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  1. Even with my supposed multi-tasking talent, you've managed to get four more capes than me. And awesome ones at that :P Thanks, Lara. I appreciate it :D What I got done yesterday/today: -Kept up with my daily Woodcutting goals, and now over halfway from 95 to 96. -Mined a little bit. Now over 200 Rune ores, 32,000 Coal, 1,000 Gold ores, and am now under 200k to 86 Mining. -Kept up with my kingdom. Should get 96 Woodcutting coming up in the next week to ten days.
  2. You make everything look SO easy. I'm truly envious. Grats on your drops :D Keep exploiting your string of luck.
  3. Quick update of what I got done today: -Chopped over 150 Yew and Magic logs, now 100,000 xp over my schedule. -1/3 of the way from 95-96 Woodcutting, over 9.1M xp. -Did a rune mining run, now banked 153 ores. -Mined some concentrated gold, as I noticed the price has been rocketing up lately. Also hit under 300k to 86 mining.
  4. Why thanks :) Eventually I'll take a break from Woodcutting and Mining and do some Dungeoneering, but for now I'll allow TOG handle that for me :P What I got done yesterday: -Eclipsed 9,000 banked Magic logs. -Earned 25k Mining xp for leisure. -Kept up with Woodcutting goals. Looking forward to what should be an awesome weekend.
  5. I was busy for a good portion of the evening, but I still managed to get some game time in. I've sort of settled into a daily routine of meeting my daily woodcutting goals, doing a round of rune ore, and managing my kingdom to end the night. The rune trips are only taking me about a half hour, so I'm content with that. What I got done today: -Less than 50k left to 9M woodcutting xp, 1/5th of the way from level 95 to 96, and now have over 7,000 yew logs banked. -Met all daily woodcutting goals. -Mined more rune ores, now banked 125 total. -Managed, and updated my kingdom. -Picked up four levels (10-14) in Dungeoneering from TOG.
  6. You can get 73 mining no problem! If you managed to deal with getting your absurd herblore/farming levels, you can certainly pick up some mining experience :P I have faith in you. But seriously, all 70+ soon :D? I think yes.
  7. Why thanks dude :D. I'm looking into putting six or seven workers on Herbs, a couple on mining, and the rest on wood. But should I do maples, or mahogany? I saw that they sell for around 400 ea on the GE, but I also saw that they give considerably less in terms of seeds. Either way, I'm gonna let my kindom go for around 10 days before collecting :P Your opinion is very valuable to me, Vold, so I like seeing what you have to say. Thanks for checking up on me :D.
  8. Why thank you :D. I actually added another good money-maker today. Here's what I managed to do today: -Did some calcs to figure out how many logs to chop per day in order to get 99 Woodcutting by December 31st, 2010. -Chopped ~150 Magics/Yew logs for leisure. -Achieved 60 Herblore, giving me 19/25 skills at 60+ (Six skills left are: Agility, Farming, Hunter, Cons, Dun, and Thieving.) -Mined a total of 70 Rune ores. -Did both Throne of Miscellania and Royal Trouble, started my kingdom up, and put 1M in my coffers. Any tips on how to manage my kingdom? I feel like I should've hopped onto this train a long time ago. Overall, a progressive, solid day.
  9. After a fruitless clue scroll, and my first few mithril dragon kills, I decided to buckle down and get the remaining experience for 85 Mining. This is a level I've been going after since I first started playing RS years ago. After I took a break from woodcutting, I decided to make one final push to get this level. 31,556 coal later, I've got my level (and yes, all that coal is sitting in my bank). Now I'm going to mine my first rune ores, and take a couple days to do random skilling before I get on the track to 99 WC.
  10. Your Nat value = 75% of my bank value. Congrats on the level, the experience, and the wonderful mountain of cash :D! I have no doubts you'll get to 99. Just make sure you celebrate all your hard word finally paying off! Keep going. I'll be keeping tabs on you :P
  11. Thanks a bunch :) Nice to see you're still hanging around here. You've always been supportive of me, and I've been an avid checker of your blog as well. Thanks for checking up on me.
  12. Just finished up my Steel dragons trip. No dragon drops, but still made around 500k in profit, and ended up getting some good experience. Doing the clue scroll I got from that trip now, and then back to get 85 mining.
  13. After mining about 1,250 coal today, I decided to take my over-stock of air and chaos runes to kill some steel dragons as a way to relax a little bit. Hopefully something good comes out of this trip. At the very least, I'll be just a little bit closer to 96 Defence and 97 HP. So it's a win-win :D
  14. Mined over 3,000 coal today to get this: Considering the fact that I only have another two days before the weekend starts, I should get 85 mining next week some time. Then I'll be doing some relaxing, and perhaps being away from the game for a day or two. After that should come about a week of slowly mining runite and doing some random leveling before I start up my 99 Woodcutting goal again.
  15. AHHHH! I am so glad you're back Vold :D. I hope I see you around soon bud. It's been far too long.
  16. Oh. My. God. You're back. I'm back. I'll be on the lookout for you :D :D :D :D :D! PS: Go get 99 Slayer and Herblore. NOW.
  17. Um. I love you. That is all. Oh and nice gear I guess. :)
  18. Of course I remember you, X. I was wondering what happened to you. Yeah, this is a few months late, but I've added you. Hope to talk to you soon :)
  19. So, I'm still alive. It's been almost two months since I've been on this thread. I've been extremely busy with college classes, and I've only been able to log onto Runescape once or twice since I got here. It's been a struggle, but this blog is about my RS travels. I am trying my best to continue my goals in this game, and hopefully come Winter break (November 24th-January 4th), I'll be playing a little bit more consistently. As of now, my goals are still the same. I'm looking to spend some of my money, though. I have roughly 100M worth of items in my bank (70M in cash), and my original goal was a red partyhat. Unfortunately, prices on partyhats have sky rocketed, so I'm just going to keep chopping logs and see where it takes me :)
  20. Touche, my good sir. Touche indeed. Here's my current log count :D: Annnnddddd here's my most recent achievement. 90 Woodcutting :):
  21. Another WC update: -5.25M WC xp -2,800+ Magic Logs -2,750+ Yew Logs -Under 100k to 90
  22. Only for my first drop :oops: I just finished up the trip and luckily got a second :P. Woodcutting update: -5.2M+ XP -Under 150k to 90 WC -2,676 Magic Logs banked -2,657 Yew Logs banked
  23. Thanks a whole bunch, Mens : After selling my whip drops, my cash pile is now officially over 70M :D. Back to Woodcutting: -2,500+ Magics banked -2,450+ Yews banked -5.1M+ exp in WC -Under 220k to 90 :D. Sidenote: Woodcutting will be my 7th 90+ Skill :D.
  24. Oh boy :D. I got two whips on this trip: Under 150k to 94 Defence, and under 200k to 96 HP as well. I think I'll get both of those levels before I head back to train Woodcutting again.
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