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  1. Happy birthday :D

  2. I already use RoW for all non Kuradel dungeon slayer tasks. I may use it on certain tasks in her slayer dungeon, like steels or abby demons, but that is about it. Furo rings are just to good to pass up, and so cheap to use.
  3. I loved EW3. In fact, the elemental workshop questline is one of my favorites, and one of the few that I will actually do the quest for. Looking at the twitter hint, though, makes me think of Celtic knots, like the ones from elite clues. If you think about it, the fact that EW3 used slider puzzles, Celtic knots are the next step up from that. I wonder if this room will require a mining level to access, if it is past those rocks blocking off the tunnel?
  4. I may be wrong here, but didn't the original reverents use the protect item prayer? If you smited them, they had a higher chance of dropping an item. I think it was in a jagex post, but I could be wrong. Can someone try that, or find the post, by chance?
  5. Ouch. I like, even if it means not being able to run back and grab a sextant/watch/compass if you get pk'ed. I have not used a sextant/watch/compass since jagex released the meerkat familiar. Even if you dont use the scrolls, a meerkat counts as all three cord clue items in your inventory. You can effectively 4 item with a teleport, the clue, a whip, and a fetchcasket scroll with a meerkat out. The only clues that will be trouble in the wild are emote clues, since you can not do an emote while you are in combat. Uri will still be the worst clue ever made >.>
  6. Awesome, a ton of questions answered, but they still have not answered one major question. What is going to happen to general stores? Are they going to go back to the way the used to be, so they can actually be useful again? Or are they going to stay like they are?
  7. I can attest that you can play runescape and still do well at college, just not as much. It also depends on how much other stuff you want to do as well, though. Personally, though, I have found that quitting is never really an option. I may stop playing for weeks, even months at a time, due to homework or life, but I always find it easy to come back and do a slayer task or two. Maybe even a solo med dungeon, if I feel like it. I guess runescape is one of my favorite ways to relax, so I may never give it up for good. And at 5 bucks a month, it really is one of my least expensive pastimes. May be a thought on how I do gaming, but who knows.
  8. Second that. How the f does this belong in GD? I put it in Off topic first, but it was moved here because it had to do with runescape. As for Madara being much beyond 85 slayer, I know that, I was just saying 85 slayer could deal with his teleportation. His other skills? Good luck RS character! The basilisk is a good example from other movies. 40 slayer, lol, HP must be higher by now.
  9. The ultimate antagonist in Naruto is Madara Uchiha. Among the high level slayer creatures, abyssal demons are up there with the requirement of 85 slayer. Why would they take the same skill level to kill? Because they use the same tactics in battle! For the longest time, Madara was believed to be dead. Now that he is back at the forefront of peoples minds, though, more and more is revealed about his abilities. His most powerful ability, though, is the ability to bend time and space to be able to teleport at will. He uses this ability to dodge almost all attacks and counterattack in ways that most opponents cannot even harm him. He can also use this ability to teleport other people into his own realm, adding to the difficulty of fighting him. Abyssal demons have the ability to teleport as well. They can also teleport you around as you are fighting them, adding to the confusion. Both of these abilities in unison make it so that most players cannot deal damage to them. It takes the skill and speed of someone with 85 slayer to even start to damage an abyssal demon. Once you obtain that level of knowledge, you learn techniques that allow you to time your hits with the demon's teleportation, allowing you to kill them. With that theory about why 85 slayer is required to kill abyssal demons in mind, one could link that ability to time your hits with teleportation to Madara's ability to teleport. So, the end result is that Madara requires 85 slayer to kill. Just don't forget, this just allows you to get past his teleport ability, you still have to deal with one hell of a fighter in combat. So the question here is, what would his other abilities mount to in rs terms? With our skills and combat abilities, do you think we would be able to take on Madara? What about other antagonists and protagonists from books, movies, or shows? Note: I was not sure if this belonged in general or off topic, so I put it here. Please move it if this is the wrong spot.
  10. Man, I am so glad I have exams and RL stuff going on this week. I get to avoid all the people when I finally try for this new beast! Defenders <3
  11. The best update there is the bank update =P
  12. Have a Happy Birthday!

  13. I think the best example we have of good vs evil is the stealing creation activity. While not as open as some would like, the ability to pickpocket and kill other players of another team or to just skill, even the choice of protecting your team or hunting the other team's players. Honestly, I think the easiest implementation of good vs evil is to have teams, or factions. Each player chooses a faction, and players from other factions are enemies. This is the way most games do it, as it creates a sudo-good vs evil feel. This also helps create community bonds with players from your faction. I think jagex missed a really large opportunity with triumvirate, in it being something just for forums. If they would have incorporated it into the game itself, it would have been truly interesting. As it is, only rsof users will get the most out of it.
  14. About a week ago I sat by the ancient cavern whirlpool with someone I know in rs and talked for 5 hours. We did nothing but sit there and talk, gaining no xp at all. Was it a waste of time? Perhaps. Was it fun? Hell yeah, it was a blast =D. I raced that same friend in the agility arena in Brimhaven, seeing who could get to the next pillar first. There are so many ways you can have fun in rs, with or without skilling.
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