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  1. I need to know how to make profit off of fletching yew longs. I can't high alch. I can low. How do I make a profit after buying yews and bowstrings? Help Please!
  2. The major downside would be the economic repercussions of the mini-economy concept. Another negative aspect of the server assingment would be the fact that people would constantly be fighting over trees, thiving victims, fishing spots, General Store items, etc. I would most likley quit RS if this concept ever came into play. (It wont. : )
  3. Because they're part of the player base? :shock: Not the paying player base that Jagex is obligated to satisfy and fufill the wishes of.
  4. I agree. I decided to become a member while I was banking one day. It also occoured while I was crafting one day. f2p is a method of attraction "advertisements" for p2p. Simple buisness. That's what Jagex is... a buisness. People forget this.
  5. While I can see your points I don't think that RS will be gone in 5 years. I think that we (the good players) can still revive the game in due time. This is from a best-case-scenerio from the players' point of view. From the view of a buisness (e.g. Jagex) RS will be going stronger than ever. 13-year-old Billy will tell his friends of all the "fun" RS can offer. Billy and all of his friends will buy membership. Autoers will comprise half to 2/3 of the membership of RS. The economy will be in a worse than that of the US after 9/11. Future Chat Window at World 1: Fally East Player 1: seln oak logs 1k ea Player 2: i just got 40m after i scammed this dude Player 3: buyin lvl 126 acct $50 I really don't want the game to go down this road. I, as I think most people do who've been playing this game for awhile, have a certain sentiment attached to this game. I've been playing since 1999 and I certainly will be angered if autoers and Billy ruin this game. Unite! Save RS!
  6. The way I see it, why should f2p even ask for anything? You already have an incredibly detailed game with a good combat system, many quests, a lot of skills, and a large community, oh yeah... for free! Stop lobbying for better stuff for f2p. It won't work. Just get members if you want to be a part of active updates in the game. This isn't ment to be offensive or demeaning in any way. I was f2p for 4 years.
  7. Combat Stats: Atk: 53 Str: 54 Def: 48 HP: 49 Pray: 17 (I know hoping to get bones off of training) I use a Rune Hally if thats any help.
  8. f2p should remain always and forever for the following reasons: 1. I've only been a member for 3 months; f2p is a great way to build up your character before making the switch. I built my guy up for 4 years (I know...) 2. The trial would destroy the economy from the inside. Coal and Iron prices would go to astronomic heights because a majority of miners are f2p. I don't feel like paying 300ea for Coal. 3. Little kids have just as much right to play RS as you and I do. An 11 year old probally doesn't have acess to a credit card. Why should your sugguestion rob them of hours of enjoyment. In sumation, I think your comment was a very selfish and eleitest thing to say about f2p. How about you stop worring about yourself and let other people have a few hours of enjoyment.
  9. I guess it shows it where we are as a worldwide culture today if we are whining about virtual animal cruelty. Jagex is not promoting animal cruelty. Just find something valid to worry about. I just can't believe this. This is a perfect example of what people value as important as starving infants and children in Darfur or young men and women fighting in wars. Lets think of what issues are ACTUALY important next time.
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