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  1. The oldest item what I have is my rune pickaxe. I bought it 2-3 weeks after started playing RS. I have sold many pickaxes after that but original first one has been always at bank and I using it regulary.
  2. Just came to my mind from emptyness. Today I checked what that means. "Kostroma, benevolent and malevolent fertility goddess; like the Greeks' Persephone, she is a dying and reborn daughter. Russian Kostromo, Kostrubonko - A dying-and-ressurecting spring fertility-god. Russian" Somehow this name is perfect for me. :-k
  3. Not too far off anyways. 8-) Exactly. Btw. I am now right after you NJE03. :D
  4. -------- old clip ------------------------------------------------- My target to come member of f2p top200 is end of july. See you then. :thumbsup: ------------------------------------------------------------------- I raised my overall level to 1246 today. Mission complished. :mrgreen:
  5. Well...My situation has changed a lot at past weeks. :'-( You was right. Sooner or later keeping private chat on start being a problem. My situation is not as bad as Yogo's but it getting worse day by day. I starting keep my private chat at friend only mode mostly and on mode always when it is possible. This is very hard decision to me. Many of my real friends drops out because 100 friends limit. I am very sorry for them. I hope they understand why I doing this. :cry:
  6. Well..If someone offer me valuable item for free I have to refuse that. That's because there is always tiny possibility than this 'friend' selling his/her account/items somewhere in net and breaking rule 12 (Real World Item Trading). If I accept to trade of very valuable free item from such player it might looks very bad and suspicion act from Jagex's side. :-k If i got that kind of item from public drop party where is many of his/her friends at same time I would keep it forever.
  7. My guess is also a random event. I have been found myself sometimes really weird places (basement of castle, top of the mountain, etc...) because i have not noticed Niles, Genie, Mysterious man or some other random event.
  8. My target to come member of f2p top200 is end of july. See you then. :thumbsup:
  9. Limitation of the friend list. I have to swap between friends all the time. :(
  10. Four Kostromo, which I train mostly. One str-pure for wildy fun. One Mage/rage for more wildy fun. lol and the best ... (really geek) One pure prayer. Permanent user of chicken houses. And yes.... Autoretalier off always. :mrgreen:
  11. Well...I am 39 years old and I still like gameing. It has always been part of my life. I hope than I will keep that child inside me all next decates. Just learn to share your time between different actions. Runescape is now part of me, but so are also many other things. First at all. Remember to enjoy about game, people within it and all that magic what has come to real on your computer's screen.
  12. I am more like a factory. I buy raw material like ores,hides,nats,gems,bars etc. and make them to manykind stuff. I have quite nice amount of money but it is only for raw materials. My bank account is also like factory. Full of all materials what I need for develop my skills and making money. Only luxury what I own is Green d hide body (t). :lol: When i figth with my self made armour all other players ask me than why I fighting with steel/mith/addy. Usually I answer like...my rune is in laundry or I lost my bronze. :mrgreen: Truth is I have no room to keep anything nice looking equipment because my bank is full all kind of stuff what I need to raising my skills rapidly up. So I am terrible spender and saver at same time. I have spent tens of millions to raise my smithing up by buying ores and bars but same time I have also earned all those money with my skills. Well...easy come easy go...or what ? :lol:
  13. I am not sure but I think than my first 1k I earned by mining tin and copper and making bronze items which I sold to shop. First 10k,100k and 1M I earned by same way. Only ores and items has changed for those days. Today I still make most of my money by mining and smithing. Big surprice ? :mrgreen:
  14. Here I am. I do not visit on this site often. Check my stats and you understand why. :lol: My private is mostly open when I playing. Only exception if I am in wilderness and mining runite. I will response all sent messages but it could sometimes take little while. It will be pleasure to meet you all. I only hope that not happen at same day. :thumbsup:
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