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  1. Haha BUMPPING a thread thats so old. Yeah. Been training in MMA for a long while. Love it. Fave fighters are Fedor, Arlovski, GSP, Thiago Silva, and Royce Gracie. I pulled off some crazy triangle choke on my friend yesterday. He had me in side control but wasnt controlling my posture so i shuffled my legs and got it to go around his neck and voila, triangle. lol.
  2. Oh yeah haha, i forgot about price! (x My red Nike dunk high SBs were 50. Nike Outlet. Omar Salazar SB's, 50. From a local skateshop. Nike SB Janoskis, 75. From a Local skateshop. NYX blazers, 31. (MEMORIAL DAY SALE WIN.) from Nike Outlet store. Vans : 20 - 30. Vans outlet is always so cheap.
  3. m0nkeym0j030


    Yeah. Im like really bored here so I guess I'll start a thread. So yeah. what kind of shoes do you guys wear? How many pairs? Do you collect? Why do you like them? Any history behind them? etc... Im a big fan of Nikes, mostly Nike SB's. Heres what I have.. http://www.theyouthsheltersupply.com/image.axd?picture=2009/9/DunkHighProSB_SPRTRDMTPlat1.jpg Dunk high SB. http://images.sneakernews.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/nike-sb-stefan-janoski-pacific-blue-white-02-570x416.jpg Nike sb Stefan Janoski in Pacific Blue / White. http://www.skateparkoftampa.com/spot/productimages/colors/496_27493.jpg Nike SB omar salazars in Anthracite/Black. http://borntopurple.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2009/03/nike-nyx-blazer-high-black-red-blaze-orange-570x542.jpg Nike NYX Blazer. I have a ton of vans too. Authentics, Classic Highs. etc. I pay for all my shoes. Babysitting that makes me earn 20dollars an hour ftw. ahah. I have a ton of Vans Authentics too.
  4. Ok so this year ive been getting bad grades, and report cards come in the mail. So i always beat my parentsto the mailbox. i flush them down the toilet. and now thee are 2 leaks in my house. The last time i flushed one down was in april. do you think I am responsible for the 2 leaks in the house?
  5. Gamestop actcually does give money if you want, when you trade in games. At least where I live. Anyone know how much I'll get for these games? (All PS2) Fight Night Round 2 FFXII GTA San Andreas Medal of Honor Frontline Guitar hero 3 Dance Factory Guitar hero 1 DBZ Budokai 2 World Series Baseball 2k3 NBA Ballers Phenom Frogger the Great Quest Spongbob Squarepants the movie (lol its the game) GTA 3 Agressive Inline Backyard Basketball Disneys extreme Skate Adventure Tony Hawks Underground NBA Shootout 2003 MLB 2005 Tony Hawks Pro Skater 3 ATV offroad fury 2 Urban Reign Thats it :D
  6. Manny Pacquiao :D Fedor! Lou Gehrig
  7. Hey guys, gonna bump this again, haha. I kinna changed my style. Skinniest jeans from pacsun if its not to hot. If its really hot, khaki shorts with a white tee. Shoes = Vans Authentics or Nike Sb's. Striped sweaters. Cardigans. Anyone know what to wear with this? http://endemicskatestore.com/store/images/dunk-high-sport-red.gif
  8. Im the one on the far left. Asian invasion . (: One on right.. :)
  9. Mm, forgot too add, Nike 6.0 Air Mogans, their fuzzy :D I like my shoes to stand out, I dont want it to be like anyone elses like Vans. I got some Vans Half Cabs, only fer skating though. I think they look stupid, but its a good skate shoe :P At home I just wear some Bball shorts and a random tee.
  10. Flannel = American Eagle Jeans = Jcpenny/Ross Shirts = Zumiez/Jcpenny Earflap Beanie = walmart LOL.
  11. Personally myself I tend to look a bit skaterish. Never ever wear shorts in public, cept if its burning hot. Flannels, slightly skinny jeans, earflap beanies, etc (: Picture:
  12. Your computer got swine flu. lolol jk. Uhh, graphics card? virus? etc.
  13. When I press import pictures, my picture files come up. But when I press "Import audio or music" nothing comes up. Also, when I import my picture, and attempt to drag it to the timeline, all i get is one of those "no" signs where there is a circle and a line diagonaly crossed through it. idk what its called O.o
  14. What about Skate Warehouse? I'm in love with the decks, and they're cheap.. But they seem WAY too cheap, is it real? Because I set up a skateboard for 101 bucks, and its an amazing board. Enjoi deck, Darkstar wheels,phantom 2 trucks, speed demon bearings,enjoi hardware, skate warehouse risers, and bullet griptape. I mean, are you serious? All that for 101 bucks? Pretty suspicious..
  15. I don't really like how much the shipping price is. :l Also, I don't live near a skateshop so its kinda a must to buy online :/
  16. Yeah, my board snapped, so I'm gonna buy a new one, but I saw a really nice deck online at a1skateboards.com Is that site legit? Are there any other online skateshops that are legit?
  17. Hm. I'm 13, and well, I know people are going to doubt that I'm in love, but you guys are wrong, It is.. I guess love came early for me? Try to give me advice as if I was 16-18 or someting. But in past relationships, I have had people cheat on me so much, then deny it, even when my friend took a picture for me when he was suspicious. First, a girlfriend I dated in December, she goes and kisses someone. Second, a girl I dated from Late December to a harsh break up in May, kisses someone she knows I HATE, and I have beaten the crap out of him a few times. (Yeah, Anger problems..) And now, My new girlfriend, from June to current, kisses TWO other guys?! Someone tell me whats up with that. I always knew her and someone else had a connection, but I ignored it. Heres an AIM conversation between us. (This is the day after she kissed another guy..) S is for Sarah (her) J is for James (me lol) J:I would never lie to you. S: ...Really? :l J: I have in the past and I'll admit, but those weren't intentional. I promise I won't anymore. Remember how I said I'd never put anything or anyone above you? Remember that long (bleep) myspace comment I left you? It's all true.. S: ): I can't live like this anymore J: Guess my love ain't enough for you to live. S: ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Your lov made me have a good nights sleep every night. Your love made me wake up knowing and feeling loved. Your love made me have the confidence to say, all I need is you. I (bleep) love you, i couldnt sleep cause of last night. I love you, I said that I never want to lose you in that one long comment. It's all fact. James Roman, Josh Gadia and I are no more than friends. I'm telling him that. Because for sure, I'm in love with you. That I shouldve never let go. That letting go would crush and scar my heart forever. J: I don't want your pity. S: You think I'm lying right now? Becaus of you i had to [bleep]ing cut myself (ankle, wrist) J: (thinking to myself, wtf ankle?) I believe you. S: I can't be lying right now, im in so much pain, so are you, but i need this to end. J:Guess what. I'm in love with you as well . I just with the (bleep) would end. I don't know what the hell im doing wrong. I've done all I can for her, I've even given her a rose for everyday we've been together. My self-esteem is crushed right now, and I'm starting to think that no girl really wants me, or will stay faithful. Because of these situations, I have cut myself multiple times, tried to end my life 2 times, and I've lost friends because of this. (Friends are the people that the girls kissed). What am I doing wrong? She's starting to call him all the names she used to call me. It's like she's put me in the back, and gave him the front seat. Whenever I ask when she wants to hang out, she says "Stop making plans ahead, it might not happen." But when the other guy asks her, she says "Sure! When?" I'm just so afraid of losing her, she's all that I'm breathing for right now. I miss the days when I would wake up thinking of her, go to sleep thinking of her, and just hold her in my arms without saying a word. I don't care if she doesn't choose me above him, I just want her to be happy, even if it means putting my feelings aside and letting the other guy take her. I know, I'm going to be miserable, while she'll be happy, but if thats the cost for her happiness. So be it. Advice.. please?
  18. I tried plugging it in, and I wasn't prompted to download anything. Help? I can't webcam on this computer. PseraioM2000.
  19. [hide=][/hide] Hot hair huh? [hide=][/hide] Index both?
  20. My school has this thing claled Teacherase, where you can log in and see your kids grades.. Well, it also shows missing work, in math, i had 43 missing assignments, and a D+ (keep in mind everything else was pretty high) They hit me, threatened to kill me if it happened again. Heres a quote from it. "YOUR NOT DOING YOUR [bLEEP] HOMEWORK, YOUR THE WORST [bLEEP] SON EVER, HOW COULD YOU LIE TO ME" "Mom, look at my test scores, A+'s. im not stupid like you think I am." "YOU ARE SO [bLEEP] STUPID, YOUR [bLEEP] GROUNDED FOR A YEAR" "Okay, but your being rather harsh, chill out." "DONT TELL ME TO CHILL OUT, IM NOT STUPID LIKE YOU. IF THIS HAPPENS AGAIN IM GOING TO KILL YOU." (She had a knife in her hand at that moment.) I went up to my room. Scary, scary stuff. Cried for like an hour o.o
  21. Which Martial arts/fighting style do you use? I know Muay Thai , which originated from Thailand, it focuses on 8 limbs. I also take Aikido, it's an EXTREME self defence art. I take boxing, merely for the workout/competetion. Fourthly, I take Judo. Focuses on grapples, sort of like wrestling except more fancy/powerful, and taking the person down. Soo, what do you take ? :D
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