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  1. I'm currently just waiting on my hex, then I will need to get the rc level to make laws and then im set. If I had to choose set ups i would do the sag body, prom legs dealio, seems pretty good.
  2. you will need around 120m for 92 prayer and about 200 for 95. My first initial plan was to get 96 summoning but I couldnt be bothered to get the charms, so I just went ahead and have been camping frosts.
  3. I highly suggest you do this, at most it wont take more then 2 months to get a rapier, and get enough money at frosts for turm, andn then get back to slayer which can be done at a steady pace in 3 months from your level.
  4. Chaotics are not like barrows, multicombats areas do in fact make it degrade faster. However I dont know about gravite.
  5. Its actually not as bad, assuming you get in good dungeons, be sure to use dg sweepers cc, and you'll get to your goal in no time.
  6. oops his sig updated... ignore
  7. When I do Clan Wars, I usually bring a both the Gravite Short bow and Maple Longsighted-bow with me. *Most* times the gravite short is better, simply because its speed 7 on rapid (Opposed to Sighted bow which is speed 5 on rapid). The faster hits typically mean more DPS since you have more chances to hit, considering the damage per hit is the same regardless of bow type. Now there are lots of exceptions to this. I have 99 ranged, so my attacks are going to be accurate due to the fact the best someone can wear is rune armor. Since most F2P players tend to be lower level (around 60-100), *most* times you don't need the super accuracy of the sighted bow. In full tank gear (Full rune + Rune chain) and G-shortbow equipped, I can get +42 Ranged bonus. Swap a ranged top when your not getting hit, and you can boost to +57 Ranged. Just for reference, Full D'hide + rune helm + Maple shortbow is +54 ranged bonus. So with a gravite shortbow you are already +3 ranged bonus over the maximum with maple shortbow. Now once you start fighting higher leveled opponents (or opponents with higher defense than your ranged level), sighted longbow because much more useful due to the fact your accuracy is going to be much lower. If I'm fighting a 126 and not hitting with my shortbow, I just pop on my sighted bow for the extra accuracy, and switch back once he's gone. In all honesty, 50k tokens (G-Shortbow for 40K + Sighted for 10k) isn't to difficult to get as long as you enjoy Dungeon. Both are handy to have, and the shortbow is worth getting in my opinion. Sighted Longbow is certainly not the end-all of ranged weapons. If you don't enjoy dungeon at all, you might want to consider; "is it really worth my time to spend a bunch of hours doing something I don't enjoy for a marginal increase to a safe minigame?". I would say no, but it's your choice, not mine. To answer your question directly: Are they worth getting? Yes, they are statistically better weapons, and having the "best-of" weapons are always going to give you an advantage. Should I get them? That depends on how you value your time, and if you are willing to spend the time to gain a marginal bonus. thank you very much! this is what I was looking for, i will mainly be fighting 120+ in their highest gear, and as far as dung goes, I love it and have gotten almost all of the rewards already so its fine in that respect.
  8. personally I wouldnt, it wont take more then a week for you to get to like 60 or something, and by then in dgs your levels should fly by...
  9. Thanks, I know that when someone is using chain I should switch to rapier on stab yes? Does anyone have any info on the whether the longbow sight is better then the gravite bow? Generally I just want to know the dungeoneering things i can get to improve my dps.
  10. bot more man bot more, sidebar, i suppose im next on your list to give a hex, k awesome :)
  11. Lacoste

    Leverls and idiots

    I usually count down, and the one time a team did it differently it caught me off guard. You should consider joining dg sweepers, they have consistent 25-35 minute floors with official keyers ofcourse, and even without them, very bearable team mates well, because theyre tipiters :)
  12. Hey I was wondering what are the best options to fight in in safe pvp, more specifically, what weapon to use against someone in d-hide, rune chain, what weapon style, and do the dungeoneering weapons have a difference, mainly the bows in this case as I already have the rapier and long sword, and 2h. Any other advice would be great as well.
  13. join the cc bursting lobs, and you should be able to get to some people to help you open the door, if not already have one opened, and as to getting to waterbirth, just take the boat there.
  14. there are quite a few 137s running around with untrimmed hp :P
  15. gratz on the trim! but sorry to say you werent the highest level with an untrimmed!
  16. You will deffinitly want to get 68 summoning as soon as possible.
  17. your a few years late on the gwd train, anyways to get on a team now adays you dont need more then 85 melees + 80 prayer and 70 mage and a half decent summoning level. However the other options of boss hunting are different, and if you want to be any good, you will need maxed melee, with 93+ herb, 95 prayer, and 96 summoning. good luck.
  18. At your levels, there are much other worthwhile things you can spend your money on.
  19. I think you should get your combats to the 85s( using slayer) and then try summoning with the charms, and then try your hand at dungeoneering when your at suitable combat levels. But that is just me, and I am a big combat fan. just do any skills you like really... set up some goals
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