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  1. Yeah that's what I did, there is an account help thread on the rsof. I posted there yesterday to lock the account and remove the email associated with the account so I can manually recover it through recovery questions, account details, etc. It was done today and I recovered it, thanks guys. Never thought I would be one to get hacked haha
  2. Yeah problem is account recovery has to go through the same process as the password recovery, it doesn't accept my email. I emailed the account help address but it said it may take up to 2 weeks to get a reply. I also posted in the customer support thread they have, hopefully they respond before too much damage is done on my account.
  3. I got an email this morning on my yahoo email saying Do you want your runescape account back? Give me your bpin and I'll not use bot on your acc. You've one attempt for your response I get alot of those types of emails but I knew it was legit because it had my login name and display name on the title of the email. So I try to log in and my pass doesn't work, then I try to do the password recovery and it asks for my email. I generally use 3 different emails, not quite certain which one is the right one but none of them are being accepted for the password recovery. Is there a different way to recover your password?
  4. I went to gwd and killed 40 aviansies before I knew we only needed 10 kills -__________-
  5. Looks to be a fun update for pvpers =]
  6. I use overloads cause I still have a lot that I'll never use and gear in a way that makes using prayer renewals heal prayer even through deflect magic.
  7. To number 2, yes you need a champion scroll and beat the champion monster. I had several from armored zombies but there are plenty of other viable monsters like abberant specters that you can cannon. For 3, yes you need to go inside the court using the court summon. I actually had it from a long time ago but didn't know and kept trying to get another one to no success because I already turned it in without finishing it.
  8. I ran out of goals after comp cape so nothing became "fun" lol
  9. If/when I quit for good, it would be because the game was no longer fun to play. The SOF does not affect my game play to the point that I find other parts of the game not enjoyable.
  10. Damn I haven't gotten very far, lvl 19 wizard on normal lol
  11. I've tried SOA, Virtus, Divine, Yak full of brew flasks, didn't get to the 3rd form. It was awful against the tortured soul that spawned, did ok damage against qbd Tried again with Pernix, Dragonbane bolts, CCB, EEK, got a bit further but I'm giving up for now til someone comes out with a guide haha -Need to kill it to wear completionist cape lol
  12. Pvp isn't limited to pures. Many maxed players stake and pk.
  13. Before it was the Cooks' Guild, now I assume it is any bonfire near a bank.
  14. I killed like 10 of those monsters, nothing but rune items so I left
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