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  1. 4 years later, we still have the same birthday ;) :D

  2. Cheers for this. Happy Belated Birthday :)

  3. I'm Back........

  4. Hey it's my bday too today, I just turned 18!

    Happy birthday! :D

  5. Wow just seen that now Thank you very much.

  6. New Clue up found it really easy. [spoiler=*SPOILER* Answer day 3] 3 Bones 6 Fires Runes Megan Party Pete's Falador All so you get the Magnifying Glass if you didn't do last years like me
  7. Happy birthday

  8. Had to change mine to get rid of those numbers. Known as Only Simon now.
  9. Got 90 Slayer at last :D Then on my first dark beast task i got this:
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