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  1. Gratz On 98 wc, be sure to let me be there for the 99 i love being there to witness the fruits of other peoples labour. LOL =D>
  2. Good Luck On Your goals i feel u will achieve them if u keep to them and if you get too tired have a rest and do one of the other skills...
  3. Thank You Everyone For your amazing support, nearly done now and i have 5k coal to sell if anyone want to buy? currently making earth battlestaffs.... takes a very long time #-o
  4. thank you everyone, currently at ape atoll getting my agility 54-57 then back to running double natures in w36 :wall:
  5. lol made 4.5k nats so far and have got back: whip d scim d sq barrows gloves no spear :wall: no helm #-o
  6. wow sweet f2p skillz.... :shock: i started to make a skiller but stopped after 15k willows and 73 wc
  7. gratz on 99 hunter.... ill du it in person at next tet event i go to :thumbsup:
  8. hehe i reckon we will both lvl to our goals at the same time... unless u r a rich **** but atm i own u at herblore (51) hehe :thumbsup:
  9. 98 combat... im catchin u *significant rise in heavy brething volume* :twisted: :evil: :twisted: :evil: :twisted: lol
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