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  1. Ph33 Ph41 P10x? Lol jkz jkz, insane levels. For f2p, that's inspiring, and i'm rlllllyyyyyyyy Jealous :wall: good luck for any other goals! :thumbsup:
  2. I fully support, this is really annoying,l especially in house parties lol
  3. Wow! Aladdin V.2 (Female!), Lol, glitches these days :
  4. Lol, I experience this ALOT. It usually happens when u have another window open and then you go back to RS. The area of the window stays normal and the rest freezes. It's really annoying, try cleaning out your comp.
  5. We need this!! Awesome idea, well thought out, and a couple of extra suggestions in there as well. Great suggestion, I support :thumbsup:
  6. Pretty good idea! =D> , would all the imps become like this though?
  7. What monster did you kill for it? Maybe just start with level 1 clues, they're much easier.
  8. Yeah, It'll take a while but the only thing you recieve is an email from Jagex on the RS homepage. Good luck in members! \
  9. Your're banned cause this the third time i've posted after u :P
  10. 5/10, it's a bit blurry and...wierd lol. ha, I just rated ur avvy on the other game \
  11. I'm at fishing guild owning those swordies :P. Gimme a hyt if u see me, still looking for my first one.... :boohoo:
  12. :roll: U still sure about the max hit being 45 lol?
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