of sitting? How does that benefit clan socializing? And how does it differ from sitting in a POH?
  11. Some people seem to be missing my point. The cheapest Cable connection here in the USA is at least 40$; she's not paying $50 for her health, she's paying it because there's really not much else available. There's nothing in the way of a few-dollars-a-month plan for those who want to check email every now and then without the hassle and frustration of dial up - which STILL costs $20 a month and is rapidly disappearing.
  12. Don't blame me, blame the mods. I don't have the power to do a single thing about it, and they've decided that ending a discussion simply because one user requests it isn't reasonable. Besides, I'm friends with hemen, he hasn't been in the forums lately but I could ask him to remove it in game if it was causing a problem. But it's not, the mods have made their policy clear, and I'm simply restating it. Live with it or PM a admin if you disagree and want a policy change. Be forewarned, it could take months to go through.
  13. Only for rants. I trust TIF enough, any website this well established can't be a scam. Besides, I'd fight them to the finish to get the charges reversed, so I'm not too worried. You trust your number to various sales sites around the web that are less traveled then TIF ;)
  14. I'm a part of them. Well, unofficially. Either way, they'll never get me :twisted: :twisted:
  15. And the reason would be? Hemen edited it in on the second page before discussion potential was realized; as stated in viewtopic.php?f=90&t=785476, forum pages are not locked upon request alone. As long as the topic is reasonably spam free and on topic (as this thread has gone thus far), it will stay open.
  16. That's a good idea. It simply couldn't be tiered based on usage alone. Let me give an example: Currently the company is paid 100$ for 1,000,001,000,000 bytes of data usage. If we break it down, the family should pay >99.99999999$ and the grandma <.00000001$
  17. Basically, this is just something I wanted to get OTs opinion on (and possibly get into a few debates, but I don't have many strong opinions on this subject so I probably won't :P ): What do you think of internet charges based (at least somewhat) upon usage? Let me give two examples, both of real-life people I know: #1 is The Grandma. #2 is The Big Household #1 is an elderly woman, who uses the internet for nothing more then logging onto her gmail once a week and responding to 1-2 messages. Occasionally the kids come over and check the weather on her computer. Her monthly internet usage rarely exceeds 10 MB, and frequently remains below 1-2 MB. However, she has plenty of money, and she doesn't like waiting or having to tie up the phone line, so she pays $50 a month to get a reasonably fast cable connection from a major provider in her area. #2 is a large household. There 4 children of various ages, 3 of whom are teenagers, and two adults. They all are very into torrenting and video\TV show download (Some legal, some not). They frequently watch a move every day or two apiece, and pull as much as 1 TB a month in data, thanks in no small amount to a strong belief in generous seeding - they frequently leave BT running all night, seeding at full speed. Now, they are a family of modest means, but they want a connection fast enough to get the videos they want without to much wait. So they also pay $50 a month for a good plan that gives them a fast connection from a major ISP. Now, here's a summary of the usaage for one particularly varied month: #1: 1,000,000 bytes of data #2: 1,000,000,000,000 bytes of data Yes, #2 is pulling 1,000,000 times the data, at 1,000,000 times the infrastructure cost to the ISP. What do they both pay? $50 per month. These are both examples of people that live in my area. Now my question is, do you think that is right? If you were paying for, say, water utilities at a flat monthly rate and you were charged the same amount as a neighbor who used one million times as much water, would you consider it fair? I feel there should be some sort of system in place to allow for this, but I'd like to get opinions on this from OT. Here's a post I found interesting on slashdot discussing how this is similar and not similar to utilities (in this case water) "Even where there is potentially plenty of water, drinkable water is NOT an unlimited resource. And it's not 'there' if you don't use it. Water evaporates and leaks. But the reality is that water, like bandwidth, is a finite resource. It costs to find water, transport and store it, make it drinkable, and then dispose of it. If you use more, it gets scarcer. Bandwidth is also finite. It costs money to provision for it, actually maintain it, solve problems. Some of you may remember when you were responsible for the Internet link at work - when the DDS2 circuit didn't cut it any more, the ISDN line was maxed out (thank God!) and then the T-1 wasn't enough, and 4 T-1s bonded couldn't handle it. With every increase in bandwidth came more costs, for a new or more DSU/CSU, new router, firewall. You used an external mail server to filter the spam, saving 90% of your POP/SMTP traffic. You blocked WebShots, and your CEO drove you c-r-a-z-y with the constantly-updating cnnmoney.com Now it's Flash that eats bandwidth, and you want to block YouTube, Facebook, and Hulu to keep from cranking up another link just to satisfy non-business browsing. I understand the cable cos dilemma - Only a few users can hammer bandwidth, and affect everyone. The cost is spread, but not enough."
  18. But it's not something every player does, and they certainly shouldn't be blamed for not doing it. Yep, I always do that in minigames. I try to hang back and figure out what they are doing by watching them so I can join in in a few games, but if I'm yelled at I'll confess I don't really know what I'm doing and ask for help. It's the least intrusive way. I did the same thing learning team bandos GWD.
  19. No, no... Do argue them, but don't do as everyone else has done and say "your methods are [developmentally delayed]ed". Give me numbers proving it, just as I have done for my argument.
  20. My point is that what does watching youtube videos have to do with this rant? It's not as if all players are instructed to do so in RS, I just chose that based on previous experience. I quote: "They just sit around, not calling, or doing anything and when everyone starts shouting at him, he leaves or asks what to do."
  21. Except we aren't arguing opinions, we're arguing facts. I'm sorry, but I see only one possible way that post could be interpreted. Either your just copping out, or your intended response was completely different then what you wrote. At any rate, my response addresses an issue you've raised many different times, so I'd appreciate a counter-argument to it :P
  22. Except that testing has proven it ups rare drops by roughly 10-12%. Jagex isn't teh liars after all.
  23. I call 1k to respond to a rants thread, 4k+ to start one. Also, require 18+ age verification (credit card would be easiest).
  24. Which doesn't relate in any way to these in-game people. Self teaching is going to take quite a few games to figure out just what to do. Much faster to ask a pro and have them give you a 1 minute run down on what to do.
  25. Good thing they decided that too and changed it, no? That being said, basing a debate upon something that you both agree upon isn't generally a good idea. Much as I hate to break it to you, a debate usually takes place between people of differing opinions. I'm talking about the pro stakers with the methods and tactics to win a round. Otherwise you end up with two people with equal stats fighting each other and losing and winning half the time, commending no profit whatsoever. Which it would be anyway. To win duels often enough to make a good profit, it requires specialized tasks and a highly skilled and patient player - someone who certainly isn't going to be satisfied with 250k\h, and it would STILL allow RWT. Transferring 8m+ in one night when a player is gone is far to easy to RWT - that's 40-50 USD worth of gold, certainly less then most players purchase at one time!
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