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  1. i'd love to add cooking to my 99 cape collection after all getting it means a lot more total exp which is very important to help raise your ranks
  2. i don't get called a noob but when i did i was only called a lieing noob (back then people didn't belive a level 70 could have 90 wc)
  3. i was having a good conversation about whether religion is right/wrong also went onto about life and evolution then a combat level 115 called me a "no-lifer"
  4. a 99 is a 99 all adds to total level and experience nothing bad about having a 99 in that skill as it going to be done sooner or later
  5. depends on the account but my main is always slayer for my level 3 it's rc (it f2p) and pure well never had a genie on it so i guess it'll be hp
  6. very simple for me letting my friend be in the same room as me when i put my pass in (he saw it took all my stuff but left the pass the same) he would have gotten away with it if he left me in seers yews to carry on firemaking
  7. only thing i see school for is to talk to friends you don't see out of school, just a coincodence your learning in the process
  8. sweet, good luck i didn't know that 4 skiller already had 99 prayer, just the only one i heard ofwas teh unseen
  9. good luck sid i saw this on one of tip.it's rival runescape helpsite i thought it was an amazing goal anyway good luck
  10. how do i put this the [developmentally delayed]s can just look on highscores there self to find this information
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