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  1. Your camera has several hot pixels (the brightly coloured dots in your images) hopefully by using a lower ISO these should not appear but if they do I stronly suggest contacting your cameras manufacturer if it is still in warranty.
  2. Dude you aint a child so I can hit you all I want ;)
  3. Unanimous means everyone agrees, as you can see some people don't :\ You didn't really think through your post did you? As a Early Years college student I agree that spanking is wrong, if I can educate a child without hitting them, which is illegal for me to do so, why can't parents?
  4. I say the current stance is fine, as lightning stated swiftswitch is a third party client, as such then it can be edited or hacked, whos to say the next update won't be a keylogger? The safety of the community should be of the upmost importance, if people really want to get to swiftswitch they will find it without it being advertised on tip.it then they can't come running back to tip.it when it all goes wrong.
  5. Boing boing hill, any RSCer worth anything will remember that ;)
  6. I used to give blood until I was diagnosed with my illness last august, was nearly on my 10th donation too :(
  7. I guess this is why our tests are sent away to be marked by someone that doesn't know us, that way the marking is done fairly, seems a much better system than yours to be honest.
  8. be EXTREMELY careful opening your psu the capacitors still hold a charge long after it has been turned off, touch them and you'll get a nasty shock. Anyway the fans are easily replaceable, just cut the existing fans wires, take them out and splice new fans onto the existing wires aking sure the coloures of the cables match.
  9. I have a weak immune system so I get sick a lot...doesn't help I work with germ infested kids :P Got a headache atm and feeling a little weak so I think I've caught another nasty, hopefully I'll last til the end of term on friday before it hits me hard :P
  10. I accidentally partially amputated my little brothers finger when I was 4, it was hanging on by the skin :-X
  11. have you tried using a tft monitor? I've found you don't get the lines on them.
  12. if its ATA and not SATA it should work just fine, trust me you'll notice the difference between the ports on an ATA and SATA drive.
  13. your psu fan should be blowing air out of your pc...unless you have this confused with a cpu fan?
  14. I just use black drag items and my dragon scimmy, I have plenty of food in my bank so its more cost effective for me :)
  15. 4 atm. Mine Brothers Sisters Family pc All AMD Desktops :) I'll get pictures tomorrow when everyone is out :anxious:
  16. I've found if I just hang on to each and every day like there might not be a tomorrow it makes living bearable, your friends are the most important thing in your life if you are feeling down, I wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for the support of my friend, both those i have made in real life and those that I have made online. All you can be is yourself, don't try to mold to the way society says you should look like, act like and feel, we are all gifts to the world and we can do so much with our lives and that is true, always, even if we can't see it right now.
  17. I ate a thumb tack for a dare once, that REALLY hurt when it stabbed into my throat.
  18. Power supplies can hold enough charge in their capacitors to kill you, I got a nasty burn on my hand due to not leaving the psu to discharge long enough before opening it up, make sure your dad knows of the dangers before opening it up again next time. Firstly make sure all the cables are connected fully and in the right ports. then try a different power connector (red, 2 black and yellow connector) then try using a different IDE cable leading to the drive If that fails try plugging it into a different IDE port. It should be able to read cds without drivers, all the cd/dvd writers I've used have been able to, they are mostly just plug and play so I'm suspecting its a hardware issue.
  19. What do you mean, "terrible"? I thought pretty much all of it was awesome. Misterxman posted a while back that he had submitted a few, his just didn't get accepted. You can't say the artwork is terrible if you don't have any artwork of your own that is better, you also don't know the age of the users that the artwork was submitted from. Think before you complain. This was put on the page, from a tip.it user named Frizoid who has even posted in this thread to confirm it! /noobydragonimage I think it's pretty good. Although the morytania swamps were just amazing. Yeah, I'm trying to find out what weapon it is, it looks like a bronze dagger, but nobody would be stupid enough to fight with the dragons with a bronze dagger. :-k It was dragon coloured, they reduced the quality of it a lot :(
  20. Riding around on bald tyres, especially when there is ice on the road, does not make you a careful driver. When you are critising other peoples driving its not such a good idea to post something that shows blatent disregard for yours and other peoples safety as well. The police take pictures of the cars and the accident scenes and use that as well as statements to assess what actually happened, the insurance companies will go from there.
  21. That pretty much sums up my viewpoint. I am for complete freedom. Haven't had a good political discussion in a while, lets see if I'm up for it. :D Civillisation as we know it is based on laws and ethics which restrict what we can do, without these we will destroy ourselves, complete freedom would ultimatly lead to our complete destruction. I would rather be safe, for example in the UK we now have strict firearm laws, if someone over here gets shot its front page news, but in the US it happens everyday and its lucky if it makes the local papers, I would hate to live in a society with that much freedom.
  22. There were several tornadoes in my area a few weeks ago, they didn't do a huge amount of damage but it was a big suprise with us being in the centre of britain virtually. I was locked in a building with 40 screaming kids at the time that the tornado storm struck, it was sooooo not fun.
  23. What makes what the terrorists did so different to what the US army did hunting down osama bin laden after the world trade centre attack, many more people have been killed, don't you think the torture you have inflicted on that country is enough? As soon as you legalise torture in one area of the law the line becomes hazy for other areas, soon they will be able to torture you for other crimes, imagine being a 12 year old tortured because you shoplifted some sweets and would tell the police who was with you? No human has the right to inflict suffering on another, yes what these terrorists do is wrong, but that doesn't make what america wants to do to them any righter.
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