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  1. giant rock crabs i can confirm drop 10 gold charms at a time, thats both the ones in the chaos tunnels and the ones on waterbirth island. havnt gotten any other coloured charms from either. the small rock crabs ( north of relekka ) drop only gold charms 1 at a time. NOTE: giant rock crabs DO NOT drop the charms 100% is abotu a 1 in 6 drop
  2. im not concerned about the changes to the wilderness. just the changes to trade. about a week ago my mate and i decided to get to lvl 99 fletching together. with this update. to get to our goal we will need to cut every sinlge log, spin every single string. we CANT TRADE FOR SUPS. no-one will do it anymore. buying yew longs at the *grand exchange* price is way higher than the high-alch value. so no-ones going to do it. not only that. but trading for sups would require aproximately - 1 log, 1 bs and 130gp per longbow. noone can do that when the alch values what, 640gp i think it is? THX RUNESCAPE, YOU RUINED MY HOPES AND GOALS. I CANT EVE TRAIN AT THE WILDERNESS AGILITY ARENA ANYMORE.
  3. id go phat, and hopefully have about 50m left over for 99 mage. and if i could, a spare 3m for willow logs would b great ( 99fm - the cheap way )
  4. fletching you gain money, cooking cost a couple mil loss, firemaking from level 81 to 99 is 12mil not that much really i would really like to see you buy herblore and cons cons easily breaks 50m and herblore is very diffcult to get the herbs and selling them *Cough* ~120m *cough* :lol: um yer, from like lvl 20 to 99 is only 3m if u use willows.... just cuz some ppl r too rich / lazy doesnt mean its an expensive skill....
  5. my favourites would be... lunar diplomacy desert treasure RFD* with an alltime favourite of... A souls bane. all awesome quests :lol: currently 206 qp, 24 to go, 8 i dont have the levels for. houdinibird *cant finish final fight :x cb lvl too low... still, dragon gloves = pwnage. and, did anyone notice the typo in first post lol? was rlly obvious :anxious: first thing i noticed on thread lol.
  6. houdinibird. yeah...wel - at the time i wanted to be a magician , thus the houdini. ive always had a thing for birds :P . ppl are always asking, gte over it lol :P i was like 10 when i made it, but it was rsc, then i hadnt played for ages - picked it up again recently lol.
  7. what im hoping for with this project, is the availability - of a collage ( like the one shown ) only the right size for computer desktops O_o oh well, can always make one :D
  8. i think ive got it this time...... http://img147.imageshack.us/img147/5902/1112eh7.png' alt='1112eh7.png'> *fingers crossed* hmm...its a bit big :shock: soz, i think this is the best i can do, had to make it bigger to fill in white O_o
  9. hey, heres my pic. ok...maybe not :shock: ive got it in the right format, but how do i get a link for it? ( to make it able to be put on the website ) so far, i just have a pic lol :XD: soz to annoy, is first time - registered especially for the event. [/img]
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