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  1. I have a question about the picture with all the pouches. As the skill currently stands, there are no 'disabled' pouches in the game... so what are the grey scaled ones then?
  2. Wolf bones are easy to get it you're a high level - the werewolves drop them! And there's nobody fighting them either. That said, most of those who want wolf bones are low levels who couldn't defeat a werewolf anyway. Edit, I would also save your charms unless you have a specific use for the monster you'll be infusing/summoning. You never know what February will bring!
  3. I love how you have a quote saying that it's impossible to predict prices based on supply and demand alone, when two paragraphs below that you have a prediction based on supply and demand...
  4. Honestly? I like this one less than the scroll bar. It's a shame that jagex are being so fussy about not changing the size or any of the icons, as it's wouldn't be hard to create more space if they did.
  5. I'm going to reserve judgement until the end of February on this and all similar topics. Half the skill isn't out yet, and there's a few other updates and things mentioned that I believe might have something to do with summoning. Isafdar is getting an update for Hunter, and that might have another influence. It is also possible that the spirit shards are based on a kind of crystal, possibly allowing us to make them? Pure speculation on that last part, I know. Anyway, I still feel there's more to be explained. The charms and shards aren't given an explanation beyond 'here they are, use them to make creatures'. Where do they come from? I think Feb might let us know. We certainly need an easier way of getting charms, anyway. And I'm all for not making charms tradeable - if they reduced the price of shards. Or let us sell charms and make shards even more expensive. Skills work best when they're expensive and quick or cheap and slow. Right now what we have is an expensive and slow skill that doesn't seem to give much reward, which currently brands it a failure in my eyes. I certainly won't be training it for a while, anyway. But I'll still collect charms when I slay.
  6. I'm so jealous I'm burning a whole in my screen with my glare. Seriously, broken pixels all over the place.
  7. I've got to level 13 (possibly 14, I'm not sure, I did it last night and have forgotten) and I've played about with the [bleep]ey snail for a bit. It allows you to essentially have an extra inventory space. Or it would if I didn't keep forgetting to renew the timer. My main problem with summoning as an actual game play element is the time issue. If there was a switch that automatically refreshed the timer when you had a minute left it would be so useful!
  8. Seems like the best way right now is to get your hands on a whole bunch of charms and raw chickens and just keep making pouches.
  9. Charms are tradeable, as it specifically says in the KB that you can get them from other players. If charms are available on f2p, I think they might have a new money maker.
  10. Nope, tried it. Is it me, or is this skill ridiculously slow to level? As in, stupidly slow?
  11. It looks like the experience you get for actually summoning something is negligible. The best experience seems to be infusing things into pouches. Are pouches tradeable once infused? Could a level 96 summoner conceivably make a fortune by selling pack yaks?
  12. Haven't they already hit the floor? That would be 1gp : They're currently at the lowest price that Jagex will let you sell them for, which I believe is the same price that a general store sells them. You could sell them direct to a general store for less, but what would be the point?
  13. Maples are awesome if you want 99 Firemaking, as they're dirt cheap now. If you use MTK, then the only reason for maples is to get nests and the seeds that can be found within the nests. Otherwise go with coal or flax.
  14. Although I have no idea what any of them means, as I do computer science for my degree not economics, and I have not read the quick guide (which I will do, give me an hour or so), all I have to say is this: Did you pick the acronym and find random words that would fit into it? Or was it just a happy accident? As queltar has made his disapproval of the GE known so often, I can't help but wonder if it's deliberate. Yes, I know that twerp is spelled with an 'e', but they're pronounced the same, so I'm curious.
  15. That's weird. Some bit have been flipped horizontally, others vertically. Certainly odd.
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