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    Uni and student clubs are closed until next month, got homework to do so i wont be bored haha
  2. Flodder450


    Supposed to be studying but alas, model trains got the best of me. Also, tinypic sniped my signature, damnit.
  3. Flodder450


    Enjoying student life, still got Math to do tho
  4. I think one way of keeping the community alive would be a Tip.It discord server
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  6. Flodder450


    I got a chuckle out of the timing on this one ^.^ Seriously though, I love trains, so :thumbsup: I have to ask though. Are they model diesels or steam engines? There is no wrong answer but if you say steam engines you get virtual cookies and I high five my monitor. We have a mix of mostly german and dutch trains, a few diesels, electric and steam loco's, we have mostly H0, but also some N, 1 and Z scale. we actually just got a Marklin BR 24 in! lovely little machine
  7. Flodder450


    Bought some more rolling stock for my model railway woo
  8. The 1:1 WTC project was finished years ago, never really intended to make a full NYC, that'd be madness! or do you mena that dutch city i was working on with a bunch of friends? cuz that died down too haha Oh dang, i dont know if i even got an account, i did check the Kingdom of Loathing a few weeks ago, its still around!
  9. Is arenascape still around? :o Personaly, nothing atm, kinda bored nd all
  10. Haha, idk man, was in a bitof a wierd place at the time Didnt really continue with it either, its been a few years now haha
  11. Stuff like people moving on to reddit and the like, also the prevalence of "EfficiencyScape"
  12. Anyone here still play minecraft? me and a friend got a vanilla Survival running, PM me if interested ;)
  13. Got Legend of Zelda: A Link to the past for the SNES, at the third crystal now, also got Links awakening, im at the second dungeon
  14. Been here 7 years, time sure flies, funny thing is, that (in my case atleast) ive "known" (as you only interact online, not IRL) people from when we both were 13-14, and now going 20, you have practically known them throughout your teenage years, from scawny freshman in high/middle school, to College junior
  15. After many years of playing, i finally got a second 99, fletching! i already wanted to get 99 last year, but that didnt really go as planned when my laptop got busted.
  16. SUP Groningens Central Station: Rijksuniversiteit Groningen:
  17. UPDATE: she broke up with her BF of 5 months 2 weeks ago, i talked to her a few days ago on Facebookchat for around 4 hours, didnt really have the idea that we clicked or had anything in common, so yeah, i dont really mind anymore hehe
  18. SAXON - Play it loud i love Denim and Leather
  19. UPDATE: i was skyped by a friend who is in the classroom down the hallway, that she apparenly asked where i was,, so i went for a walk around the school and found her in the cafetaria, told her that my friend said that she asked where i was but she didnt know him at all. I It became clear that he pulled a joke on me, after we introduced eachtother, she and i did talk quite a bit about our courses and stuff, at the end of the conversation i said "well, ill prolly see you at school tomorrow", to which she replied "Add me on facebook if you'd like", so i added her, and she accepted So yeah, missionstatus: succes i guess :P
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