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  1. very nice guide but guthans can be useful on some tasks scarabites can be easy though [hide=scarabite guide]pause if you need to see something(I had to speed it up a bit to make it fit into restrictions)GiyaeduZk6I [/hide]
  2. I think I might do a little skilling now [hide=abyssal demons][/hide]
  3. nice blog good luck on your goals congrats on 48 slay cant really think of much else to say, anyway good luck
  4. agreed its too clumped together not much organisation
  5. eh it was Jacobs idea i was gonna post in sticky tbh...
  6. just some emotes at edge bank :D :P (person on right is jacob12340)
  7. thanks i might go see if i can find any friends to help with god wars maybe armadyl or bandos :?
  8. I am tryin to get a bandos or zammy godsword(preferably bandos) but i dont know how to get the money for it at the moment i have around 2m to use I will post my stats if it helps [hide=stats] [/hide]
  9. welcome to the forums and your stats are ok i would say about 7/10
  10. ............................... omg dots!!!!! ^ :ohnoes: :-k :notalk: :boohoo: :-X :mrgreen:
  11. wouldnt that decrease your range? but i think agility potions taste like frogs toadflax frogslegs
  12. actually theyre complaining if you complain afterwards its called a rant so they arnt preparing to complain theyre preparing to rant I think anyway i agree sort of jagex need better holiday events but then again free stuff is free stuff
  13. good guide :thumbsup: =D> this'll be good for cheapskate teletab makers like me :P
  14. good guide =D> :thumbsup: now to go get me a guilded alter :P 8-)
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