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  1. I fill the breached dam with memes. It's power level is over 9000! I then send you twenty thousand spam messages in the form of paper airplanes. Overwhelmed by the offers of free money and natural enhancement, you drop the cheese. I grab the cheese and run away.
  2. reaper88888

    Pros & Cons

    Pro: They help describe emotions over the 'net. Con: This guy: :shame: Self-righteousness.
  3. reaper88888

    Pros & Cons

    Pro: Nonsense is sometimes funny. Con: Sometimes nonsense takes on the appearance of insane fundamentalism. Insane fundamentalism.
  4. Yes. I will hurt* anyone who stands in the way of my galactic hegemony. (* : Politically correct term for 'slaughter'.)
  5. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks this way. Sleeping and eating are two of the biggest time wasters. It'd be so much easier if we could go without them. -.- OT: I'm also one of those people who eat their feelings. After a bad day, an oreo shake from BK or a spoonful of peanut butter makes me feel so much better. I'm not fat though, I swear. :anxious: I feel the same way.. food is just a pain. Unless it's good food, then eating can actually be enjoyable, but for the most part, I would rather have the time spent eating. And for some reason, I like to have munchies to eat when I'm reading. :? But damn it, even though I eat plenty, I'm still underweight. I weight less than my dog. (Big dog, but still..) :-#
  6. I was up to 18% when I checked, so I filled in a little bit of the T, but I'm saving 10% to recharge faster. We still might be able to recover... Hopefully they will be distracted by some other logo and go screw it up instead. :|
  7. I fly my bracketplane back to the previous location, grab the cheese, and do a flying kick off of a cliff. [bracketplane!]
  8. reaper88888

    Pros & Cons

    Pro: Sounds good. Con: I have no idea what it is... Ignorance.
  9. ^^^ Oh gawd. Hope that you never see a swarm. Where I live, we have the 17 (or whatever) year ones, where hundreds of thousands/millions of them come out of hibernation at the same time. The constant buzzing drowns out pretty much everything, you literally can't take a step without crushing a few, and if you move a tree, a swarm will take off and fly around for a few seconds. They are freaking annoying. But the dogs love them...
  10. ^ Yeah, I think the key is to only use a few % of ink every day, to keep it from resetting.
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