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  1. i think hes point was that they dont need to insult him if he dont want to duel... the world is full of idots if u cant beat them, join them :twisted: Best advice I've heard all day :
  2. nah, strength has limps and spider eggs in it. It would taste, earthy :?
  3. Oho, I wait for that day with relish....And the same as most pther people on here atm, My experience is mostly good with pmods, but I have had a few bad experiences with them, all for offensive language -->Mainly dam..... :evil:
  4. curly55555


    Maybe, but Ash still is a boy at heart, so I wouldn't think she'd be too impressed with jewellry
  5. Noy just steel as the bottom line, I'd love a ruby encrusted bronze scimmy...Maybe thats just me....
  6. I'm pretty sure he didn't, and didn't you read the post about richard o'brien = Brian O'richard? Just mix a name up a bit, and its OK to use. Anyway, this would probably push his sales up as well lol. I support 100% anyway
  7. Meh. 13 y/o kids are just easy targets to make arrest rates go up. Thats all it is really
  8. :( I wish I could trade. Its already well out of my range once it went to rune helm though
  9. Yeah, it is. Shame its starting to die :(
  10. The combat tutor on Tut Island weilds a 2h in one hand, and has a dragon sheild in the other. Vannaka, I think he's called. I always thought he looked a bit wierd too...Maybe hes meant to be like a throwback to the *x* age?
  11. Poor Zezima lol. Anyway, I still think They'll keep rs2 how it is, but just let it rot, or maybe move to a WoW sort of thing, with different expansions you can buy. However, I really hope none of them happen, as I can't even afford members atm
  12. So you know every p-mod personally then, and know that they're all whiter than white? You can't just generalise, theres always going to be a few bad'uns mixed in with a lot of good'uns. Thats life
  13. I definatly support it too, but I don't think there should be rewards, because like Pastygansta said, you're only laughing at others stupidity, why should you be rewarded for that? Mind you, you get rewarded for being stupid on You've been Framed, but thats different
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