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  1. I've looked in all the boxes that meow and I still can't find it. Any ideas guys? Edit: Never mind guys, I lagged out and when I logged in and tried to search the crates again I found the kitten.
  2. That does sound like it'd be fun, if only we had 14 or more people, lol.
  3. Hnm..Well I was hoping to get a few srims with TIF'ers on the go when I get my 360 back, but I guess halo isn't big here, lol.
  4. Lol, worst stats ever. 0/10, Get a life noob. [hide=]Nah just joking bouwzie 10/10[/hide]
  5. DUH DUH DAHHHHHH... We are trying to get the Vidmaster achievement. its hard. O hman, don't even get me started. Last part of the level my [bleep] parents turn it off my xbox. So well yeah. Anyways when going thorugh the part hallway (with the senitals & flood), Get ou tof your ghost kill them all (most is alright), And just go through full speed. Also be sure to stick together . Good luck
  6. Nothing like that has happened to me but I remember a post a while back. A team of had gotten an arma hilt, but the person who it was dropped to forgot to pick it up before he teled & he left it there. (The hilts were still worth 120M-140M at the time). :wall:
  7. A toasted Steak & Cheese sub with red onions, pickels, hot peppers, lettuce, Mayo & mustard. All of course on italian bread...
  8. +1, :| . Anytime you're in the corner, a few curse words will fall out, & most of the time you're good enough to back them up. But I don't curse a lot, just to really get a point across, sometimes when I fool up something, or hurt myself, And Of course the most slip out when playing halo 3...Stupid needlers #-o . But never around Adults.
  9. I moslty get between 8-11 hours of sleep during the holidays, & around 7-9 hours of sleep during the shool year.
  10. Anybody remember the "door" in the gwd? The one with all of the gods symbols there? It could be in there. :shock: . Great find all the same, =D> .
  11. I hate you, you big old noob. I've killed over 1k+ dragons & not even a dragon drop....I hate YOU! 0/10! Nah, bouwzie you know I'm joking, 10/10 for sure, you rock. Now use that luck for something we both can use? :mrgreen:
  12. only 600k ish not bad considering, and i got the charms from mith dragons :P, drop all kinda 4 at a time :D Hnm...Thats about 1/2 All my cash :ohnoes: :XD: . SO I won't be training this skill for a while. TOG, will be my best friend for a while, lol. Oh yeah KBD also drop charms (4 crimson charms at a time)
  13. First Post, :P Gratz on the level jim. 32/10 . Just wondering how much did it cost you for 32 summoning? Oh and good luck on what ever level you are going for :twisted:
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