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  1. What I would like to see is the bodies stay where they died at and blood. I would also like to see somebody with Ice Barrage crash this little event.
  2. When it comes to combat, I can do anything forever. If I wanted to camp dusties for 30 months, I could. But when skilling comes, I can't do anything for more then an hour. I'll get bored and just go back to killing some stuff.
  3. TBH, I was hoping you both would die :P It would have been a lot more amusing then.
  4. Very nice PK's and stakes you have there. What kind of rules do you use while staking?
  5. I would take a PHat set and sell all but the red and blue. I would get 99 agility(I plan to do that when I decide to not be lazy :) ) so anything I would wear would look hawt! Red/Blue Phat + Agility cape trimmed/untrimmed = :ohnoes:
  6. Great guide. Would like to see an update.
  7. I think that is the boat that the warriors from Jatizso take to fight the trolls. You repair the bridges so the warriors from Neitiznot can cross.
  8. Not trying to advertise, but have you looked at my gallery? I can brag that I am LOADED. I made that from Staking - I spend a lot of time with other Pures, even taking their stuff. I PK at least once everytime I get on RS. I am a Member of FOE, MM, TLP, and various other Pure Forums. I use Pure IRC Chats, I have Pure friends. Don't assume because I skill that my opinion may be off. Look at my last two sentences. Most pures act respectful to each other except in the wild. A pure to say that pures are not immature is both biased and skewed.
  9. I find that when a pure invades another's training spot they get hostile. Then they look up that pure and a flame war erupts. My stand on pures still stands. Even though I like to use them, I find most pures to be disrespectful. Of course there are the few that stand out like Lakitsym_Rose that actually have respect for other people. But until every single encounter with pures are mature and peaceful, I will always believe most pures are immature little kids.
  10. Lakitsym_Rose, your view on pures is skewed because it seems you spend most of your time skilling rather then training with the pures of RS. If you have been, you would know that most pures act like immature little kids. They think they are better then everyone else and think that because they have some skill in the wild that they own every skiller there is. And for a pure to stick up for pures is not fair at all. When a pure is around another pure, they seem to respect each other. You will most likely not figure out how pures are unless you hang out with one on a main account with defence.
  11. Now your just [developmentally delayed]. Pures have no Defence - They are incredibly easy to kill. Cowards? Your the one afraid of PK'Ing because you aren't good enough to fight a Pure. Pures are cheap people who want to pk, when I get a whip off a pure I respect that, but when I waste 70k to pk someone for a 50k dagger and 3 sharks he had left because he safed, I consider him a coward. +1 I love pures, but I am not one of those ones who jump straight for 25+ prayer just so they can protect their DScim. When I make a pure, I actually use items that are worth being PKed, AND I DON'T PROTECT THEM. Unlike all these pures where the only thing you can expect from winning a pure in a fight is negative money. Pures always say stuff like, "Noob my strength is 20 levels higher then you, I would own you." All I have to say to them is, "Ok, let's me and you take our set fighting gear plus 2.5m and go to the wild with it and see who wins." Of course the idiotc pure would just say no because deep inside himself he knows he has a chance to lose. Him being the cheap person he is, only wants to make money by using the minimum equipment ti try to come out on top.
  12. Once again just another person taking things from PFTH and thinking there will be a new item. The last guy thought that Dragonkin would be released, but did you see that?
  13. 1- My money level(currently at 1311 :oops: ) 2- Strength 3- Slayer 4- Mage 5- Range
  14. What is your favorite outfit to wear all through Runescape ? Try to actually search for a topic before making a post on one.
  15. My home world has been very crowded lately. World 48(ftw?) long with other US west serers have been packed a lot.
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