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  1. I can't believe I had to quit, these updates are amazing, so glad to see RoW is no longer useless.
  2. Latest Highlights First drop in a long time. :o They said it was worth this much in chat, but I wasn't really paying attention. Boy was I happy! :D Finally, I can put all those Belladonna seeds to use!
  3. Well its pretty good in my opinion. I was actually glad when the Wild was revamped to include Revenents, but I found Player Killers were better because they at least had the power to show Mercy (but whether they would or not isn't relevant). I hope drop trading will return, because I miss drop parties most of all. I always had a blast brightening up noobs days when they found they won a free Granite Shield just like that.
  4. - Get rich while still F2P - Do the rest of the Myreque Quests when I get P2P back
  5. Some of you may remember me from 07-08. I'm back now, mainly due to boredom and the fact I'm done with college :D (but next up is finding a job!) Been playing on the free worlds because I don't want to get sucked back in too much ;) Just been doing either Fishing or Fist of Guthix. Anyone remember the TIF Clan Chat channel?
  6. Oh my Gosh! Coal Bag?? Now would be a good time to come back to this game...
  7. Runescape actually takes place in a year? I didn't know that.
  8. When I first met the Chaos Elemental, I was almost crying. At the time it was the most horrible, scariest creature I have ever seen in the game.
  9. I've had a similar day (well, similar chain of days :P). Did Hand in the Sand & Back to my Roots on Wednesday, and did Slug Menace tonight. Might finish Eadgar's Ruse this weekend.
  10. Revenants are very different from PKers. At least PKers can show mercy, even though they don't do it.
  11. Never open a casket in the wild. You never know when an Orc could show up. #-o Grats though. =D>
  12. Gargoyles die quickly for me and surprisingly have quite a high Granite Maul drop rate.
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