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  1. Lvl 3 skillers FTW! 8-) I'll add u in-game. I have a lvl 3 skiller too :) RSN: I Ze Sk1ll I Be on any moment My total is around 300 now We can train together :XD: What world are u most in?
  2. Get 1100 soon! :ohnoes: Very nice for F2P! =D> I'll never get 1100 total F2P! :XD:
  3. Pretty good guide you got there. It's a bit boring to read..(I don't like to read a lot -.- )
  4. G'luck! \ What's your combat lvl? Maybe I'll come to give you a huge HYT :)
  5. G'luck. :thumbsup: PS:Whats' your total and combat lvl?
  6. Gratz on 88 hp! \ School starts the 3th of September here! 8-)
  7. Nice cash pile! :o Go for the 1050 , then 1100! :ohnoes: Edit:1st post ftw! \
  8. Thanks! I think I remember you... or just have seen you once, what's the name of your main? My main was emperor722, I quit it. Now I don't really have a main, atm i play on my skiller.
  9. G'luck to 85 mining and gratz on 107cb! =D> Mine tha roon! :o
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