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  1. :evil: :evil: :evil: arrrrrghghhararrg :evil: :evil: :evil: how could you say that about tip.it :?: grrrrarrrgh Well to be honest, they are. I use Sals for quests and other guides, and it actually has a mature community, but I'm still faithful to TIF. :thumbsup:
  2. What? Does this mean we'll actually see you venture out of that famous fortress? Now you can play Trouble Brewing! =P~ Anyways, that is one very special achievement, CW, you fail son.
  3. I'm just casually strolling around Varrock. Noob: i bi ur cape *I'm wearing a quest cape.
  4. I was in a f2p world Varrock a few days a go and there was this level 47 in Addy called something like eddy6521 with a silver crown. :shock: I continued to review him and he couldn't even string out a proper sentence, I'm shocked Jagex chooses some of these people without viewing them properly.
  5. Yeah, if they are updating dangerous areas to look more dangerous, such as the ice areas, that may be because the new dungeon will be placed there. Jagex seems to be introduing alot of combat orientated updates in the last couple of months, it will take me ages to get round to doing it all and gaining the appropriate levels. :XD: New hairstyles/outfits = yay. :D Not too bothered about clan speak personally because I don't participate in clans, but it is a good game improvement. Doubtful I'll be able to touch the dungeon (level 98 cb). 'Incredible loot' 'Godsword' 'intense update'. It sounds like even Jagex are excited about releasing this one. No quest though, maybe the God dungeon will require one?
  6. Note to self: Don't click on this thread again, it will only remind you of your lack of spear drops. Best would be DH legs, over 150 runs.
  7. Shield half on Fire Giant Task, Black mask on Cave horrors, mostly junky clues.
  8. I've only ever seen 1 Jagex mod and that was Paul in RSC at the fishing guild. I see Player Mods all the time, after all, they play just the way em and you do. :P
  9. It was fun yesterday @ KBD, loved seeing all those ruby specs whooping him. Here's a pic of that 48. \
  10. I don't remember what my first quest was. But I remember vaguely Ernest the chicken, gawd that quest drove me insane. I got so confuzzled on those puzzles in the basement, I had to ask my bro to help me. #-o Most frustrating was Regicide, took me 2 days to finally figure out how to use that god damn distilling machine. Buying more coal and going back to the elf lands the long way each time. :x Favourite is either Lunar Diplomacy for all round plot, requirements and reward, or My Arm's Big Adventure and Cold War for quality entertainment.
  11. Grr I'm so pissed off atm. Wasted like 50k worth of food and pots on last 2 attempts. First one brought wrong stuff got up to 2nd to last one. Just then got up to Lancelot hit him 3 times, but it didn't posion. So I was sitting there hiding behind a dummy regenerating waiting to take a jab at him, and he just disappears! :evil: These things are tough.
  12. Was it because of the so called 'blood glitch'? Seeing as you are a staker and all.... :-w
  13. My green mask just sits in the top row of my bank gathering dust. I hardly wear it, I don't incorporate it into any outfits, NEVER wear it when training, after having it scammed once for a while never lend it to anyone. I keep it there because it is like my rock financially. I know if I quit and came back in 2 years it would have risen. And if I ever want to 'buy' a 99 I can always sell it.
  14. I'm thinking of taking another break from RS. I feel oblighed to train gruelling skills now a days when I log on. I do do things I find fun (Slayer)but after doing so much I feel *bad* about neglecting other skills with pathetic levels. It just doesn't have the same appeal any more. :|
  15. No. You only get Slayer exp if you are killing your assigned monster at that current time.
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