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  1. Thanks for this advice, but I am not thinking of edgville pking. This is all in regards to safe pvp. On a side note, can anyone suggest a decent outfit for maging in, sorry to clarify, that provides me with a decent mage bonus, but still actively protects against range/melee minimally? Currently using full druidic, blast box, and gravite staff, but was hoping for alternatives.
  2. I believe zealots is +15% (20%)
  3. There was a time when PC was great training, but that was years ago, and there may have been an update which caused it.. but yeah, but deff go for void.
  4. Hey thanks for the reply! I'm having a bit difficulty trying to interpret these spread sheets, sorry, can you help me understand it if its not too much.. Also yeah, ammy comparisons would be greatly appreciated.
  5. I'm going by my dungeoneering knowledge, so I'd say slash.
  6. Maxed Combat including range/mage, Access to all dung items. Is my wording clear? Im worried people aren't understanding me! Please tell me if you need clarification!
  7. Hey I want to optomize my tactics regarding safe pvp. Which armour combinations more specifically weapons and amulets are better suited for which combat scenario? The other thread has got me using my zealots exclusively for range now, but i was wondering what circumstances would call for gravite bow? Gravite Rapier/LS/2H? Hope this isnt too much to ask and it is clear, please ask and I will try to clarify. Thanks in advance.
  8. I suggest you go try BA, and then see what you think then do accordingly. I have a great time at BA so it's subjective.
  9. http://forum.tip.it/topic/307473-maging-for-firecape/ http://www.tip.it/runescape/?page=fight_pit.htm#fightcaves Regarding which armour I am at a loss.
  10. Wait, does only having high combats and extremely low skills make me a bot? wat
  11. WOOOOOOOOO congratulations sorry i couldnt be there haha, i expect you to still dung when you can! now go get that comp cape
  12. In your case barrows will have to do, should you consider seriously pvm for money/bosses/ or even most high end combat, you should work towards 92 herblore(overloads + extremes) 95 prayer (turmoil + soul split) and 96 summoning for Uni and Yak. The addition of those will make you able to fight most bosses single handedly easily.
  13. http://forum.tip.it/topic/307041-i-havent-played-in-15-years-what-haved-i-missed/ There is a summary of what you might have missed Dungeoneering is the only thing that's keeping me playing runescape I think its an amazing skill, really fun, unlocks some of the best weapons in the game and is useful, you should definitely get it up Exp is a tad slow up until around level 70's then the exp rate jumps quite a bit and so does the fun. I don't know where you heard your botting information... My tip to you, do quests and dungeoneering, see what you like, get back into the game slowly, it is a great way to round your character off stat wise and understand the game better.
  14. A very big thanks to EoE and Ez for getting me this! :-) waaaay to excited right now.
  15. Regarding the clans, if I am already apart of a clan is there any way to for me to join another one? I'd really like to get back into dgs, and or even try Eoe
  16. I wish, that would have been my first option, but after my vacation, the 70 rc prevents me from joining, so that's a no :(
  17. Sorry i have may have forgot to mention that I do indeed have the level. And sorry, I didnt clarify, I understand I need to do 57.... I just can't seem to find people for it, I was wondering if anyone knew where I could find anyone or something like that. I have tried both the high level and low level worlds... and i'd really rather not pay to get it done haha.
  18. Hey, I got 99 attack finally, and I was wondering how I go about getting a 2h. I don't see high floors being done often, so how should I go about getting one? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  19. Maximizing strength is important after your defence level suffices and is able to provide you with the necessary coverage, but I wouldn't worry about that too much now. Try BA and see what you think.
  20. Statistically, your plate is better defence wise, just lacking a strength bonus, so I would say keep your plate. And regarding is it worth it, at your level I don't think so, but if you enjoy BA, and have maxed out all your roles, feel free to go get it. Defence wise however it is comparable to an addy plate
  21. Confused, it says something about recharging last years gloves, does that mean I dont need to kill haiti?
  22. He's 99 range, so he's alright.
  23. Essentially this, the time you bother with golds and greens is unnecessary you might as well finish up 99 slayer, and use the crimsons. Assuming your priority is finishing up slayer.
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