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  1. Quitting then coming back. Gonna try and make it work this time!
  2. need a non manipulative price average on hats atm?
  3. Yes, but tbh you shouldn't. Only people who actually played classic, when classic was the only game, should get the cape.
  4. You guys gotta get off the followers band wagon here. Every time someone with a little reputation gets banned or does something inappropriate and gets punished you all start defending the person because you think they care. You gotta stop drooling over these e-famous no namers, like Justin Bieber, and deal with your own lives. I don't wanna see another loser become famous over night because he made a youtube video over a rs update, and turn that person into a sage.
  5. Woot! Gained 30M on Elysian, lost 30M on Divine. It's bad that after gaining so much staking, you look at 30M like, "Meh." Lost like 400M on Virtus and simply thought, "Well, looks like I'm gonna stake for an hour or two." Lol. Replace staking with nex for me. I feel the same way. Back in the day losing 10m was horrible. I was mad for weeks. I threw away 30m today on buying crap just to give to friends with out a second thought about making it back.
  6. That seems like a pretty reasonable assumption. But I don't think they would crash that much that quickly. On other terms, does anyone happen to have a Price-Range on the Torva Parts? full is 1.4b
  7. Nope, not the end. Just steep dip in its downward spiral. The server went down, big deal. You gonna cry about it all day? Servers are up 24/7/365 except for like a few hours a month for updates. Deal with it.
  8. Seeing as there is only around 40 hours of Original content in the game if you add up EVERYTHING, I feel that $6 a month over time is WAY MORE than I should need to pay. When I say original content I mean all skills before the thousands of repetitive clicking hours and unoriginal ripped off quests and mini games.
  9. I know damn well everyone aware of the corp glitch tried to abuse it. I don't even want to hear someone say otherwise. I also know that deep down inside everyone who didn't know about the glitch wishes they would have. Money causes greed and brings out the worst in people. No one is of pure hearts anymore. If just in game there are thousands of people scamming and stabbing their friends in the back for personal gains. I would honestly be surprised if ANYONE in this topic has never once abused a glitch, scammed a player, or have had no thoughts against doing so. I CAN however say that a majority of people in this topic probably never botted. Its not all that common.
  10. As of yesterday White is 1770M (What I sold mine for in GE) and Divine around 920.
  11. If you really believe that your an idiot. Japan That is all.
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