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  1. If you were smart and payed even a little bit of attention to music then you should know that ISMFOF means "I Set My Friends on Fire". But Obviously you did not know that. Also it wasnt meant to be an opening to a great discussion or anything like that it was meant to be a promo for ISMFOF (or I Set My Friends on Fire for people like you who dont know much about bands) so they can get more view on yt (or youtube, just trying to clear that up).
  2. so what you trying to say by watching that stupid movie on how to post?
  3. yea dude it is pretty awesome i must say.
  4. Pineapple Express was a really good movie... I like at the end how red (also Rico on Hot Rod) didn't die even though he got shot multiple times and got his butt kicked... Hilarious.
  5. Iron... or granite if your members...
  6. i'd say hunter considering i got it to 81 in about 2 weeks... red chinchompas are one of the fastest exp in the game...
  7. artist: bring me the horizon album: count your blessings still your favorite?: yes, but there new album comming out they changed there style artist: trivium album: the crusade still your favorite?: yes
  8. pearl jam... nirvana makes me too depressed
  9. I wouldn't really care how much money i won on DOND because its more money then i came there with. Also you go on the game show to risk the money that you don't already have to make it more interesting and suspenseful for the audience that is watching. Thats why it is on television.
  10. Reptar, King of the Ozone- The Devil Wears Prada
  11. TIF Facebook Myspace Runescape yahoo and other stuff that i fell needs to be checked...
  12. I Paintball at least 3 times a month... its awesome..
  13. Im gonna go see it on friday when it comes out because it does look pretty awesome... The ads on tv make it look awesome....
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