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  1. Your camera has several hot pixels (the brightly coloured dots in your images) hopefully by using a lower ISO these should not appear but if they do I stronly suggest contacting your cameras manufacturer if it is still in warranty.
  2. Hope you're doing well. :)

  3. Dude you aint a child so I can hit you all I want ;)
  4. Unanimous means everyone agrees, as you can see some people don't :\ You didn't really think through your post did you? As a Early Years college student I agree that spanking is wrong, if I can educate a child without hitting them, which is illegal for me to do so, why can't parents?
  5. I say the current stance is fine, as lightning stated swiftswitch is a third party client, as such then it can be edited or hacked, whos to say the next update won't be a keylogger? The safety of the community should be of the upmost importance, if people really want to get to swiftswitch they will find it without it being advertised on tip.it then they can't come running back to tip.it when it all goes wrong.
  6. Boing boing hill, any RSCer worth anything will remember that ;)
  7. I used to give blood until I was diagnosed with my illness last august, was nearly on my 10th donation too :(
  8. I guess this is why our tests are sent away to be marked by someone that doesn't know us, that way the marking is done fairly, seems a much better system than yours to be honest.
  9. be EXTREMELY careful opening your psu the capacitors still hold a charge long after it has been turned off, touch them and you'll get a nasty shock. Anyway the fans are easily replaceable, just cut the existing fans wires, take them out and splice new fans onto the existing wires aking sure the coloures of the cables match.
  10. I have a weak immune system so I get sick a lot...doesn't help I work with germ infested kids :P Got a headache atm and feeling a little weak so I think I've caught another nasty, hopefully I'll last til the end of term on friday before it hits me hard :P
  11. I accidentally partially amputated my little brothers finger when I was 4, it was hanging on by the skin :-X
  12. have you tried using a tft monitor? I've found you don't get the lines on them.
  13. if its ATA and not SATA it should work just fine, trust me you'll notice the difference between the ports on an ATA and SATA drive.
  14. your psu fan should be blowing air out of your pc...unless you have this confused with a cpu fan?
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