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  1. Thanks samari :D . Smelting steel you say? i guess i might be woodcutting yews later but i guess i can wait for people that have had experience with it as i can see you don't have 85 or higher mining.
  2. *points to level 1 members skills and location*
  3. What i meant is I'm at the moment getting 85 mining, i don't have it. I just want to know if it's worth it before hand.
  4. I'm currently mining to 85.
  5. Is it worth it at my combat level or will i die too often. I might go back to woodcutting if it's is not worth it. Stats are in my sig.
  6. Good guide. I'm not gonna rate it until you finish the runecrafting section. Also granite you should change to 70 or something like that because thats the recommended levels in most guides, i think.
  7. If you think it's really taking forever then don't look at the how much exp to go thing every time you finish an inventory. Also multi-task or something like that. And do you know why smithing doesn't have over 1k people with 99 of it? Well it's because smithing is one of the more expensive skills and if it isn't expensive it is slow. The method i might use for 99 smithing which i will eventually get is super heating. what i do is subtract a coal for a nature rune so instead of a steel bar costing 650 it is 500 instead so you gain instead of lose. Only bad bit is you need a high mining to make this work efficiently which is why I'm mining right now.
  8. I'd say woodcut yews at 90 or higher as you will get a good amount of logs at that level. I'd also chop the yews at the forest near draynor (4 trees) or the yews south of fally (3 trees). Anyways good luck :D .
  9. Like i said on Lightning's clan chat, cows. They're low leveled, low defense and it is in many training guides so why not?
  10. *points to the date of this guide* I think that answers your question.
  11. If there was some sort of reward for the bank thingy then it might work. And with the bank pin at the start, *goldfarmer logs on* *goldfarmer puts in pin* *goldfarmer starts autoing/playing*.
  12. If pure ess and normal ess is turned into one ess, 1 day later that essence is like 75ea or something like that but 1 problem.... f2p rc will die, ess is too expensive but runes can't go up to match the prices(excluding air and minds) of the ess cause, What? the shop update, rune can only be 16 ea or under. And course w16 dies if this happens before the trading update.
  13. I think it varies from monster to monster. I'm pretty sure it's more like 15 mins and no they don't start attacking you again if you go to the bank. Thats why level 3 skillers woodcut at draynor.
  14. why would they not do another 20 days of $ earning? Most likely is because the rule applys to not very old characters right now instead of first week of January.
  15. If you're just looking for exp, power range (with bronze arrows of course) the guards in black knights fortress, standing on the mountain close by so you don't get hit or maybe hobgoblins on hobgoblin penasula standing at the crafting guild side of the water in the cows area.
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