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  1. Holy [bleep]. This is #7, for those of you counting: [hide=][/hide]
  2. Teleother the clawer away? Can't. His spec bar will still be there and he'll be able to attack you without interruption, the window closing when he specs. Your best hope is to manta ray\brew as fast as you can through the 10 specs until your unfrozen. Very unlikely, and very, very dangerous. Yup that one xx owned clan tried for me and failed because I managed to out eat it with sharks. My best advice is stay near a bank and if you get tb'd run into the bank right away and log out. Ehh, you get bound immediately afterward and it's almost always too far to get to a bank, your only hope is to eat it out. I managed to eat one shark and hit protect item before they took me down from 99 HP, so that's not the greatest alternative. Unspamify: [hide=I am just that leet...][/hide]
  3. Nope, it pops up a window asking if they want to tele. Otherwise there'd be a heck of a lot of annoying people going to ice plateau :lol: Then again, I can't do it on ancients, so the whole point is moot -.-
  4. Teleother the clawer away? Can't. His spec bar will still be there and he'll be able to attack you without interruption, the window closing when he specs. Your best hope is to manta ray\brew as fast as you can through the 10 specs until your unfrozen. Very unlikely, and very, very dangerous.
  5. I was referring to your posts in general, not those ones in particular :) Universal experience can be calculated using time taken to obtain via the most efficient; it's not always accurate, but it's simply the only way to allow for debate without referring to specific persons. Again, 600k is a rate that I have seen few others obtain. I've stuck by 400k throughout this thread, and intend to continue to do so. Don't bother telling me I'm simply using it to make slayer look worse; I've stuck with that rate ever since I was comparing a money-lost method (Monkies) to money-profit (Slayer) where the higher the income the worse slayer looked. Stop pretending you don't know what I'm trying to say. I'll rephrase it: Training range does not count as combat training without factoring in every other type of combat. I need no more facts; I have already presented mine long ago in this thread, and see no need to repost them for your convenience. I do, however, see your point about me needing to PM you rates - I'll have those shortly, I'm currently verifying rates for some of the monsters that we never agreed upon to ensure my results are as accurate as possible. See above. And no, I would love to see Armored Zombies proven worse - but I'm certainly not going to take your word for it in a "your rates vs. mine" argument. Except your going to have to do significant, VERY extensive testing at multiple monsters before making a blanket statement. Since I have seen no evidence of those, I'm sticking to my 12% as a very rough rate. Wrong place to post this, you just quoted where I was referring to :-s I'm referring to your rates posted. The second to last word is supposed to be whining, right? I think it's fairly obvious, but last time I thought that a flame war resulted. In response: What? I have read that thread many times, we discussed it quite a while ago. I could point to a thread or response claiming to have gotten worse rates then me, but without detailed information on testing methodology, methods, and equipment it's not oging to do a thing to support or injure my argument.
  6. Forgot about morrigan's jav, on the lookout for d bowers, hadn't thought about protect item. Guess I'll make it a staple, but I'm going to be keeping a BIG eye out for those clans. I've entered house portals while under darts (8ms lag is nice), but since I'm in relleka I don't usually have a problem with teams - I've gotten quite a few kills there, including the one shown above. Yes, the second spec KOed, but it's not nearly as exciting. There are several other PKs I missed entirely, including a 74-0 (splash) combo where he ate once, prayed melee, and got downed by my next 32 spec while saying "failed pjer" (Yeah, I'm angry I missed the screenshot -.- ) Unspamify: Two clues in a row at demons, as well as 5 in under an hour. Gonna have to pick up one of them, it's taking away from my regular drops :wall: : [hide=Two clues IN A ROW!?!?!?!?][/hide] EDIT: A demon died while I was hitting the submit button and dropped #6 -.- -.- : [hide=][/hide]
  7. Bought AGS and had some fun in PVP: [hide=Missed most of the screenshots, here's a few though] [/hide] Then I died to group, managed to protect AGS in time but I lost fire cape. Got that back: [hide=Fire Cape][/hide] So yeah, stay out of PVP until a solution is found :shock: Also: [hide=Whip #23][/hide]
  8. http://dca.lacounty.gov/tsFalseAdvertising.htm
  9. Wealth, of course. And whip + defender > GS at all bosses except TD, and there are only thanks to the slower, bigger hits. Whip + defender has more damage per minute then any other weapon. There's no possible way you have enough evidence to support the 'bad luck' theory you would need dozens of claw drops to provide evidence supporting an increase or decrease.
  10. Typical marketing BS. If it was a game by itself, it would be closed for loss of money. Games that lose companies large amounts of money are generally not updated to lose more money.
  11. "Should be" from a players perspective and "should be" from a business perspective are very, very different. Sadly, Jagex is a business, not a charity.
  12. 43% of the average active players are FTP. 32293972 - 9729180 - 14497311 = 8,067,081 pounds for all server\bandwidth\hosting\etc. costs not mentioned above, with 43% directed to FTP for a total of 3,468,844 pounds plus wages for FTP maintenance and updates. So FTP loses around 1.3m pounds per year plus salary costs, and that doesn't include the number of members who click on the front page instead of in game ads.
  13. FTP loses money. As an independant game it fails, and owuld be instantly shut down. FTP is supported by paying PTP membesr, and therefore exists only to reel in members, as Jagex is a business with the goal of making money. They can say whatever they want to to try and make people feel good, but at the end of the day it's the bottom line that matters. http://dictionary.reference.com/search?q=business I don't see "like to see people having fun" on that list. If they want to do that, why wouldn't they donate the money to a charity to help needy people instead of re balancing game mechanics? :roll: I'm slightly pissed off that your stopping the debate, just when I had you struggling in the crushing grasp of reason -.- Ah well, I'll recover. Hopefully I'll get into another debate with a stubborner person soon =P~
  14. Define "probably true". I'm going with "probably not true" based on the fact that out of dozens of "rants" posted about this, not a SINGLE one has been proven to be true. That too. Not to mention the fact that the OP simply assumed which remark got him the mute - it's quite likely there was another, more serious infraction that he didn't recognize in the report, or additional factors that made it much worse then the terse description he posted.
  15. As have I, I attempt to correct when there is a misunderstanding, but pointless flaming has no place in a mature debate No, because the total value is only an approximation of the best possible method for determining an individuals rate; without that, there could never be any rate comparison. My statements are in complete agreement, I've stated that several time. I have yet to see a SINGLE series of calculations by you indicating anything to the contrary. Until then, my calculations stand. Oh, I'm sorry... I thought you said COMBAT training, not range training. Perhaps you should rephrase that to indicate you didn't plan on training combat. Go back and re read my replies, I'm really not sure why your trying to peruse this angle. It would really be a good idea to read my replies before posting. Could you point out the banking times rates, or the real numbers for +10% prayer and non-cannon on tasks where it was previous proven inefficient? I haven't seen any updates since then, either I overlooked them or your simply lying. Most obvious interpretation wins, and trying to flame based on a misinterpretation isn't going to do you any favors. Gee, that's odd. Perhaps you should re-read my post, I provided proof there. Oh, so now your incapable of lying? What changed this since the first 40 pages? I do that too, the quickreply script I wrote means if I hit backspace I lose everything. Happened to me way too many times, I'm working on coding a workaround :wall: :wall:
  16. In the real world sense: He's a computer avatar In the RS sense: It's what he's been doing its whole life. Did you think the term "bandit" meant he was an angel? In the TIF sense: Yeah, you'll get nothing but a very rare philosophical\discussion post and bunch of "lolz hez pixels u cant tell the difference between them and rl nerd lolz".
  17. Wow, they did an awesome job with this DD. It outlined pros and cons and provided details of the development process, it should help cut down on some of the "jagex is teh idiotz" threads we see. Nice job, Jagex.
  18. Bingo, see the new DD. They didn't want to add benches because only one player could sit at a time (waiting lines) and it would cause all sorts of graphic glitches. Jagex +1, TIF 0. Even I hadn't thought of that, guess I have to learn to think outside the box :|
  19. Wrong. China, Germany, and Japan are 3 major countries that have higher average IQ then the US (Source: http://manyeyes.alphaworks.ibm.com/many ... versions/1)
  20. That was actually the wisest post I've seen on this thread. I agree completely. Be careful when you speak in public chat\untrusted clan chats. If you aren't sure if a comment could be taken as racist, DON'T say it. Yes, I discuss various methods for RWT and how to avoid getting banned for it (not that I'd ever do it, just a discussion) in a clan chat, but ONLY with close friends. Careful what you say, you never know what could offend.
  21. Very true, variety is one of my favorite things about slayer :P
  22. You have completely ignored my posts. Your trying to argue that because a mage loses to a meleer twice his combat level, magic is underpowered. Sorry, but only the levels that affect your combat count. No, you can't, because being honest not only violates their financial statements (which would land them in a lot more trouble then an upbeat press release), violates business practices, and would qualify them for tax breaks as a not-for-profit business (Jagex.com clearly states they have the goal of earning money). And I will calmly point out how that update results in more members. It's quite obvious from that past 8 years or so that Jagex's goal isn't to redistribute the wealth of its PTP members to FTP members. Exactly my point, which verifies my previous point of the risk of prayer running out. Thanks for noticing.
  23. This is from one trip: Avansies isn't bad money at all, let alone about 1.2m range XP.
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