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  1. i use it while pking because nubs think i'm a nub... but I use msb then (almost like a 2h) dclaw spec them down :thumbsup: .
  2. getting a good level would take sometimes.
  3. 1-6 mining so far. Copper ore is 70+ gp wtf?! i also found out that the price of copper+tin ore is like 60-70 gp less than the price of a bronze bar. how long would it take to smelt 1k bronze bars -.- ? I tried big bone gathering, it's quite boring. I hate training combat in f2p. I grinded 1-26 ranged and got 27-71 in wildy/bh/pvp. i grinded str to 62 and 2hed the rest \ . i got like 11k in one load of bones. I did 700 cowhides, made 36400 gp, and was able to browse forums/facebook. seems like a good way. I'm training mining for iron ore and doing cowhides. What is a good amount of money to have for a f2p range 2her? Anybody have any idea when the new BH will be out?
  4. 1 or 40... even with 71 ranged at 51 cb i manage to own rune tanks... LOL not worth it...
  5. oh god... did you not see the signature i had? i even said i had no skills non-combat related. hill giants might hit too hard.
  6. 40 attack/45 mage also. no other real skills... other than three defence which OWNS... i cannot remember how many times my opponent smacked a 0 instead of killing me. So I am broke, I have died a couple times from lag. My biggest money drain was lobsters. I'd get a kill spree of like 3 kills in 15 minutes and get 25k total drops... BOUNTY HUNTER WAS SO MUCH BETTER!!!! I have around 75k or so under my name atm... How should I make money in f2p? I heard cow hides was good, but where should i do this... Almost every farm is packed. thanks for your help! (and does anyone know when BH is coming back?)
  7. because they serve as objects for procreation in life and that's all.
  8. 1st void of my 2 day career in verac+dclaw rushing... ^^a tank that was standing near the tunnel without pray. I also downed a range tank who pro'd melee on my 2nd special and i flailed him to death :twisted: ... i'm so reckless, i'm risking 30.7m (not including repaired verac) and i'd save a verac's brassard on death. (lose claws, fury, dboots and the armor).
  9. 46-46 with slayer helm, so 98 possible. 48-48 with cw brace. OT: I've hit a 40-41 spec with drag dagger, but that was before my fire cape. Now I gotta go back and max. Unspamify: [hide] [/hide] I didn't even know that was possible without max strength bonus, I'm wearing a fury :shock: i've seen 50-39 dds specials in cw before. Thats cause of cws brace :|
  10. we were warming up for our meet in track and i was at the head of the pack. we were running 800m to warm up and this kid tripped me and my whole team forgot the not step on me.... TRACK [bleep]ES FTL. ESPECIALLY THE DISTANCE RUNNERS WITH THEIR LONG CABBAGE [bleep]ES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :x
  11. 46-46 with slayer helm, so 98 possible. 48-48 with cw brace. OT: I've hit a 40-41 spec with drag dagger, but that was before my fire cape. Now I gotta go back and max. Unspamify: [hide] [/hide] I didn't even know that was possible without max strength bonus, I'm wearing a fury :shock: i've seen 50-39 dds specials in cw before.
  12. I specced out a guy standing by the house portal with fury, full bandos, fire cape, BGS, dragon claws, and presumably a berserker ring. I posted a picture of it a few pages back, and an hour or so ago I got a PM from him - turns out he's a TIFer, and he showed me a pic of the kill (above) to prove it. rofl i saw him in ardy today and almost dbowed him... so after seeing compfreak dclaw kids, i decided to try my luck at dbowing. ALMOST LOST 1m+void rofl -.- so i went down the varrock sewer and got barraged, dbow specced twice, ddsed numerous times and clawed to hell. LUCKY ME!! i rol'd and house teled. i also got a 120k loot from a pk but couldn't screenie.
  13. How can you see, there's a humungous cleavage blocking my view. turn your head sideways. she's not butt ugly, if you think she is, there is something called "bag-over-head"...
  14. i was going to solo bandos and i saw someone doing this training method. I ask him "turn on ls for me so i can get faster kc?" no response... then i get bored and stack his orks rofl, he rol'd away. :twisted: i'm never gonna afk these again; the danger is too high. But non-afking is good for these.
  15. i remember someone in help and advice who basically said they lived in the middle of nowhere and got hacked for his pin and all his valuables. He didn't download any [adultentertainment] or any stupid rs enhance/dupe or register with any clans. He had a registered antivirus and was squeaky clean... He said someone full out hacked his PIN number and his password and stole his account. He said no one he knew that played runescape had ever been in the house.
  16. 1st and 2nd 4-man trip. (~5.4m/8.5m repaid by gwd for 77-90 range) Verac's Helm Armadyl's Pendant (switched to Fury when i enter chamber) Zamorak D'Hide Karil's Skirt Snakeskin Boots Dragonfire Shield Rune Crossbow Diamond Bolts E/Ruby E Barrows Gloves Ava's Accumulator INV: 8 sup rest 23-24 saradomin brew 500 black knives for kc 4 home tabs (for team if needed) 3 terrorbird pouches 1 climbing boot pair (because i haven't done eadgar's ruse :x ) 1 grapple 1 prayer potion for kc (familiar inv included ^^) what would you recommend I change? RATE+HELP me tweak my setup....
  17. "88m DROP PARTY HAPPENING in 8 minutes!!!" is being screamed across the map by bankers and players alike =P~ . Many think of this event as a quitting party but the real truth is that the 88m came from a hacked account. What's up with hacking nowadays? My friend was hacked today (3/16/09) and changed his password and attempted to log in... THAT ACCOUNT IS LOGGED IN, PLEASE WAIT 60 SECONDS... he proceeded to sit there for about 15 minutes spamclicking the "login" button to access his account with 131m gp, 163m total xp and a near top 1k slayer level. He logged off of runescape on 3/15/09 wearing full bandos and gear appropriate for a slayer task, he finally was able to log in and found himself with empty friend and ignore lists and at the grand exchange with a 131m gp cashpile in his inventory. He immediately IMs me on facebook: WTF HE DIDN'T TAKE ANYTHING, HE SOLD ALL MY [cabbage]! The hacker logged in, turned off private and sold all of the valuables on the ge. What struck both of us as odd was the fact that my friend's PIN number was also cracked... (trust me it was not 1234 #-o )... he said his virus scanner had not picked up anything and that he didn't really do any harmful things. I told my friend that the hacker was probably going to RWT all the money so he stashed away his money in the various nooks and crannies of runescape which could hold geepee and logged out for the night. Has hacking become more common nowadays? Many of my friends are getting hacked. How can hackers manage to crack PIN numbers? What was the hacker's goal in my friend's case? BH was closed and i'm sure dstones were nerfed so how can they RWT any possible gains? If PINs can now be cracked, what will give hardcore rs'ers peace of mind when they are away? What's your view/opinion of hacking and how to avoid it? What would you do if you were in his situation? Discuss
  18. the only thing that has kept me up for the past days is GWD... so gwd i'd say. other than that i'd be up for quitting because my grades have been dropping as of late... #-o
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