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  1. In that image the website that you would be going to is recov.me. ALWAYS check that. If it was real it would go to runescape.com, and checking the link you can see a things off about it.
  2. http://services.runescape.com/m=rswiki/en/ Who can edit the Wiki: Players who match the following requirements may edit the wiki: Must be a member 10 hours of game time 5 Quest Points 100 total level
  3. Isn't it possible that F2p players won't be shown on the hiscores but you can still enter their name and see their stats?
  4. aubury walks I believe? - The idea is to have the flag "visually" in front of the bots, so the bots force a click on the flag. i mean put the flag just in front of the doorway to his shop?
  5. Would this also work at Aubury's rune shop? Would be a good way to stop the bots :thumbsup:
  6. I know it's a tip in the tips and tricks section of the guide, but when I did the quest a while back I didn't need to being him any items because I had bought a death talisman. So it wouldn't it be easier to just bring one with you?
  7. 1) I was writing a pm and I saved it just in case something happened and I would have to start it from the start again, anyway I saved it and I went back to finish writing it. In the drafts box I clicked on the message I was wanting to finish and I got this message: The thing is I wasn't starting a new pm, I was trying to get back into the one I had just saved. 2) If you try save a message that has no message subject you get told: The message hasn't been sent because the message subject needs to be at least 2 characters long. (Yes I am sure I pressed "Save (Send later)") 3) If you have some links in your message e.g and you save it as a draft and then you go back to it, all the links are collapsed onto each other. e.g I know none of them are really major problems or anything, but I thought I would mention them.
  8. I am using Comodo firewall and Avast anti-virus, I am also using Spybot search and destroy for spyware. Is there any other programs I would use as well/instead of them? I am asking because my laptop is just over two years old and it's getting slow and I was told by a tech guy in my college that having the both of them can slow down my computer and my Internet access. So is there anything else I could use? Thanks
  9. Okay thanks. Next question, what would be a good language to learn next? In college I have learned (learning) * (x)html) * CSS * Java * PHP * SQL * Actionscripting 3 At the moment I'm trying to lean C, but in the above languages I would mainly be a beginner in them (except for html, I know that the most) So what would be a good language to learn next or should I try learn more of the languages I already know?
  10. Hello, I've been thinking on (trying) to learn C, but I'm not sure of any compilers for it. I have googled C compiler fro windows, but even at the I'm not too sure which one is best to use. Also what is the difference between c, c# c-- and c++?
  11. So it looks like 4chan is well underway of helping Assange. http://techcrunch.com/2010/12/08/4chan-takes-down-mastercard-site-in-support-of-wikileaks/ I think this isn't going to end well...
  12. Well there are still some formulas that still need to be cracked or might have only recently been cracked. So I wouldn't be so quick to put it down. Care to give an example? I can't think of any undiscovered formulas to date. How the slayer xp of monsters are gotten? Since not all monsters slayer xp is their lp/10.
  13. Well there are still some formulas that still need to be cracked or might have only recently been cracked. So I wouldn't be so quick to put it down.
  14. http://techcrunch.com/2010/11/30/wikileaks-julian-assange/
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