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  1. Listened to Meddle 3 times today. :D
  2. apinagez

    The Godfather

    I was watching part II yesterday and got to a conclusion at a certain point of the story: every time there are two people alone on a scene, one is very much likely to be murdered. The movies are excellent. If you think about it, so many situations in them became clicḫ̩̉̉s. I'm certainly going to watch the trilogy again in order to get every little detail in it. And this time I'm going to reserve a lot of time for it!
  3. Whoa! I was just wondering if Daan was trying to sound cool again by referring to guitar players as 'dudes'. :lol:
  4. apinagez

    April Fools

    Haha what teh hell!
  5. Roger played this for me yesterday: Plus some other assorted songs. :D :D
  6. Daan, you are a liberal when it comes to music. Remember?
  7. The lastest Rocky was actually a nice film, in my opinion. I expected it to be much worst. :)
  8. What's wrong with him? :oops: Peter Collins, Phil Gabriel... No problem with them.
  9. I have read something interesting about it. Evolution happens when there are crossings between different populations, exposed to different conditions. For instance: one population from North Africa meets a population from Southern Europe, when there was still a connection between the continents. They settle down and reproduce. Some of their children will be more apt than others, because they have gotten the best of the two groups. However, as we approach the concept of a "global population", the differences between the different groups tend to get smaller and smaller, causing these crossings to be less and less effective, evolution-wise, as people get to be more similar over time.
  10. People seem to confuse two things, especially when enblinded by religious fanatism. Science is the ultimate source of truth for anything logic related. You can't take it to the spiritual field. Just as you can't use religious arguments to disprove scientifical truth. People have the right to believe whatever they think is right, even if it is wrong. They even have the right to think gravity is God's great magnet. They shouldn't, however, confuse spiritual beliefs with scientifical truth. Those lie in different areas.
  11. Zappa and the mothers - Carolina Hard-Core Ecstasy (live on you can't do that on stage anymore vol. 4) :D :D
  12. Erm. Not really. Has the US wiped the african genocide self entitled leaders out already? No. Has the US wiped Saddam Hussein out already? I guess so. Of course Saddam was also a genocide leader, but no action would have been taken against his government if the country he ruled didn't have one of the greatest oil reserves in the world.
  13. Maggie M'Gill with 4:23 Second being The Spy with 4:17. :)
  14. "Come mothers and fathers throughout the land and don't criticize what you can't understand" The Times They Are A-Changin' - Bob Dylan That line, unlike most lines in song lyrics, actually sounds like poetry.
  15. I wouldn't live in Brazil because of its exorbitant taxes, its corrupted government and its urban violence. Oh wait! I live here! -.-
  16. Ahahahaha. Paraphrasing Borat: NICE! Thank God most people on Earth use their common sense...
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