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  1. Meldar


    I've been a smoker for several years now; got into it at 15 because practically everyone I knew (that is, everyone my age) smoked as well. So...that sucks. I have at least cut back to, as ironically mentioned above, about a pack and a half a week. Thing is, I liked tobacco before I actually started. I'll probably never stop, and that's just the way it is. I definitely prefer cigars to cigarettes, and my significant other and I like our nighttime discussions over a fine cigar. It's legal and we like it. Alcohol, on the other hand...I suppose this may lead to some preconceptions, but I am a college student who does like social events. Thing is, I don't drink. Not only is it illegal, but I'm on a few medications that prevent me from processing alcohol (that is, one shot feels like four or five) and so...there's my excuse. I've always been against the idea of alcohol as a crutch. I've seen too many friends go to rehab for alcohol and drug abuse (cocaine and heroin mainly). Extended family members of mine have been alcoholics. It's sad and frightening. As such, even though I identify as a social progressive, I am strongly against any legislation lowering the drinking age here in America. The rest of the world, fine, do your own thing. ;) I've never tried hard drugs and don't plan to. I easily could, though, that's the scary thing. It doesn't speak very well of my area that I can I think of five places or people where I can potentially buy any number of substances, but that's the case. I don't like that at all...I see what it does to people, and it's terrible.
  2. Happy birthday :D

  3. Well they don't fool me. :P I don't claim to be an expert on how they work, I guess I've just seen them so much I've grown used to their presence. I used to run a skilling clan (technically still do) and bot-hunting was one of our regular events. Seems a bit silly, but I can't help but feel it helps a little.
  4. Not so at all. A genuine player, even if he/she is a serial grind-trainer, shows variation in their gameplay. A bot generally does not. It is not that hard for a large group of computer programmers to generate a method of detecting the use of other (3rd party) programs to interact with theirs. For instance, the bots which fight Chaos Mages. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to their actions but in reality, they follow a scripted course, just like every other bot ever. JaGEx's detection systems do fail sometimes, but never (as far as I hear) has it resulted in a wrongful ban for macroing. With bots being just about any level, though, it's not going to get any easier to tell...I'll admit to that. :(
  5. I do actually go out of my way to report hundreds of bots a day. It's one way of giving back, since I'm not going to mute people for cursing. Hell, I curse at the bots. In Chinese. Normal player reports are treated similarly, except they have the 60-second limit between reports. Macro reports just set the system in motion and it's all (ironically) automated from there on. It DOES work. And they're working on newer, bigger, better ways to catch cheaters. They just won't let on how. ;)
  6. Meh, I've not had a haircut in ~16 months and it looks fine. No knots or anything as I brush it out. My hair's really curly, so it doesn't get in my face unless it's really windy, or I straighten it. Caretaking isn't that big a deal although I go through a lot of shampoo. Other people don't regard me any differently (why should they?). I think the main reason people don't realize it's so long is because my hair's so curly. If I straighten it, it goes down to almost my chin, which is ridiculous and impractical...
  7. I'm voting McCain since Ron Paul threw in the towel and endorsed Chuck Baldwin, who is insane.
  8. Figured its high time I post another one as my hair's gotten quite long. Feel free to index, I think I only have one right now.
  9. I lol'd, hard, does that make me a bad person? :( - I've posted serious questions on Yahoo Answers (before I discovered the encyclopedia in my library) and gotten answers that are just plain wrong, honestly.
  10. DragonForce and Shi-I mean SlipKnot.
  11. I can't stand anything that has no meaning behind the lyrics. That includes songs in EVERY genre. I like all genres of music, even some country. But if it doesn't mean anything there's no way I'm listening to it.
  12. JFAC isn't too good. Personally I try and growl like Origin or Svartsot. The key is to breath from the chest and not the throat or it'll be hellishly sore really soon. And ignore the fail[bleep] trolls above.
  13. I have sleep problems to an extent so I can go to bed at 3 AM and wake up at noon feeling totally exhausted, or I could go to bed at 9 PM and wake up at 9 AM feeling totally exhausted. Usually I get about 10 hours of sleep but it doesn't do much.
  14. Woah. Not what I expected. Look out world.
  15. Hear hear, too bad you got to this topic first, I was gonna say the exact same thing. And I'll elaborate. Look, I believe in the same God that all Christians, Jews, and Muslims believe in. But do I believe that He controls and judges all our actions, no; do I believe that the Bible is a book of law, no; do I think America (I'm from America) should be governed according to religious creed, no. Is homosexuality right? Well I'm not homosexual, at least, not entirely, I go both ways, but I still support gay rights and freedoms. Is homosexuality wrong, well that's a resounding NO and I have a huge pet-peeve of people using the same religion that I follow as a fall-back/shield/method of arguing that such alternate lifestyles are "wrong".
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