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  1. It's not next to my prayer icon when I'm in fix and it does not show up when I'm in wide screen. Must be some kind of glitch. Thanks for your help even if you were being somewhat of a [cabbage].
  2. Your magic tab. Apparently they've done away with 'safe spots' for rangers and magers. So I'm not suppose to have a spell book next to the prayer icon, right? And if yes then where is the magic tab at? I'm so confused :wall:.
  3. I'm probably missing something important, but where is the spell book at....?
  4. The LG Rumour 2. My first cell phone and I'm 17 it took a while. :lol: [hide=][/hide]
  5. He's got it. There's a lot of guys who play as girls in the game. So it's really hard for people to believe that girls play Runescape. I knew a few, but guys are the majority of this game no doubt. Unfortunate for the actual real girls who play. :thumbdown:
  6. I've had the same trouble with the xbox360 mics the wired ones. I've been through three. They just completely stop working for no reason. I'll buy one some other time hoping it actually works this time.
  7. A really simple, but awesome rs name.
  8. Yup I'm guilty of being lazy. I sell low and buy high. I just want it to be as quick and painless as possible.
  9. Our mascot is an Indian and our colors are red,white, and black.
  10. I really enjoy Megaman's music whether it's the old 8bit, X, Legends, etc. Some other music from games I enjoy are Killer7,Castlevania(any really),LoZ(same), and I really liked Super Mario Galaxy's soundtrack.
  11. We start school at 8:30 and end at 3:15. I think times are going to change next year though 8:05 to 2:50. Oh nooes I got to wake up earlier now.
  12. Yeah if they're asking what I do on my free time. No,I talk about it as loudly as any normal conversation Yeah sure. I don't see a problem with that.
  13. Sonic Adventure 2 Ocarina of Time 8-)
  14. LilDefenders

    Smash Club.

    Could you update the first page Friend Code: 2020-4000-0851 Timezone/location: GMT -5 Ohio Availability: Whenever I'm on
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