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  1. http://tip.it/runescape/index.php?rs2quest_id=131 <- Tip.It's quest guide for it. I'm F2P, so I can't say much other than that. I'd suggest you just check it out.
  2. Great guide :) For F2P in the "Combat Related" section, "Highest Combat Level Monster (F2P)" is now 122 (Hellhound).
  3. I voted for Coolest looking clothing. RC Robes ftw :thumbsup:
  4. Good guide, but I have a few suggestions based on what I've found when I play FOG: 1) Binding. In my experience, it's just a waste of time trying to bind someone. By the time you bind someone and run up to the hunted, you've probably already spent 2-3 seconds. I find it a waste of time trying to bind. When you're using Melee/Mage, and the opponent's out of reach, instead of binding them when out of reach, just use the highest offensive spell you can. 2) D'hide vambs. If you're ranging/maging, you get -10 magic bonus when you're wearing them. While giving up some range bonus, your magic bonus is much higher. I wear no gloves/ decorative gloves when I am the hunter. That's all I have to say. Other than those two points, the guide is really good.
  5. Probably typing quickly and accurately is the key thing that RS has helped me with. Overall, though, I think it has made my life worse, what with it distracting me from doing work, becoming lazy, etc. I'm so bad :oops:
  6. Exactly, it's that percentage of rangers that people have learned to hate that give rangers the bad rep. Most rangers I meet here and there are actually quite nice. Instead of being like "For [insert swear]'s sake, stop taking 2 of them and share, you dumb ranger" or something along those lines, I just hop worlds. If not that, I wait for him to mess up/ lag and take one of his monsters \ @ The thing about rangers getting the monster first because X reason and Internet Connection: ...... I don't know what to say... I'm clueless on that subject :lol:
  7. I don't know if anyone has mentioned it, but Flesh Crawlers (Level 35) are a great monster for pures and mains alike to train on. Pros: -They hit low (I believe 1's and maybe 2's) -A safespot to avoid being hit -Great exp -You can retrieve your arrows -They drop a piece of the sceptre -There are 8 of them in the room I train in -They are aggresive to all levels, so you can semi-AFK and read the TIF's :D Cons: -They hit quickly (the same speed as a shortbow shooting in rapid mode) -Far from a bank -Can get crowded at peak hours They are situated in the furthest south-eastern room on the 2nd floor. I can't get a picture at the moment. I'll try to get a pic of the safespot for pures. EDIT: Here's the pic: When they become non aggresive, I usually go one floor up and return down. I run back to the Crawlers and they're aggresive again :D
  8. It's usually ON, but I put it to FRIENDS if there are lot's of people randomly PM'ing me about things that make no sense.
  9. I would normally use it on prayer. If not that, maybe HP.
  10. It was an ok read, I prefer the regular type of articles though :P There's no way I'm missing the MSSW4 :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
  11. *Speechless* 23513543643/10. Even though I'll never use this guide, though. It was amazing nonetheless.
  12. I used to be an addict to this game, but I've gotten bored of it. Right this moment, this game isn't affecting me in RL much, but a few years ago, it had a great impact on my life. I would probably be very active (sports-wise) if I never started playing this game. I would be more socially active and be smarter than I already am. I might also have gotten a part time job or somethin'. I have thoughts of getting one either this year or next year. Ah nid muneh 8-)
  13. This is probably one of the most useful guides I'll ever read. It's something someone can do without needing combat skills, but needs skill in their mind to be able to accomplish ;)
  14. Not really interested in it, I'm not much of a PvP'er. I hope it doesn't become abused though, i.e. lvl 138's killing weaker players over and over to get x reward.
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