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  1. I don't think you're making connection, in rsc YES you could attack instantly *ONLY* when someone ran away, but you COULD NOT hit someone (with melee) that was already in combat. "already in combat" became a very lose term post rsc BECAUSE of this eating twice issue. And anyway, If i remember correctly, people that pjed on a populated world in rsc were ranged down in a few seconds. (atleast my clan did the instant we saw anyone do it)
  2. My main point is that it applies almost entirely to Edgeville PKing. There would definitely be some resistance from people who PK elsewhere. For example, the mouse scroll wheel camera control would have little effect on Edgeville PKing, but it managed to get around 35% of the community against it, with the primary reason being that it every-so-slightly unbalances "run-in" or "spur" type PKing where you have to identify if a white dot is a danger to you. :P First, (and I thought this back in 07 as well) I'm not really for a PJ timer. I'd just like to see an update that makes it so that if I'm fighting someone, and go for specs and they eat twice, I'd like it to still register that I'm in combat with that person, thus can't get attacked, I shouldn't be made to suffer just cause the other guy needs to eat consistantly.
  3. agreed (and im not super rich) the ONLY way I see that this (them not being dc) could work in the slightest is if they introduced the elite clues again and gave them 3a rarity from only elite clues, that way they would still be ultra rare, and hold their value for a long time. But, again, this would just be a stop-gap, not a solution because they aren't truely dc, and more will still be introduced, albeit slowly.
  4. It is pitch black. You are likely to be eaten by a grue. other than that, Welcome!
  5. was the black cav + highwayman mask option back in 07? I'd really love to have that if it exists atm.
  6. yeah, that's a bit steep, I'd just keep that in the back of my mind when you do upgrades later on :D
  7. yeah the basic idea i wanted to convey is do your calculations (cyberpower does it for you in that box) and bump it up a bit :P * 850 Watts - Corsair CMPSU-850TXV2 80 Plus Power Supply - Quad SLI Ready [spring Mega Sale] [+71] looks good, i like Corsair RAM idk bout the PSU's they make but hey.... also gota plug Razer mice and keyboards :D shame about not having a fry's, while i love cyberpower you could still prolly shave $200-250 off of their price if you build it yourself (and alot of that can be done with buying windows from a college for $15 instead of the 150 or whatever they want (and yes you can do clean installs with those *upgrade only disks* just call them and say your computer crashed and they will activate it for you ))
  8. like i said, im not up on AMD stuff so i don't know the power they consume, but i've had issues with drawing to much power for the psu, and the computer just shutting down... and being that the 900w antec i have was only $100 it's not a big expensive thing... (I put 1200 in my dad's but i SLI'd two gfx cards for him) EDIT: just a quick google turned this up: idk if it's accurate or not: http://www.extreme.outervision.com/psucalculatorlite.jsp
  9. I recently built a computer for my father (over spring break) and the only thing i would caution you about those parts is this: I'd get ATLEAST an 800w psu, if not 1k. IDK about AMD, I'm an Intel i7/ Nvidia guy myself but from my experiances with Cyberpower have been good, (usually picked the stuff on there and went to frys to buy the parts) (if you've never been in an actual fry's store... (http://www.frys.com/ ) ITS FANTASTIC)
  10. What's the problem? The problem is that you pay 2 and 3 times the price for the same thing as a computer that already has Windows on it. And it's not just apple products that last long, my old Asus laptop is now 6 years old and still runs like new. In fact, most brands last as long as a macbook because that's the amount of time they're designed to last, which is about 5 years nowadays since they know people will probably have replaced it by that time. Do you have a source for that claim? Where could I get a Windows laptop for 2 to 3 times cheaper that: Has the same specs as a MacBook Pro. Has the same, sturdy build quality (anodized aluminum, trackpad made from glass, NO bezel around the screen that sticks out, etc.) I get to talk to a person that speaks fluent English perfectly well, whenever I need support. -- @@Miss Lioness There's a reason Macs are typically the choice for university students. Go to your nearest Apple Store, try one out. Look up some of the features of the operating system. It allows you to be very organized. I have however, heard good things about Lenovo, too. As a student with student needs, you can't really go wrong with a Lenovo laptop. Wouldn't almost any choice/model do? I don't have to go far. My $1300 Asus ROG laptop has the same specs as my friend's $3000 Macbook Pro. Also, even if it's very small, I've never seen a macbook without a screen bezel. My Asus might not be completely in Aluminum, but it is hard, thick plastic with good quality. Also, I spoke with someone from Ontario which was fluent in english when I was doing some warranty stuff. We both upgraded our laptops later though, both added a SSD, and my Windows loads in about 10 seconds before being ready to be used, which is shorter than my friend's macbook pro. And where did I buy it? NCIX.com. Also the reason why OSX seems to work better than Windows is that all laptops of the same model, with Apple, have the same hardware, which means the same drivers, which isn't true when it comes to Windows because they have to support thousands if not hundred of thousands of different hardware specifications. When it works good, like on all the computers I've had, it never crashes. And you still failed to list specs. I don't want to sound rude or criticizing, but without specs, your argument holds no water. I have personally used both the Windows operating system and Mac's OS X for many years. OS X, hands down, is much more efficient for a professional/work environment. Yes, I know this isn't laptops, and yes, I know, this is an OLD picture, but it's still true,
  11. dissagree, when they say it's to small, i think they mean it's to cramped - and varrock is cramped. Way more so than fally park, fally wide open so i can survey all the people selling things instead of being cramped into the smithing hut or the side next to the bank. totally hate trading in varrock.
  12. gnome quests and fairy quests for getting around...
  13. for some reason or another your link missed the last ) and goes to a missing page, adding ) to the end of it makes it work though.... http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Ranged_Strength_%28historical%29
  14. knowing my luck, they'll do something like this but it'll be during finals week... I am a bit concerned that if the drops can also come from skilling than bots will get alot of them...
  15. sorry for the missunderstanding, that's what i ment, I just didnt want someone to think void increased damage.
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