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  1. Was lots of fun, first time our entire team has gotten together at the same place at the same time. It was just the team, sorry everyone but it wasn't an event! :P I didnt get to talk much cause I was eating dinner at the time! :oops: We tried doing a TET AU FTW in fires but the fires kept going out before we got to spell it out hehehe. So we tried it with dropping logs instead :o Thanks to my team for all making the effort to come along, brilliant work!!!
  2. Heya All Now that you all know about TET AU we hope to see you at some of our events. =D> We are named TET AU but we are all still part of the main TET group, we just hold our events at an Australian Friendly time. This means that TET is providing not one, but two quality events every week for you all. Isn't that great! The reason TET AU was formed was that there were people who commented in the TET forums regularly that the events were held at awful times for them, such as 5am in the morning, we have given these people a chance to attend events at a normal time. These events can be attended by anyone who wishes to attend, not just Australians. The team of Nabbagad, Shazarabbit, Blue_Star67, Killer4hire1, Jemathonical, Guydabest and myself, all work hard to create events every week, and everyone who has attended our events have thoroughly enjoyed themselves. For event information please go to the following link: http://forum.tip.it/viewforum.php?f=102 The TET and TET AU Events are posted every Monday in these forums. So come along, have some fun, and most important, keep on smiling. :D Cheers Sheynara (TET AU Leader)
  3. 9/10 See you in the #runescape irc chat, you post regularly in the forums, and you attend TET Events. :D
  4. Happy Australia Day! :D
  5. And there is another one trying to interigate me. When will you guys get it, I know nothing. I dont even know what an Honest1 is or where he is hiding.... :-w Very good Mirror!!! Its all lies I tell you!
  6. :-# I told you I didn't want my alcoholism to be public knowledge. Okay I admit, I can't help myself, yes I was getting drunk with Sheynara and Satenza and please tell your butler I am really sorry about making a mess of the throne room. It was you!!!!! OMG you owe me big time AJC, my butler quit and I had to clean up that mess myself!!! Then I had to walk all the way to Ardougne to hire a new butler, and with an asgarnian ale hangover and all. BTW Shazza I think I found your bikini top in the hottub.
  7. You are wrong. Satenza and AJC were both with me at my house, sleeping off an over indulgence of asgarnian ale! #-o Does anyone have any information leading to the release of our esteemed leader? Please do not hesitate to let us know!! We want our leader back! Edit: maybe the kidnappers put that in to throw you all off the trail of the real culprits?
  8. There is a Sheynara on another games forum outside runescape. Definitely not me! I only play runescape and use tip.it forums.
  9. Came across this at level 51 wildy. Me and friend both came out with the suggestion it looks like a smiley face.
  10. There is an Australian TET now hosting events at Aussie Friendly times. Check out the TET Forums for details :) cheers Sheynara
  11. There is another way outside of using a browser? heheh im a tech n00b!
  12. Not so long ago I toddled off to Jellies for slayer task. I had been there about 10 mins and there was one other person there having a poke at them too. I said hi, but did not get a response. About 5 minutes later I saw a red dot on the screen and decided to investigate. (some people dont pick up their herbs or money whereas I'm a scavanger) I came across a death pile, so i started looting it, I got: Black mask Glory amulet Wealth ring about 50k cash about 2k fire runes 500 chaos 5 sharks I patiently waited about 15 minutes for the person to return and due to them not saying hello to me I did not have their name on my chat screen. I was prepared to return his/her items if they showed up. But they must have been so embarrased about dying they did not come back. So theres a lesson in it, be nice and say hi, you may get lucky if you die! (oooh that rhymed) Edit: the items collected were from P2P but since this topic is in F2P I posted this here.
  13. What a fun party Evil :) I reallly enjoyed the balloon drop party, and the dance party, then at the end I just walked around dropping cabbages everywhere :) congrats evil on a great accomplishment. Heres the group screenie i took. Here is you getting your level Evil, couldnt see the fireworks tho :)
  14. There are probably a lot more than people realise floating around, a lot of people have rares that they are not interested in selling. Also there is the percentage of people who were around for the drops and have tonnes in their bank but quit RS and their account is sitting there inactive without them even knowing their bank is priceless. I have a friend who quit for 3 years and came back and has tonnes of rares in his bank. He is not interseted in selling any of them either and does not participate in forums. :) wish i was him Edit: the blue h'ween mask i am wearing in my siggie was lent by him to me so I could take a few screen shots.
  15. I dont have any pictures of anyone famous, but I do have this one of yesterday at the afterparty for Honest1s 99 fishing. The Runescape classic pictures are great, I wasnt around then so its nice to see how the other half lived :)
  16. Tip.It is the main site that I use for forums and quest help, I love the Map but Find it slightly outdated, but sheesh I use a road map in my car that Is about 5 years old so hey who am I to complain! I agree people on here are very patient with others, and I am a woman and tend to spend about an hour making sure I have all my equipment right before I even leave canafis bank for Barrows, and the friends who have gone along with me have waited patiently. I still use other sites too on occasion as sometimes I find more than one opinion on quest help can really help me when im completly stuck. Such as I was during Mournings End Part 2. So I advocate both sites, but I will always be a Tip.Iter :)
  17. Very True Mirrorforced...I agree. I have a few trustworthy friends now that I would happily lend my santa to. And I have met some really fantastic friends here at Tip.it as well. The Events are a magnificent way of meeting people with similar likes and so far not one of the new friends I have added from tip.it have made their way to my ignore list. =D> Evil and myself (though we havent known each other long) have become great friends, and even if he is a pmod I still like him ....well sort of hahaha WE had a great day with Honest1's 99 party and finished it off with a few screenies of us swapping my santa for his guthix. And yes I did get my santa back.....but I had to wash it cause it was full of headlice....:P
  18. Had some fun with Evil_mumm_ra when I lent him my santa and he lent me his guthix, here are the piccys :)
  19. might also be an idea to actually state a time and country rather than say tonight. Helps us international players cause I have no idea what time ur talking about.
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