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  1. Seems like there will be another big update tomorrow and this was only a start (I didn't think they would just have 1 update and keep it that way). It seems this could actually work. But we'll see. QFC: 15-16-447-63307160 Page 40
  2. I'm currently 85 hunter and I'd want to try barehand hunting. What's best place and what outfit I'd need? I tried barehand hunt ruby harvest's but it didn't work well. I've hunt grenwalls and pawyas, but it's kinda slow in my opinion. And I don't want to try red chins.
  3. I just got these as task and I'd want to know what would my armor and inventory should be. I don't have fire cape and I have only 300k to spend. I can borrow Sol from a friend but I don't have Ahrims.
  4. I ignore agilty and hunter most off all! Agility is soo boring and I respect all who has 99. Hunter cuz cuz its just lame. When I first time became members, it was actually 0 when my other skills were mid 50's. I started training it when summoning came out. I think other skills are very fast compared those 2, even rcing! Yeah, I'm crazy. Another thing I ignore, is assisting. Cuz I have no clue how to do it! I turn it on when some1 asks for assisting, but I see no reason why have it on all the time.. And of course I try to ignore wildy and PVP :ohnoes:
  5. Forum Name: Deborah_ RuneScape Name: Deborah678 Name to use on picture: Deborah678 Picture: URL:http://i44.tinypic.com/35bh54o.png
  6. Im usually hopper. If I go to slay and see place is crowded, I hop to find empty world and im getting crashed afterwards. But if Im in busy, I try to kill few before I decide should I hop or not.
  7. I agree with Zimbu. Somethings just sound wrong. And I know its almost with every language. Yes, it would be nice for younger players if there is language they understand but no, I wouldnt use it.
  8. Lets see.. 95+ slayer 85+ all skills 4-5 99's 300m Get all songs unlocked I made promise i wouldnt get any cb lvl's so i cant train def, pray or summ.. they are high enough so i dont mind really. I see those are kinda easy to get, so if i get more than that, im just happy :D
  9. Me and my friend finally got 99 fish \ I like emote and it really was worth it. Next 99 will be thieving, that with other friend too :roll:
  10. Me and my friend are going to get 99 fish.. We got this today \ Only 1 lvl to go :thumbup:
  11. [hide=][/hide] I loved dusties before this and now I love more \
  12. \ :thumbsup: Got this few days ago but missed message, again...
  13. Date: 18.8. Time: 8pm gmt, 3pm cst Place: Yanille House: Morcegocego (my friend) More info: Morce has 92 con so you can use gilded alter as long as event is on. I'll get lvl in cb ring and then we'll go get cape. Ring of dueling is must (or hometelly). Every1 is welcome and I hope to see you there :thumbsup:
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