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  1. A lot of people seem to be a fan of government marijuana "cigarettes". Depending on how much is in each cigarette, a pack of marijuana cigarettes would be quite expensive when compared to tobacco cigarettes. Or would marijuana become cheaper if it were legal?
  2. It was the first time in a while that I worked hard on biceps, yes. And I go with a friend who has lifted 3-4 years, so I consider him good enough to be a trainer. And of course I drink the nasty whey.
  3. I did a biceps/back/pack workout two days ago. My back and stomach feel fine and healed...however, my biceps [bleep]ing KILL. I can't put my arms down straight because they are still so sore, and when I walk I have to have them at like a 90 degree angle. Is this normal? Have I overdone my muscles/hurt them? Will they grow a lot?
  4. Easter is the pagan goddess of fertility. Those who worshipped Easter would offer colored eggs to her. The myth is that Easter blessed bunnies with fertility, so that is why bunnies are as numerous as they are. ACT scores come out tomorrow.
  5. This is a 7th grade Pre-Algebra problem.....psh.
  6. Well I can assure you it's not raw muscle, although from Cross Country/track my legs are strong, so hopefully my squatting is better than most beginners. Yeah, they told me the first month usually shows the most improvement, then things slow down.
  7. Hello everyone. I just signed up to a really small gym for cheap, $30 for 3 months. (It is REALLY small, but it has everything one needs). Anyway, I am 6'2 and weigh roughly 150 pounds. I know before I begin, I am going to have to max out. So what should I expect to max out on?(bench, squat, deadlift) I heard that beginners should be able to bench roughly half their body weight (So for me roughly 75 lb. bench) Is this true? And is it a bad idea to lift with friends who are much stronger than you? (one partner is school's top bench weight, another is the school's best deadlift...)
  8. Hi. I'm just curious, could you tell me the general price range of 350z's?
  9. Don't know if he posted in OT, but does anyone remember blink182rocker? <---There may be a 55 in there somewhere. I wasn't friends with him but stilll....damn.
  10. The "Bungie favorites" of Calll of Duty. Don't recall off the top of my head what they are.
  11. Gotta love how all of the highest rated community maps are fakeass 15th lobbies. -.-
  12. My Dermatologist gave me stronger creams/pillz today. I guess this is the final stand, because I don't have health insurance (lol) and I can't afford accutane. The End.
  13. This game is by far the best since CoD4. What MW2 should have been, but without the BS.
  14. I just got a pair of Vibrams for Christmas (lol). Do you have to wear and get used to them, or can you just put them on and go? Wow I can't even put these [bleep]s on, my pinky toe and ring toe always double up in the ring toe slot.
  15. I just got a pair of Vibrams for Christmas (lol). Do you have to wear and get used to them, or can you just put them on and go?
  16. I have a Plantar's wart on my left foot. :-|
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