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  1. Most people call them colour bots. The update wont affect them, because they interact with the legitimate game client. I expect to see a huge surge in the number of people using these (they are inferior to the other bots, but way harder for the server and probably Jagex staff to detect). These bots are much easier to [bleep] with too so I don't mind :D EDIT: Wow the water looks amazing.
  2. I can get as far as typing my user and pass, but error connecting to server :P
  3. Is that going to affect overload fishing? I'm not exactly sure on the mechanics of it only that I was rather enjoying it...
  4. I took it as the OPs bank is 50k more, not that Tansuo has a 50k bank. But I could be wrong! OT: Max all buyables with that cash?! Or invest, I've heard that now is a good time...
  5. How does the new vine whip change the order of weapons you should use? Does it bump rapier down but leave CLS at the top?
  6. gl if you were in a dungeon haha
  7. Regarding dungeoneering, I started with DGS when I was level 62. Mostly floor 30 and above are done as larges so from level 59 you could start doing a few floors with them. I hated dungeoneering before as well, but now really enjoy it and will have a rapier after my next reset.
  8. Just popping into the thread as I have been in the cc for a few days and am enjoying it so far, some hectic floors and a steep learning curve (i was only 62 dg when i did my first floor lol) but just keyed a floor for the first time because nobody else wanted to and did it in 36 minutes. Though I did die 7 times because I'm a noob. :thumbsup:
  9. If you could get 15k fishing exp and 600 dg exp per dungeon you'd get 8m dungeon exp from 200m fishing - 4% of 200m. Idk if that's significant or not though.
  10. Sorry to bring this up again but it's actually a good idea - listening to the keyer on skype might help paperbag with other stuff than just dungeoneering too. Random question to bring this post slightly back on topic: Collateral dg exp from 200m fish in C2 dungeons, or is that a stupid question/its negligible?
  11. Most of what has been mentioned above is pretty standard but I haven't seen anyone mention the fact that you can take the balloon from gnome stronghold (after checking both trees) to Taverly. I don't know if it'd be faster than a chipped taverly house tab but it would certainly be faster than teling to castle wars to use the balloon.
  12. Damnit, I had enough for 99 herb but got hacked 2 days ago. Lol. :grin: love it.
  13. @whoever said lower rares can't be lent, I just bought a green h'ween mask (lowest of them all and crashing) to test this and lent it for 400k for 12 hours after the first message advertising in GE - so you could probably get even more. Maybe I just got lucky and some kid reaaaally wanted a green mask, but I think you are wrong and lower rares will work too. Though obviously if you can afford it, get better rares. But then again you could make more from flipping with that cash. So it depends how little you want to play. If you're logging in once a day then lend, if you can log in once an hour/every few hours then flip.
  14. I think a few of the people on this thread think OP is talking about the actual GE when he's actually talking about the Grand Exchange section of the website with the graphs. I've also had problems, thought it was just my computer :rolleyes:
  15. Seems to be a lot of pures that love bots, and get super angry at us for killing them. Can't explain that. And then when you finally get a kill, one of them gets yer loot! Off to try hati to see if i have more luck!
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