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  1. eurgh, i tried that minigame today, it's terribly designed. nice to know there's decent xp to be gotten there at least.
  2. grats on the 150m slayer Suomi. :)
  3. I only used the triple-charms once or twice when it first came out, but i'd imagine using on waterfiends (while having them as slayer task) would be the best use of your triple-charm minutes.
  4. Not completely related to the discussion, but it's been mentioned here before, about people dicing. How much do ranks in the more well-known cc's go for, roughly?
  5. My bank, u jelly? Conn lost after clicking to bank, after a few seconds this popped up. =D>
  6. First, welcome to RS! Always nice to have more people interested in learning to be smart with their time. :) *afking some prayer training while typing this out* As others have already mentioned, getting started on your farming is a great supplementary income. Once you get to the point where you're using juju farming potions, it's a great cashmaker, but even before then, it's quite decent. Another thing which will help with farming is magic secateurs, which are a quest reward. As others have already mentioned, You'll want to get the quests done to unlock managing thy kingdom out the way soon, as it's more free cash. (Cash is good, once you've been playing for a while you'll realise how expensive some skills are, and you'll be wanting allot of it. Another good thing is quest rewards, allot of the newer quests have better xp rewards for your time, and allot of the older ones have handy items / other unlockable content that will help you). If someone wants to go ahead and do a quick list of useful quests to do for their rewards, that would probably be nice. I've never bothered getting a quest cape, and i did most of my questing years ago, so i don't really feel qualified to do it myself. :P You'll be wanting to get your combat up through slayer. A black mask / slayer helmet will allow you to kill stuff quicker than you could if you were killing things that aren't your slayer task (and you get slayer xp too, yay). If you get effigy drops, try and hold onto them until you can open them yourself, they're free xp for you once you can. On the subject of free xp, when you get random events, one of the options in your mystery box is (most of the time) an xp lamp. Free xp is good, but free xp in skills that are slower to train is even better, so you'll probably be wanting to throw the xp from those into RC, since it's generally regarded as one of the slowest skills. A final point I'll mention, after you've been playing for a bit, you'll probably find you have spare cash laying around. It's always tempting to spend it right away on items for skills, or shiny things, but try and resist. The GE (Grand exchange) is a very powerful tool for making extra cash, and the age-old adage that it takes money to make money applies here; the more you have the easier it is to make more. You'll find it allot easier to get expensive skills up if you first save up a bit, and use that to make more, before spending some on skills, than if you're spending every penny as soon as you get it, and constantly scrounging for cash. Once you get a feel for how you can use it to your advantage, you can be building your wealth quite quickly with little time spent updating your offers. It's not something that's for everyone / everyone can do, but if you can, you'll find getting your skills up allot easier in the long run. :) Don't worry about being 100% efficient for now, like any game this big, there's allot to learn. Also, getting all your skills to 70+ is only ~1/13th of the way to level 99, so the lower levels really won't affect how quickly you end up getting to 99 eventually. Sure, not being completely optimal will add a few hours here and there, but if you spend all your time logged off and reading about how to be efficient you'll never gain any xp!. :P Again, as others have mentioned, the rs wiki is a great resource for anything you're uncertain of (though, feel free to raise questions on the forums here, we should be able to fill in the blanks and answer any questions the wiki can't). Hope this has been of some help. Above all else, don't forget to have fun. :)
  7. Pointing this out before someone else does.
  8. They dipped to 120 last time, then rose to 190, before that they were dipped to *thinks* it was a while ago, but i think it was dipping to 300 and rising back to 400 for a while. They'll go back up eventually, they fluctuate like everything else. :) *disclaimer* I have a slight interest in them myself.
  9. As others have said, look for different opportunities in the GE, and try thinking outside the box a bit. :)
  10. #-o I can't find a rofl emote so that will have to do. =D> Wow has allot of different and varied endgame content, but if you're going for the meta-achievements (100 battleground victories in each etc, doing all the {mostly highly repetitive, a la fetch me ANOTHER shrubbery} quests, and so on) then be in for allot of repetition. Of course, the constant interaction with other players means the game is complex enough to not feel grindy so quickly, but it still is, just of a different sort. Y'know, 5k CW games is going to be constant interaction with different people trying different strategies, but it's still going to get repetitive and grindy after a while. I left WoW just as Cata came out, but i can't imagine it's changed all that much in terms of general endgame content. Good thing suomi likes everyone, healthier than the alternatives. I don't have many close friends IRL, and i couldn't imagine finding it easy to maintain those friendships if i spent much more of my time online, and i'm pretty sure i don't spend anywhere near as much time on here as some people do. That said, I'd imagine they have some rather close friends online. :) But lets try not derail the topic, please try not let this degenerate into the same tired old discussion about the amount of time people spend online. Grats to kingduffy on the 100m wc. :)
  11. Drum, the new place is a missed opportunity it seems, xp rates arent all that comparable for skills compared to the current methods. But yeah, 10+ pages on the update on here and 1 or 2 posts about skilling xph, and the HLF had hardly anything on it too, kinda surprising. :/
  12. As someone who has tried to afk teaks before, you'll get bad luck streaks where the trees only give you 1-3 logs before dissapearing, for a while. Kind of frustrating if your intention is to afk, Ivy is much simpler if you're wanting to afk WC.
  13. Ok, thanks Hoodie, handy to know. :) Anyone that can chime in for the other questions? After seeing one person mention 60k/h wc, i'm a bit hesitant to bother trekking out there myself to test it properly.
  14. Ok, so i read the whole thread, a few questions. Wc / Fm xph (as a whole, not wc is this per hour while cutting, then fm is this per hour for the burnable stuff i get while lighting it while it lasts). Anyone that's killed a fair few of them, fletch xp/h for making bolas / sagaie's, while the supplies last? If the slayer is eventually good enough xp/h there, if i get some free fletching banked thats quick i wouldn't mind. :) Logs / herbs / other minor drops: Are they comparable to icewyrms in their junkier drops? Do the drops pay for supplies etc, without you relying on the whip accessory for any sort of profit there? Or are they just total trash drops hardly worth the time it takes to pick them up.
  15. Cheers grimy. :) Sves me blowing the tokens to test it out myself.
  16. Anyone else excited about this? Oooh, mememe, yes, i am. :) Be nice to see what he's going to do with the account, i seem to remember people mentioning he had a fair pile of wealth. Howdy Helchild, haven't seen your face around here for a bit. :P
  17. Wth, i don't think i've ever even seen a golden bracelet, seen the silver a fair few times though. @[email protected] random unspam
  18. 10k is a fair bit though, for people that aren't maxed. Encouraging more people to train all their skills is a good thing in my eyes. :) Of course, effigies totally ruined that concept, but.... *sigh* You do not always catch fish 100% of the time at barb, squisher. :)
  19. @[email protected] F2p only bug, or reproducible in p2p as well? Either way, cute.
  20. Call of the Sea seems nerf'd, at least for now. Tested at rocktails as soon as i got it and wasn't any noticeable difference, everyone else there who'd tried it was saying the same thing. Tested at barb after cooldown was up, timed 78-80k xph with aura active, timed 79k xph without it (urns and granite lobs, low alching for lazy invy clearing as i go). Thanks for the useless aura jagex. ;) HLF'd my findings in the hopes that they actually un-nerf, since right now it's as good as useless.
  21. Since i don't have the time or willpower to flick through 85 pages, rapier vs cls for dark beasts ontask, which is better? They're weak to slash, hence bothering to ask.
  22. Just to add, while .6 vs .618 might seem insignificant, you're losing ~175 tic's an hour. Grimy, the ancient do any tests themselves? Are you planning on testing yourself at some point? It's something no one really pays attention to that still affects everyone, seems the sort of thing worth looking into. Something i've always been curious about, but haven't been able to test properly myself.
  23. Message for everyone, don't get too excited over the Call of the sea one. I didn't see a noticeable difference at rocktails, and neither had anyone else there that i asked. HLF has a post mentioning no real difference at barb fishing either. Assuming the aura is bugged for now, but we'll see. Grats duffy on all 30m+. :) Yeah well maybe it wasn't that good for real but I am sure they will make slow skills faster in the future anyways, maybe not this update but later. My friends list, friends chats/clan chats or runescape official forums aren't working atm, great. At least servers didn't crash yet haha... Servers back up, but watching the number of players drop was fun. :P Of course slower skills will get faster, that powercreep :(. Enjoying watching your slayer fly up. *back to lurking*
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